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 #  ID   Source   Tree 
1 S180  Australia, Birth Index, 1788-1922  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
2 S8 Karen Iliff, correspondence re: Ellen Selina Royes.Roy Miscellaneous 
3 S467 1939 Register  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
4 S77 J.R. Planche, A Corner of Kent: some account of the parish of Ash-next-Sandwich  (London, 1864).Roy~Royes 
5 S74 Florence Horatia Suckling, A Forgotten Past: Being Notes of the Families of Tyssen, Baker, Hougham & Milles  (London: George Bell & Sons, 1898 (Available as facsimile reproduction on CD, 2007, Bibliopolis CD Books)).Roy~Royes 
6 S68 James Jervis and Leo R Flack (eds), A Jubilee History of the Municipality of Botany 1888-1938  (Penfolds, Sydney: 1938).Roy~Royes 
7 S76 W.H. Ireland, A New and Complete History of the County of Kent  (George Virtue, London,1828).Roy~Royes 
8 S121 Aileen Cochrane, A Short History of the Bailey-Bradley Families from 1790.Roy~Royes 
9 S78 Referenced in Robin Young, Achievements of Canterbury.Roy~Royes 
10 S344 Adoption certificate.Roy~Royes 
11 S348 Amendment by registered user.Roy~Royes 
12 S100 Jack Hogan, Amendments.doc.Roy~Royes 
13 S70 Elaine Smith, Ancestors of David Smith and Elaine Smith (Moman).Roy~Royes 
14 S59 Ancestors of Paul Bailey McBride.Roy~Royes 
15 S394 Ancestry Family Trees  ( 
16 S91  ( 
17 S124 
18 S168 Ronald Wells, Ancient Ancestors.Roy~Royes 
19 S22 Queensland Rail, Appointment of Queensland Railway employees June 1890-June 1901.Roy~Royes 
20 S280 RewaB, Arnold Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
21 S108 AUS-NQ list  (RootsWeb).Roy~Royes 
22 S460 Australia Billion Graves cemetery index  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
23 S306 Australia Birth Index, 1788-1922  ( 
24 S9 Allan Cresswell, Castellorizo Family History.Roy Miscellaneous 
25 S264 Australia Death Index 1787-1985  ( 
26 S42 RootsWeb, Australian and New Zealand Records.Roy Miscellaneous 
27 S307 Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1949  ( 
28 S7 Monument inscription, Preston church, Kent, England.Roy Miscellaneous 
29 S442 Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
30 S478 Australia, City Directories 1845-1948.Roy~Royes 
31 S470 Australia, City Directories, 1845-1948  ( 
32 S167 Australia, Marriages, 1810-1980  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
33 S4 FreeBMD Birth Index 1837-1983.Roy~Royes 
34 S482 Australia, World War II Military Service Records, 1939-1945  ( 
35 S17 FamilySearch?.Roy Miscellaneous 
36 S401 Australian and New Zealand Obituary Collection  ( 
37 S42 RootsWeb, Australian and New Zealand Records.Roy~Royes 
38 S308 Australian Cemetery Index 1808-2007  ( 
39 S331 Australian Convict Transportation Registers – Other Fleets & Ships, 1791-1868  ( 
40 S12, Australian Electoral Rolls 1901-1980.Roy~Royes 
41 S34 Ulster Historical Foundation, Baptismal Record - 1st Rathfriland Presbyterian Church.Roy Miscellaneous 
42 S25 FamilySearch.Roy Miscellaneous 
43 S161 Birth Certificate.Roy~Royes 
44 S338 Birth date estimated from stated age at date of death.Roy~Royes 
45 S326 Jim Mason, Bishop Family.Roy~Royes 
46 S95 Bishop's transcripts 1684-1844, St Nicholas Church (Lower Tooting).Roy~Royes 
47 S296 Bonhams - auctioneers.Roy~Royes 
48 S334 Brian Bouchard, Bouchard and Gill.Roy~Royes 
49 S289 Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840 Transcription  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
50 S24 Andy and Sue Parlour, Bravo for Maybrick.Roy~Royes 
51 S141 Sam Sampson (G-G-Grandson of James and Charlotte (Bower) Bromley), Bromley - Enderby Settlement.Roy~Royes 
52 S146 Judith-Anne Coombes, Bromley Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
53 S73 Zoe McDonald (Bromley descendant), Bromley-McDonald links.Roy~Royes 
54 S221 AhniMason, Brown-Moore Family Tree  ( 
55 S229 Maurice Brown, Brown/Crawley/KcKinnon/Hendy/Tindle/McDonnell  ( 
56 S163 GDC, BT's (Ash next Sandwich).Roy~Royes 
57 S156 GDC, BT's (Ash next Wingham).Roy~Royes 
58 S152 GDC, BT's (Staple).Roy~Royes 
59 S36 St Nicholas Church, Ash, Kent, England Baptism Register.Roy Miscellaneous 
60 S28 Burdekin Shire Council Burial Register.Roy~Royes 
61 S21 Jenny Wicks, Wicks-Wellard.Roy Miscellaneous 
62 S1 Narda Kelly, George Hougham Royes-Anna Maria Weiershauser.Royes Miscellaneous 
63 S274 Peter Beauclerk Dewar, Burke's landed gentry of Great Britain: together with Members of the Titlesd & Non-titled Contemporary Establishment  (Burke's Peerage, 2001).Roy~Royes 
64 S115 Cairns City Council Burial Register.Roy~Royes 
65 S465 Canterbury Burials  (Find My Past).Roy~Royes 
66 S3 New South Wales, Australia, Index to Deceased Estate Files, 1923-1958.Roy~Royes 
67 S9 Allan Cresswell, Castellorizo Family History.Roy~Royes 
68 S96 Cemeteries and Cemetery Records  ( 
69 S206 Cemetery Records - The Oaks.Roy~Royes 
70 S376 Census Channel Islands 1841  ( 
71 S12, Australian Electoral Rolls 1901-1980.Royes Miscellaneous 
72 S384 Census England 2 Apr 1871  ( 
73 S383 Census England 2 Apr 1911  ( 
74 S351 Census England 30 Mar 1851  ( 
75 S117 Census England 30 Mar 1881  ( 
76 S370 Census England 31 Mar 1901  ( 
77 S89 Census England 5 Apr 1891  ( 
78 S34 Ulster Historical Foundation, Baptismal Record - 1st Rathfriland Presbyterian Church.Roy~Royes 
79 S352 Census England 7 Apr 1861  ( 
80 S10 Census Ireland 2 Apr 1911.Roy~Royes 
81 S373 Census Ireland 31 Mar 1901.Roy~Royes 
82 S421 Census New South Wales 1891.Roy~Royes 
83 S445 Census NSW, Australia 1901.Roy~Royes 
84 S397 Census Scotland 1841.Roy~Royes 
85 S214 Census Scotland 2 Apr 1871.Roy~Royes 
86 S183 Census Scotland 3 Apr 1881.Roy~Royes 
87 S106 Census Scotland 30 Mar 1851.Roy~Royes 
88 S305 Census Scotland 31 Mar 1901.Roy~Royes 
89 S46 High Ham Parish Records 1591 - 1900, LDS film# 1526638.Roy Miscellaneous 
90 S425 Census Scotland 5 Apr 1891.Roy~Royes 
91 S10 Census Ireland 2 Apr 1911.Roy Miscellaneous 
92 S446 Census Scotland 7 Apr 1861.Roy~Royes 
93 S198 State Records Authority of New South Wales, CGS 1199, Electoral Rolls, 1842-64.Roy~Royes 
94 S127 Gillian Royes, Charles John Royes.Roy~Royes 
95 S84 Madeleine Mitchell, Charles John Royes and Louisa Cover.Roy~Royes 
96 S188 Peter and Irene Roy, Chloe Nicole Roy.Roy~Royes 
97 S356 transcribe John Hanson and Monnica Stevens, City of London Burials 1788-1855.Roy~Royes 
98 S408 coreopsisz1, Clements - Crall tree.Roy~Royes 
99 S392 Cloncurry and District Historical Society.Roy~Royes 
100 S350 Co Down Births 1865-75.Roy~Royes 
101 S50 Joy (Jocelyn) Logan, Larne Memories.Roy Miscellaneous 
102 S249 Wendy McLean, Colin Edward Royes and links.Roy~Royes 
103 S329 Colonial Secretary Index 1788-1825.Roy~Royes 
104 S208 Helga Fox, Comments: John Howard Percy Larsen.Roy~Royes 
105 S336 Commonwealth War Graves Commission.Roy~Royes 
106 S258 Computer printout of London, St. Ann Blackfriars, Lond., England  (Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Utah, 1992).Roy~Royes 
107 S340 Conversation with Jacq Roy c2005.Roy~Royes 
108 S174 Rob Nelson and Joan O'Donovan, Convicts to Australia.Roy~Royes 
109 S440 Cornwall Baptisms.Roy~Royes 
110 S339 Correspondence.Roy~Royes 
111 S315 David-John H. Cover-Simpson, Correspondence Cover-Simpson.Roy~Royes 
112 S38 St Nicholas Church, Ash, Kent, England Burial Register.Roy Miscellaneous 
113 S44 Bruce Roy, Reported conversation between George Roy and Maurie Roy.Roy Miscellaneous 
114 S131 Correspondence re: Nuss/Steiler/Cooling.Roy~Royes 
115 S144 Stephen Burr, correspondence re: Ancestors of Philip Ronald Burr.Roy~Royes 
116 S225 Rose Cocks, Correspondence re: Bailey Wm and Margaret.Roy~Royes 
117 S292 Correspondence re: Bromley and Healey.Roy~Royes 
118 S357 Correspondence re: Cameron.Roy~Royes 
119 S293 Correspondence re: Clements.Roy~Royes 
120 S150 Tom Cooper, correspondence re: Cooper family.Roy~Royes 
121 S236 Ron Royes, Correspondence re: Crocodile Creek.Roy~Royes 
122 S464 Correspondence re: d' Arcy.Roy~Royes 
123 S23 Brodnax Moore, Proposed Change: Mary Hougham Royes (Turner) (Bravo).Roy Miscellaneous 
124 S8 Karen Iliff, correspondence re: Ellen Selina Royes.Royes Miscellaneous 
125 S60 Allan “Jay” Fox IV, Correspondence re: Fox, Megan Alyssa.Roy~Royes 
126 S380 Susan Hora, Correspondence re: Gill.Roy~Royes 
127 S176 Rev'd Wesley Girvan 14 Dec 1999 , Correspondence re: Girvan.Roy~Royes 
128 S318 Correspondence re: Hanrahan-Wiley.Roy~Royes 
129 S193 Correspondence re: Hougham.Roy~Royes 
130 S128 John Richardson, Correspondence re: Luther.Roy~Royes 
131 S347 Don Bain, Correspondence re: Magee.Roy~Royes 
132 S435 Correspondence re: Prestons.Roy~Royes 
133 S412 Correspondence re: Roy Northern Ireland.Roy~Royes 
134 S218 Correspondence re: Royes-Australia.Roy~Royes 
135 S63 Correspondence re: Royes-Jamaica.Roy~Royes 
136 S196 Charles Royes, Correspondence re: Royes-Jamaica (Charles).Roy~Royes 
137 S488 Rod Hunt, Correspondence Re: Royes-Luther.Roy~Royes 
138 S114 Nola Gallagher, correspondence re: Royes/Gallagher.Roy~Royes 
139 S472 Correspondence re: Selby.Roy~Royes 
140 S298 Correspondence re: Tulloch family.Roy~Royes 
141 S140 Heather Royes, Correspondence re: Vernon Royes.Roy~Royes 
142 S87 Correspondence re: Wylie.Roy~Royes 
143 S16 Kent, England, Tyler Index to Parish Registers, 1538-1874.Roy Miscellaneous 
144 S300 Sandra Park Norris, Correspondenct Sandra Norris.Roy~Royes 
145 S98 Anne Phelan, Correspondent Anne Phelan.Roy~Royes 
146 S27 Alvan Smith, Proposed Change: Ronwyn Hastie (I425).Roy Miscellaneous 
147 S210 Gear/Roy, Correspondent Carol Gear: Phone conversation.Roy~Royes 
148 S231 Craig McMurray 14 Oct 2009, Correspondent Craig McMurray.Roy~Royes 
149 S299 Damien Roy, Correspondent Damien Roy .Roy~Royes 
150 S26 Yseult Bridges, How Charles Bravo Died  (Jarrolds, London: 1956).Roy Miscellaneous 
151 S125 Erick Ritterby, Correspondent Erick Ritterby.Roy~Royes 
152 S242 Glenda Pollard, Correspondent Glenda Pollard.Roy~Royes 
153 S107 Jack Hogan, Correspondent Jack Hogan.Roy~Royes 
154 S398 Correspondent Joy Logan.Roy~Royes 
155 S409 Correspondent Julie Roy.Roy~Royes 
156 S126 Karla Royes, Correspondent Karla Royes.Roy~Royes 
157 S157 Kerry Royes, Correspondent Kerry Royes.Roy~Royes 
158 S133 Elizabeth Welman, Correspondent Liz Welman.Roy~Royes 
159 S86 Correspondent Marion (Gillespie) McNeill.Roy~Royes 
160 S400 Mark L., Correspondent Mark L.Roy~Royes 
161 S262 Megan D'Arcy, Correspondent Megan D'Arcy.Roy~Royes 
162 S1 Narda Kelly, George Hougham Royes-Anna Maria Weiershauser.Roy Miscellaneous 
163 S4 FreeBMD Birth Index 1837-1983.Roy Miscellaneous 
164 S75 Robin Young, Correspondent Robin Young.Roy~Royes 
165 S341 Correspondent Ron Royes.Roy~Royes 
166 S186 Ronald Healey, Correspondent Ronald Healey.Roy~Royes 
167 S476 Correspondent Rosemary Myles Chalmers.Roy~Royes 
168 S45 NSW Pioneers Register Marriage.Roy Miscellaneous 
169 S134 Sonja Royes Willis, Correspondent Sonja Royes Willis.Roy~Royes 
170 S396 Correspondent Susan (Dean) Catterall.Roy~Royes 
171 S359 William Berry, County genealogies : pedigrees of the families of the county of Kent  (Gilbert and Piper, London).Roy~Royes 
172 S317 David-John Herbert Simpson, Alan Cover Lozano and Bryan Wade, Cover family on Geni.Roy~Royes 
173 S43 Cricinfo - Players and Officials - Ralph Royes.Roy~Royes 
174 S419 Crown Land Sales in Queensland 1860-1911.Roy~Royes 
175 S278 Judy Webster, Croydon QLD hospital admissions 1920-25.Roy~Royes 
176 S52 Date estimate based on approx 25 years per generation from a known date.Roy~Royes 
177 S235 David Ball, David Ball: Olive family.Roy~Royes 
178 S149 Avril (Davis) Hewitt, Davis family.Roy~Royes 
179 S49 James Ruddick, Death at the Priory  (New York: Grove Press, 2001).Roy~Royes 
180 S195 Death Certificate.Roy~Royes 
181 S175 Olive and John Kerle, Descendant Chart for David Girvan 1834-1993.Roy~Royes 
182 S102 Jack Hogan, Descendants of James Hogan.Roy~Royes 
183 S179 Descendants of Job and Alice Healey.Roy~Royes 
184 S389 Dictionary of National Biography.Roy~Royes 
185 S6 District of Eacham 1920 Electoral Roll.Roy~Royes 
186 S257 Joyce Tole-Moir, Dix family.Roy~Royes 
187 S226 Dixie Cutler, Dix-Machin.Roy~Royes 
188 S342 tylerica0783, E Duncan Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
189 S49 James Ruddick, Death at the Priory  (New York: Grove Press, 2001).Roy Miscellaneous 
190 S14 Griffith's Valuation 1861-62.Roy Miscellaneous 
191 S391 Dr David Wright, East Kent Burial Index 1813-1841.Roy~Royes 
192 S323 Michael Cooper (ed) , Edward Cooper Navy Service 1917.Roy~Royes 
193 S61 Whaley, Edward of Angouleme.Roy~Royes 
194 S122 Lynda Eldridge, Eldridge family.Roy~Royes 
195 S101 Isabella Strachan, Emma, the twice-crowned Queen  (Peter Owen Publishers (London: 2004)).Roy~Royes 
196 S314 General Register Office, London, England, England & Wales Birth Index 1916-2005.Roy~Royes 
197 S433 England & Wales births 1837-2006.Roy~Royes 
198 S233 England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906.Roy~Royes 
199 S304 England & Wales Death Index 1916-2005.Roy~Royes 
200 S153 England & Wales deaths 1837-2007.Roy~Royes 

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