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MayMaurieR~RFL is a collection of data, stories and photos about those families brought together through the marriage of Maurie Roy (1917-2010) and May Royes (1916-1951) in Cairns, Queensland, Australia in 1940

Of partcular interest are the ancestors and descendants of

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Featured History: Barton Court near Canterbury was owned by Houghams and their descendants from 1657 to 1902. It is now a Grammar School.
William Henry Royes Featured Most Wanted: Curious about another Jamaican Royes family that would seem to have some connection to our Royes but not sure just what the connection is. William Albert Royes and his wife Alice produced 11 children between 1907 and 1926 in St Ann, Jamaica. See the Most Wanted article for details. The image to the right is that of his son William Henry.
thumb Featured Overviews: The Royes ancestor chart has been redesigned to make the chart less "cluttered" and to align family lines vertically to make these clearer.
branches Featured Report: On 25 April Australia and New Zealand commemorate the 99th anniversary of ANZAC Day - remembering those who have served and died for their country. There are a number of reports beginning "MILITARY SERVICE: " - a roll of honour and military service lists from our family tree.
arms Featured Articles: We have a page on the origins of family names. Any contribution you might have is welcome! Use the "Contact me" link (on this page and also under the Info drop-down menu on any page).

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