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2601 We have been recording her name as Gamble, but I have offered both Jamison and Gamble in our data. See comments in the family file notes.
Note the speculation about the name Jamison in The Logan Family (in Histories) and note that at least one researcher has Agnes Jameson married to Huston Clements.

Additional notes (unlikely but you never know!)…
There is an Agnes Gamble born 14 Jan 1836, baptised 13 Mar 1836 at Carnmoney (Antrim, Ireland), daughter of Jas and Eliz Gamble. If she is our Agnes, she is the same age as her husband and her babies were born when she was 30-47.
There is also an Agnes Gamble baptised at Ballyeaston on 19 Oct 1835, daughter of David Semple and Elizabeth Gamble [note that her surname is that of her mother] If she is our Agnes, she is one year older than her husband and her babies were born when she was 31-48.
There is an Agnes Jameson baptised 29 Aug 1851 (daughter of George and Agnes (née Wilgar) at St Anne's Shankill.
Gamble, Agnes (I315)
2602 We have James's son James born somewhere around 1850 in Enniskillen. I have assumed that the marriage of a James Roy to Catherine Thompson on 5 Apr 1850 in Enniskillen is our James Roy sr. Family F52
2603 Website: Repository (REPO3)
2604 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Roy, T.E. (I857)
2605 Went back to South Africa before WW2. Russell, Dorothy (I1088)
2606 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F515
2607 Wesley Hospital Royes, Thomas Mordaunt (I1060)
2608 Westminster Abbey Family F1311
2609 Westminster Abbey Family F993
2610 Westminster Abbey Matilda (I2699)
2611 Westminster Abbey de Castille, Eleanor (I2689)
2612 Westminster Abbey d' Hainault, Phillippa (I2685)
2613 Westminster Abbey Bromley, Sir Thomas (I2277)
2614 Westminster Palace Prince Edward the Black Prince (I2737)
2615 Westminster Palace Matilda (I2699)
2616 What is the relationship of the two Guild children to Charles and Helen Dickson? Guild, John Royes DSO (I3557)
2617 When Athelstan died without immediate successors, his half brother Edmund successfully suppressed rebellions by the Mercian Danes. Edmund I was murdered at a feast in his own hall, at the age of 25 in 946, after only seven years on the throne, and his brother Edred succeeded him. Edmund I King of England 939-946 (I2708)
2618 When did she come to Australia? Did other family members also migrate? Pryor, Mary (I766)
2619 When his father Albert died, Stewart was very young (around 10 years old) and the Freemasons provided for his education in a school in Dublin, which I think was the Blewcoat (also attended by my father John at an earlier point). Stewart told me that he left before his education was completed because he wanted to volunteer for the Navy at the start of World War II. He was on one of the ships that protected the D-Day landings. Roy, Malcolm Alexander Stuart (I6537)
2620 when son Mark was an "infant", after Ann's birth and husband's death 1847 in Sydney Royes, Emily (I2260)
2621 Whitells St Murray, Mary McLeod (I707)
2622 widow Robinson, Sarah (I4480)
2623 widow Milles, Mildred (I3380)
2624 Widow of Garth when she married Paramour Sampson, Maria (I510)
2625 widow of Roger FitzGerold de Roumare (and their son William was created Earl of Lincoln) and widow of IVO de TAILLEBOIS. LUCIA was dau of THOROLD of Lincoln and granddau of AELGAR, Earl of Mercia Fitzhamon, Lucia (I3149)
2626 widow, head of household, landed proprietor - niece Ellen Turner aged 12 in household Royes, Emily (I2260)
2627 Widower when he married Maggie Rainey, Samuel (I769)
2628 Wilberforce Presbyterian Church Family F765
2629 Will dated 4 May 1482, proved 2 Jul 1482
Had sisters Isabella, Margaret

George Roy's site follows Ireland in making John the first Hougham in the Royes-Hougham pedigree. This comes from Ireland's A History of Kent See

Robin Young's site research suggests John is not a direct ancestor of the Royes-Hougham pedigree. Nevertheless, he is included in this data so that both points of view can be represented. Robin has discovered additional information about John and his wife Joan which I have "blended" into the data. See 
Hougham, John (I3891)
2630 Will dated 8 May 1503 Blameter, Joan (I3892)
2631 Will of George Hougham 31 Aug 1783 described as Gent of Garden Row Newington. He devised his property to Charles and Solomon of Aldsgate Street upon trust for his wife Sarah and his daughter Mary and failing her to his brother Charles paymaster of His Majestys navy and 10 pounds to his aged Grandmother Mary at Canterbury Hougham, George (I496)
2632 WILL: Date: 10 Jan 1615 Place: Hougham-Hurley Genealogical Record [page 151], Quality: 0 (Date was given in record as 10 Jan 1615/16.) Joade, Elizabeth (I2152)
2633 William Eldridge, of Monks Risborough, married on 30 Oct 1769 at Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England to Jane Bowler, who was of that Parish. Their children were baptised at Monks Risborough and most descendants remained in the general area.
It is thought that William may have been a blacksmith as this was the occupation of his sons John and Francis. William was buried on 15 Nov 1819 aged 78 and Jane on 17 Feb 1828 aged 82, both at Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire. 
Eldridge, William (I5542)
2634 William Henry was born in St. Ann, Jamaica. Only 6 of the 11 children survived to adulthood. Both of his parents died when he was 16. He raised his siblings along with his older sister, Thelma. I believe they were horse people but they either sold or lost the farm and stables. I know that 2 brother migrated from England or Scotland. One brother settled in St. Ann and the other in Kingston. Royes, William Henry (I6905)
2635 William married four times:
1834 (27 Oct)- Eusebia Cuttriss d 1840 - no children
1840 (6 Oct) - Emily Daniell d 1841 - no children
1842 (2 Mar) - Agnes Roy 1823-1851 - 6 children including Thomas - all (except perhaps Emily) died in Australia
1852 (13 Dec) - Eliza Rogers 1822-? - 7 children all born in Australia?
[above notes pending further research]
Slatyer, Rev. William (I6307)
2636 William Wedderburn ‘of Horncliffe’, [6th] s. of Henry W. [Salmon-fisher, ‘b. c1775’ (bap. 1777, q.v.), d. 1858] & Agnes Milvin [‘m. c1796’, d. 1832], was born at Loanend on 15/7/1811.

Married Euphemia Alcorn in 1835 at Wion Chain Bridge 
Weatherburn, William (I1915)
2637 Willielmus filius Goidfride in the Doomsday book Owned 190 Acres of Land in Wingham Kent. left to Maud (Granddaughter) and Ruallon de Avranches (Arcis in french = Arques in English) d' Arques, Guillaume Lord of Folkestone (I475)
2638 Winchester Cathedral Richard Duke of Bernay (I3114)
2639 Windsor Ave Russell, Harriet (I1090)
2640 Windsor Castle d' Hainault, Phillippa (I2685)
2641 with appellation "Season Prosperous" Thorfinnsson, Harvard Earl of Orkney (I431)
2642 with her husband Boger, Nora Margaret (I5482)
2643 with his uncle Robert snr Campbell, Robert jr (I1787)
2644 with two daughters Ann and Eliza - arrived 25 Feb 1836 Molloy, Sarah (I5517)
2645 Witnesses: C.G. Pfander, Hutchinson Royes Bell, Mark Sever Bell Family F1276
2646 Woodburn unknown in Great Britain or Ireland - 1 Australia, 2 USA McDowell, Jane (I656)
2647 Worked for Harland and Wolf Espie, Richard (I266)
2648 Worked for the Electricity Board Espie, Samuel Rainey (I267)
2649 Worked in coal yard Espie, Minnie Graham (I264)
2650 Worked in Gallaghers Cigs. She was paralysed in an arm and a leg after a stroke. She had to relearn to talk, which she did with an English accent. Espie, Gladys (I261)
2651 Worked in Pay office at Harland and Wolf. Espie, John (I262)
2652 Worked in telephone department Espie, Margaret Burnside (I263)
2653 Worked in the Bank then the SA Wrens Navy. Went to Kenya and worked in the Tourist Board. Russell, Rosaleen (I1106)
2654 Worked in the zoo Stinger, Eddie (I5403)
2655 Worked on the railways. Married in Fishoek. Worked in the dockyards. Russell, John Magee (I1097)
2656 Worked with his father and two brothers at their carrying business operating between Mareeba and Herberton Royes, Druce Grantley (I904)
2657 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Trimble, D.J. (I1240)
2658 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Royes, Dr G. (I4473)
2659 WW1 veteran
On 24 Aug 1896 a H Hayball is appointed a cleaner with the QLD Northern Railway Locomotive Branch at 3 shillings a day
On 21 Feb 1898 a Henry Hayball a cleaner with the QLD Northern Railway Locomotive Branch at 3 shillings a day is "removed"
On 28 Mar 1898 a Harry Hayball is appointed a cleaner in the same branch
Hayball, Harry (I5277)
2660 WW2 service: 17 Jul 1941 - 17 Dec 1945 RAAF 405982 Flying Officer, 105 Operational Training Unit (enlisted Brisbane)
From his service record: Was Citizens Military Force (Army) for 2 years with 51 Battalion before being discharged in order to enlist in the Citizen Air Force. He was 5ft 5.5in (166.4 cm) and weighed 132 lb (60 kg). On 28 Oct 1941 he was given 7 days confined to barracks for breaking out of barracks when under quarantine, and received a Severe Reprimand and forfeited three days pay for being absent without leave for three days in Apr 1943 when posted to No. 303 FTU (He was a Sergeant). 
Royes, George Herbert (I935)
2661 WW2 service: 22 Jan 1942-28 Dec 1945 Q112740 Private, 26 Australian Infantry Battalion Bogiatzis, Conway Nicholas (I2172)
2662 WW2 service: 4 Jul 1942 - 20 Jun 1945 Q213643 Private, 13 Battalion (enlisted at Mount Morgan, next of kin listed as "Church") Royes, Harold William (I943)
2663 Year 999, 1000, or 1001 Aelfthryth (I2720)
2664 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Linel, M. (I602)
2665 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Moody, G.T. (I4930)
2666 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F326
2667 York St Presbyterian Church Family F526
2668 You can find Wilma's ancestors and cousins on Robin Young's site at Baldock, Wilma Anne Margaret (I3841)
2669 You can link to this Henry at the Pollard, Weatherburn, Royes, Walters, Green Family web site on at (subscription required) Weatherburn, Henry (I1922)
2670 Yseult Bridges locates the marriage at St Georges Hanover Square on 14 Dec 1875
James Ruddick locates it at All Saints Church, Kensington, at 11:00 am on 7 Dec 1875 has 3 Dec 1875 without identifying a location
It is registered within St Georges Hanover Square but Kensington is still a possible location,,

The date of the marriage in the data is the one given by Florence in a statement made during the hearings in respect of Charles Bravo's poisoning. See p.6 of bravo_royes.pdf in Media>Documents. 
Family F210
2671 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Russell, A. (I1082)
2672 [PRIVATE] Anne van Gestel believes she is a daughter of Gus, born shortly after his marriage to Jacq. She was adopted and only recently discovered this. She was born Beverley Margaret Fechner. Gus apparently tried to visit her mother in a single mothers home but was not allowed to see her. Her mother (Mabel Grace Fechner) never married. At this stage, the only evidence for Gus's paternity is the mother's statement. She says he was at M&G Group [not identifiable at this stage], Docks Section, Brisbane when she knew him. She remembers that he had a brother Tom (yet Maurie was with Gus in Brisbane as part of 2/5 Armd Regt). Roy, Angus Livingstone (I818)
2673 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Giffard, A.L. (I6230)
2674 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Royes, R. (I2639)
2675 [PRIVATE] Suicide (hanging) Moody, Mary Jane (I691)
2676 “of Ballysnod” Clements, Mary (I171)
2677 “of Norborne” Hougham, Henry (I2163)
2678 “Wd 1 Mar 1614, Wp 23 Aug 1614” Austen, Robert (I2948)

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