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401 age 15 Turner, Henry (I2860)
402 age 15, as "Charles Turner" Turner, Charles Augustus (I1398)
403 age 15, dressmaker Nicholson, Agnes (I1852)
404 age 16 Weatherburn, Mary (I2057)
405 age 16, school boarder Guild, Margaret de Hougham (I3558)
406 age 17.5, Baptist, Section 42 Grave 197 Royes, Mark Hougham (I994)
407 age 18 Machin, Frank (I4821)
408 age 18 Russell, Margaret (I1099)
409 age 18 at 1911 census Roy, Florence (I143)
410 age 19, seamstress Logan, Mary (I613)
411 age 2 Logan, Elizabeth (I607)
412 age 2 Nicole, Jessie (I540)
413 age 2 in 1883 passenger list Lumsden, Jessica (I4767)
414 age 2 on death certificate Royes, Mary Hougham (I2838)
415 age 2, Baptist, Section 42 Grave 138 Royes, Sydney Hougham (I1054)
416 age 2, visitor with family of William and Sarah Halmen Turner Bravo, Ellen (I1732)
417 age 20 Turner, Emma (I2856)
418 age 20, tailor Russell, John (I1096)
419 age 21 at 1911 census Roy, Margaret (I144)
420 age 21 at 1911 census Houston, David (I145)
421 age 21 at marriage Whiteford, Margaret (I1308)
422 age 21 at marriage Moody, Patrick (I692)
423 age 21 in March 1877 Moody, Thomas Stewart (I694)
424 age 22 Bell, Anne Maria (I3482)
425 age 22, tailor Russell, Robert (I4558)
426 age 23 Turner Bravo, Ellen (I1732)
427 age 24 Russell, Mary Ellen (I4557)
428 age 24 at marriage Russell, Samuel (I1107)
429 age 25, labourer Lumsden, William (I535)
430 age 3 Bell, Anne Maria (I3482)
431 age 30 Clements, Elizabeth Gamble (I160)
432 age 33, no occupation - visiting at Bravo household Bell, Anne Maria (I3482)
433 age 35 - "J Sarah Royes" Holmstead, Sarah (I3859)
434 age 35 [rounded?], CL [clerk?] - not proven to be this William Royes, William (I3858)
435 age 35, steam crane driver Logan, Samuel (I617)
436 age 38 - Mary's mother was staying with them aged 87 described as pauper formerly a publican Hewitt, Mary (I1918)
437 age 39 Quick, Mary Ann (I1860)
438 age 40 Royes, Lydia Ann (I5459)
439 age 40 - children born alive to current marriage 8, still living 6 Clements, Elizabeth Gamble (I160)
440 age 42, confectioner wholesale Machin, Nathaniel (I4820)
441 age 42, widowed, needleworker Curry, Mary (I1851)
442 age 43 Bailey, Anne (I5316)
443 age 43 Dix, Frances Mary (I4819)
444 age 43, blacksmith, unmarried Weatherburn, Henry (I2059)
445 age 43; Plot #683 Roy, Thomas (I147)
446 age 45, commissary HP Turner, Thomas (I2854)
447 age 45, Professor of Music Dix, Eliza (I5963)
448 age 45, steam crane driver
Name Age
Samuel Logan 45
Elizabeth Logan 40
Agnes Logan 21
Mary Logan 19
Rose Logan 13
John Logan 11
Margret Logan 9
Elizabeth Logan 2 
Logan, Samuel (I617)
449 age 46 Claxton, George (I5304)
450 age 47 Dix, Katherine Maria (I488)
451 age 48 Quick, Mary Ann (I1860)
452 age 48 Elliard, Ann (I5305)
453 age 48, stone cutter Nicole, David (I539)
454 age 49, Baptist, Section 42 Grave 148 Royes, Edward Hougham jr (I911)
455 age 5 Turner, Rosa (I3113)
456 age 52, confectioner employing 70 persons Machin, Nathaniel (I4820)
457 age 53 Dix, Frances Mary (I4819)
458 age 54, blacksmith, single Weatherburn, Henry (I2059)
459 age 58 Quick, Mary Ann (I1860)
460 age 58 at 1911 census Roy, David (I142)
461 age 65, Professor of Music Dix, Eliza (I5963)
462 age 66 - widower - Old Town St became Mill Rd Russell, James (I1091)
463 age 66 - widower - Old Town St became Mill Rd Russell, James (I4733)
464 age 67, lodger, independent Dix, Katherine Maria (I488)
465 age 68 Hewitt, Mary (I1918)
466 age 69, described as grandmother - note use of maiden name Ingram, Elizabeth (I85)
467 age 69, gentleman Dix, John East (I1368)
468 age 7, scholar Lumsden, George (I536)
469 age 71, retail stationer Sherriff, John William (I1862)
470 age 75, Baptist, Section 42 Grave 610 Pryor, Mary (I766)
471 age 75, Catholic, Section 20.5 Grave 6206 (as "Annie Mary") Hayes, Ann Mary Catherine (I432)
472 age 75, married 51 years - listed as head of household - building listed as shop - 10 children born alive, 8 living Whiteford, Margaret (I1308)
473 age 76, blacksmith Weatherburn, John (I1914)
474 age 77 Gill, Walter Battershell (I1855)
475 age 77, widow Hewitt, Mary (I1918)
476 age 84 Hookham, Isabella (I1369)
477 age 9 Turner, Caroline (I3112)
478 age 9, at school Nicholson, Elizabeth (I1846)
479 age 9, scholar Lumsden, Isabella (I4765)
480 age 9, scholar Smith, Ernest (I1515)
481 age 9, scholar Logan, Margaret (I611)
482 age based simply on the age of her husband Snoddy, Agnes (I1162)
483 age give as 15 but all ages in this return rounded to nearest 5 Royes, Adelaide Julia Radcliffe (I2258)
484 age given as 15 but all ages rounded to nearest 5 Royes, Mary Hougham (I2257)
485 age given as 25 - only one other person, Sarah Almond, servant, with her Royes, Adelaide Julia Radcliffe (I2258)
486 age given as 32 Freney, Fanny (I3320)
487 age given as 32? Hogan, James (I3284)
488 age given as 44 Freney, Fanny (I3320)
489 age given as 7 Hogan, Patrick Joseph (I4623)
490 Age given on burial register is 74 so birth year may be 1883 Royes, Charles Hougham (I884)
491 aged 12, scholar, in household of Emily Royes Bell Turner Bravo, Ellen (I1732)
492 aged 13 years Roy, John (I18)
493 aged 13, scholar Bell, Anne Maria (I3482)
494 aged 16 Hougham, Kate Selina (I3836)
495 aged 19 at marriage Matthews, Susannah (I1596)
496 Aged 24 and absent from household on 31 Mar 1851 in Belfast - temporarily or permanently? Russell, Mary Ellen (I4557)
497 Aged 25 when married and 57 when he died Tyssen, Francis (I3223)
498 Aged 27 when he died d' Abrincis, Richard Earl of Chester (I4065)
499 aged 28 - on the ship "Ashmore" Royes, Ellen Selina (I6)
500 aged 31, putrified ulcerated throat Turner, Caroline (I1785)
501 aged 36 at death [Hougham], Ann (I2222)
502 aged 37, unmarried Dix, Katherine Maria (I488)
503 aged 38 - on the ship "Ashmore" Hawker, Edwin Theodore (I13)
504 aged 42 Royes, Mary Hougham (I2257)
505 aged 46 Tyssen, Daniel (I1397)
506 aged 53 Luther, Eva Frederica (I631)
507 aged 54 Luther, Frederick Christian (I636)
508 aged 56 Collen, John Nathaniel (I179)
509 aged 58 Luther, Bertie Murray (I628)
510 aged 6 Hougham, Kate Selina (I3836)
511 aged 61 - Bowers, Charlotte Pringle (I2284)
512 aged 65 Roy, John (I15)
513 aged 65 years Roy, James (I16)
514 aged 66 [Gill], Benedicta (I6181)
515 aged 66 Hookham, Isabella (I1369)
516 aged 67 Gill, Captain Thomas RN (I6180)
517 aged 72 Huggeson, William (I1624)
518 aged 72 Healey, Job (I1662)
519 aged 76 Luther, Leonard John Spencer (I3021)
520 aged 76 at death Molloy, Sarah (I5517)
521 aged 77, Independent Lady Hookham, Isabella (I1369)
522 aged 78 Eldridge, William (I5542)
523 aged 78 Hogan, James (I870)
524 aged 79 Spencer, Margaret Eliza (I3015)
525 aged 80 Luther, Charles Royes (I629)
526 Aged 80 Luther, Anna Maria Hougham (I626)
527 aged 82 Bower, Jane (I5543)
528 aged 82 Luther, Edna A (I3019)
529 aged 83 Western, Thomas (I1590)
530 aged 83 Morrison, Elizabeth (I20)
531 aged 86 Luther, Frederick Christian (I3017)
532 aged 88, Emmaus Mercy Aged Care - formerly of Kedron, Wilston, Ascot, Home Hill, Newcastle Carr, Mary Dympna (I227)
533 aged 9 years Roy, Hugh (I19)
534 Agness (sic) Wedderburn, d. of --- Wedderburn & Margaret, bap. 10/3/1774 at Spittal United Presbyterian Church. (Northumberland IGI) Weatherburn, Agnes (I4304)
535 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Phelan, S.I. (I756)
536 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Phelan, F.M. (I755)
537 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Phelan, N.M. (I754)
538 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Phelan, C.T. (I753)
539 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Phelan, Á.T. (I751)
540 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Phelan, B.M. (I752)
541 aka Cyril Claude Everett Everett, Cyril Adolphus (I268)
542 alcohol abuse Ricardo, Captain Andrew Lewis (I1736)
543 Alexander Smail and Margaret Moore had seven children:
James b.1848 in Millers Point d.1901 in Manly
John b.1850 in Millers Point d.1920 in Neutral Bay, m.Margaret Wright in1874
William b. 1853 Millers Point d.1889 in Millers point
Isabella b 1854 in Millers Point d 1945 in Drummoyne m William Davidson in 1883
George Edward b 1856 in Millers Point d 1908 in manly m. Sarah Guinery in 1887 and Mary Bowman in 1902
Fanny Jane b. 1858 in Millers Point d. 1920
Charles Adam b. 1859 in Millers Point d. 1874 in millers point 
Family F1448
544 Alfred styled himself as "King of the Anglo Saxons", a term used by his successors until the late 10th century when "King of the English" began to be used. Alfred the Great King of Wessex 871-899 (I2712)
545 alive 1035 Le Goz, Ansfred Count d' Hiesmer (I2190)
546 alive 1041 le Goz, Turstain Count d' Avranches and Hiesmer (I2668)
547 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Banks, I. (I4459)
548 All Saints Hougham, Solomon (I2219)
549 All Saints Claxton, William (I5302)
550 All Saints Family F1823
551 All Saints Church Family F210
552 almost 96 Cameron, Kenneth (I4134)
553 Almost certainly specimens from his entomology collection were acquired by Philip Brookes Mason and then sold on in 1905 following Mason's death: they probably still survive as exhibits in the Dr P B Mason Collection, Museum of Zoology, University College London or in Bolton Museum. Gill, Walter Battershell (I1855)
554 Also in household: Elizabeth NH Greenfield (Myles) born 17 Aug 1901 Russell, Annie (I1847)
555 also Jane Elliott Hougham Royes Royes, Jane Elliott (I951)
556 Also listed 1905 with addition of "lodging house" Greer, Ellen Jane (I236)
557 Also listed at this address:
Roy, Ronald Leslie, electrical fitter 
Roy, Leslie William (I254)
558 Alternative dates 1066 - 1089 de Meschines, Ranulph Vicomte de Bayeux (I2755)
559 Although Albert had been a joiner in the Shipyards he moved to Dublin with the family and his father-in-law Robert McDowell around 1915 to start a joinery business. From there he moved to Castlecomer Co.Kilkenny to become a manager in the anthraacite mines. Ormonde was born here in 1921. Albert was apparently disliked because he was a Protestant from the north and was kidnapped for a few days by the IRA. When released the family moved back to Belfast and were there when Stewart was born in 1925 (partition of Ireland took place in 1922).
After his return to the north Albert was later appointed as Clerk of Works in Belfast, hence the title civil servant in his will. According to my father he collapsed in the City Hall on the day he started work there and died soon after, just a few weeks after his wife Margaret. 
Roy, Albert (I6341)
560 Amelia was the name of an aunt (a sister of Katherine). - achristy 18 Apr 2014 Ferguson, Phoebe Amelia (I278)
561 An A Humphries aged 17 (born c 1883) traveled from Napier, NZ to Sydney, NSW arriving 19 Oct 1900 Humphreys, Albert Joseph (I1953)
562 An Agnes Jane Clements died in Belfast in 1919 Clements, Agnes (I4726)
563 An Edna Royes married to Stanley Royes died 17 Feb 1973, aged 62 (born abt 1911) but I am not sure that this fits within the timeline for this Stanley. Royes, Stanley (I6596)
564 An Eleanor E Bailey married a John A Thompson in 1887 in Macdonald River. This is the 16-y-o daughter of Elizabeth and John Bailey. Perkins, Eleanor (I1874)
565 An heiress at age 6 with lands in Kent and London. She shared with sister Mildred all mothers silver plate.

Lived in Hackney. Married at St Pauls Cathedral to John Eden Little.

Married secondly Samuel Thyssen who owned a sugar plantation in Antigua and much property overseas

Arthur Hougham has the spouses for Sarah and Mildred interchanged. 
Hougham, Sarah (I3397)
566 An official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Repository (REPO7)
567 An orphan from Clontara Co Limerick Brown, Annie (I5291)
568 Ancestors (to 1770) and Descendants of John McLennan can be found at McLennan, John (I4125)
569 Ancestors (to mid 1700s) and Descendants of George Henry Robson can be found at Robson, George Henry (I4132)
570 Ancestors (to the 12th century) and Descendants of Magdalene Campbell can be found at Campbell, Magdalene Susannah Dunlop (I4133)
571 Royes, John (I8)
572's U.K. and U.S. Directories, 1680-1830 have this record:

Name: John Roy
Dates: 1751-1775 (what does "dates" mean? years listed?)
Location: London
Address: Princes Street, Spitalfields
Occupation: weaver, textiles(m), satin
Source Date: 1763
Source Info: Listed in The Universal Director; or, the Nobleman and Gentleman's True Guide to the Masters and Professors of the Liberal and Polite Arts and Sciences; and of the Mechanic Arts, Manufactures, and Trades, Established in London and Westminster and their Environs, 1763, MORTIMER, Thomas. London
Printed by J. Coote

Is this John Royes? 
Royes, John (I2224)
England, Extracted Parish and Court Records
Text: Rickill, Marg., of Elsingham, dau. of Sir Jas. Cromer, Knt. 1496. (Weever's Mon. 279.)
Book: Obituary Prior to 1800 (as far as Relates to England, Scotland, and Ireland), Compiled by Sir William Musgrave, 6th Bart., of Hayton Castle, Co. Cumberland, and Entitled by him "A General Nomenclator and Obituary, with Referrence to the Books Where the Persons are Mentioned, and Where some Account of their Character is to be Found."
Collection: England, Scotland, Ireland: Musgrave's Obituaries Prior To 1800, Part 5 
Cromer, Sir James (I5873)
574 and/or Earl of York? Plantagenet, Edmund 1st Earl of Kent (I137)
575 Anglican Cemetery Burgess, David (I5901)
576 ANN ARCHER, theft : housebreaking, 16th April, 1795

ANN ARCHER was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling house of Peter Exton , Lydia his wife, and Mary Perry , spinster, being therein, on the 21st of February, and feloniously stealing therein nine silk handkerchiefs, value 20s. the goods of the said Peter Exton .

Prisoner. I had been to Windfield-street, to an acquaintance of mine, and as I was coming home crossing Brick-lane I see these handkerchiefs, lay and I picked them up, and I carried them along open in my hand, to see if any body would own them.

GUILTY, Of stealing but not of breaking and entering the dwelling house . (Aged 30.)

Transported for seven years . 
Archer, Ann (I1869)
577 Ann Saunders was daughter of Milo Prendrith and his wife Elizabeth. This Elizabeth was daughter of Thomas Lowin and was nurse to Queen Elizabeth 1. Prendrith, Ann (I2615)
578 Ann was born 23 April 1915 in Washington DC.and married Willard GOBER in 1952. Ann died 25 January 1997 in Austin,Texas and is buried in the Austin Memorial Park Cemetery Gorman, Anastasia (I4606)
579 Anna appears in the digitized birth registration but all other records have Annie Royes, Annie Maria Hougham (I871)
580 Anna was born around 1877, probably in New Ross. Anna migrated to Washington D.C where she married Thomas A Gorman (who had previously married Anna's elder sister Mary and who had presumably died.)

(Research note : Catherine Hogan visited her daughter ANNA GORMAN as from 24 August 1904 i.e. Dot was Anna's daughter and Mildred was Mary's.But what about Helen?) If Mildred was Mary's child, then so are the two earlier children and I have linked them accordingly. The question about Helen remains., ,, , 
Hogan, Anastasia (I4597)
581 Anne had 8 children - see Ley, Ann (I3042)
582 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hogan, C.A. (I442)
583 Another Elizabeth Hougham was buried 16 Jul 1729 in Preston next Wingham Naylor, Elizabeth (I2164)
584 Another record V1843993 32A/1843 gives parents as Henry and Jane Bailey, Jane (I2031)
585 Any link?
Nov 1880 L.J. Spencer leases two rooms for a Telegraphic Office in Oberon
1 Feb 1882 Combined with a PO - Mary Spencer (Mr Spencer having died during 1881)
-An Australian Post Office History: Oberon (abt 1966: Director Posts & Telegraphs, Sydney) 
Spencer, Margaret Eliza (I3015)
586 Apparently known as Old Powerful because he was quite a big man, collecting salt water from the seashore to take up into Drumalis for the purpose of boiling potatoes in. Clements, Houston (I162)
587 appears to have died before the April 1901 Census. Hogan, Mary Kate (I3324)
588 Apprentice Book 9, page 202: Solomon Royce, son of John Royce, late of the city of Canterbury, weaver, deceased, was apprenticed to Solomon Hougham of Aldersgate Street, London, goldsmith and Citizen and Goldsmith on 5 August 1789. [This is the only known instance of the spelling "Royce" for this family. It may be a clerical error. His father used "Royes" when he married and Solomon otherwise uses "Royes".] Royes, Solomon (I2225)
589 approximate Ebles Vicomte de Turenne (I3543)
590 approximate date based on husband's dob. [Royes], Lula H. (I6272)
591 Apr 1379 or between 17 Jun and 5 Oct 1382 de Coucy, Isabella (I2916)
592 Apr 1871 treated by Dr Gully for alcoholism. Dr Gully eventually becames a lover of Florence and a "person of interest" in the death of hersecond husband Charles Bravo. Ricardo, Captain Andrew Lewis (I1736)
593 Are the children Mary and Molly the same person? Family F347
594 Army Service: 26 Aug 1943-24 Dec 1945, QX57470, Sergeant, Catering Corps, Posting at Discharge 31/51 Aust Infantry Battalion Weiss, Nathaniel (I1304)
595 arrival date - ship "Galatea" Huffam, Timothy (I3716)
596 arrived 3 May 1873 Eldridge, Peter (I5536)
597 Arrived Australia 1885

Son of William Hawker and Elizabeth Howard... was born about 1854 in High Ham, Somerset, England, baptized on 29 Aug 1854 in High Ham, Somerset, England and was buried in Kaniva Lillimur Cemetery, Australia. [inactive] 
Hawker, Edwin Theodore (I13)
598 Arrived Cooktown 1882 on "Camorta" with 5 children
On 24 Aug 1896 a H Hayball is appointed a cleaner with the QLD Northern Railway Locomotive Branch at 3 shillings a day
On 21 Feb 1898 a Henry Hayball a cleaner with the QLD Northern Railway Locomotive Branch at 3 shillings a day is "removed"
On 28 Mar 1898 a Harry Hayball is appointed a cleaner in the same branch
Hayball, Henry Thornhill (I5365)
599 Arrived Melbourne 1855 on White Star with Mary ROYES (sister? wife?) Royes, William (I3)
600 Arrived Melbourne 1855 on White Star with William ROYES (brother? husband?) Royes, Mary (I2)

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