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401 S94 Parish Registers 1662-1987.Roy~Royes 
402 S417 Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960.Roy~Royes 
403 S143 John Hogan, Patrick Joseph Hogan.Roy~Royes 
404 S267 Pene Curtis, Pene Curtis: Jennifer Betts.Roy~Royes 
405 S119 Personal Notices  (The Courier Mail, 22 Aug 2006).Roy~Royes 
406 S171 Philippa Royes, Phoebe and Robert Claude Royes.Roy~Royes 
407 S355 Pigot & Co.'s Directory.Roy~Royes 
408 S345 Clare Quaglia, Pisani Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
409 S142 Kevin Bradford, PLANTAGENET: GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY.Roy~Royes 
410 S311 Glenda Pollard, Pollard, Weatherburn, Royes... Family Tree  ( 
411 S272 Robert Holman, Preston family.Roy~Royes 
412 S172 Leonie Price, Price / Pow /Jurd / Farr Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
413 S71 PRONI Will Calendars.Roy~Royes 
414 S362 Proposed Change/Addition.Roy~Royes 
415 S268 Ted Hayes, Proposed Change: Augustus Charles Turner .Roy~Royes 
416 S191 Louise Milligan née Cross, Proposed Change: B.J.F. Cross (I4214).Roy~Royes 
417 S187 Nicole, Proposed Change: Con Michael Pandelakis (I1672).Roy~Royes 
418 S227 Helen Royes, Proposed Change: Family: Royes/Arnold.Roy~Royes 
419 S234 HCR Cameron, Proposed Change: Hector Robson Cameron (I4135).Roy~Royes 
420 S252 Ron Healey, Proposed Change: I2270, I2062.Roy~Royes 
421 S271 Robert Saunderson, Proposed Change: James Clements (I168).Roy~Royes 
422 S201 Margaret Ballantyne, Proposed Change: Jane Wiley.Roy~Royes 
423 S189 Margaret (Maggie) McDonell, Proposed Change: M Davis.Roy~Royes 
424 S184 Diane, Proposed Change: Mary Hillditch.Roy~Royes 
425 S23 Brodnax Moore, Proposed Change: Mary Hougham Royes (Turner) (Bravo).Roy~Royes 
426 S27 Alvan Smith, Proposed Change: Ronwyn Hastie (I425).Roy~Royes 
427 S250 William J Pye, Proposed Change: Thori Rognvaldsson, Earl of More (Maer) (I3198).Roy~Royes 
428 S211 Robyn Weatherburn/Andersen, Proposed Change: Weatherburn-Andersen.Roy~Royes 
429 S185 Cindy McLeish Gore, Proposed Changes: Family: McLeish/Weatherburn/Fixter.Roy~Royes 
430 S29 England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes.Roy Miscellaneous 
431 S325 Public Member Trees.Roy~Royes 
432 S283 Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).Roy~Royes 
433 S116 Qld Death Index.Roy~Royes 
434 S181 QLD State Electoral Roll 1981.Roy~Royes 
435 S105 Quarterly returns of births in Ireland, 1864-1955, with index to births, 1864-1921.Roy~Royes 
436 S353 Queensland Birth Register.Roy~Royes 
437 S169 Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages.Roy~Royes 
438 S420 Queensland Burials Transcription  (Carpentaria Shire Burial Register).Roy~Royes 
439 S182 Queensland Cemetery Record Series  (Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc, 1995).Roy~Royes 
440 S422 Queensland Commonwealth Electoral Rolls.Roy~Royes 
441 S418 Queensland Horse and Cattle Brands Index 1872-1899.Roy~Royes 
442 S129 Queensland State Archives Indexes - Immigration.Roy~Royes 
443 S402 Queensland, Australia, Passenger Lists, 1848-1912.Roy~Royes 
444 S166 R.G. (Registrar General?) Index, NSW.Roy~Royes 
445 S159 R.G.(Registrar General?) Index, Queensland.Roy~Royes 
446 S358 Ravenswood Historical Society.Roy~Royes 
447 S69 Ray Morris Gurganus, Ray's Genealogy Page.Roy~Royes 
448 S37 St Nicholas Church, Ash, Kent, England Marriage Register.Roy Miscellaneous 
449 S48 Tom Cooper to Jack Hogan, Re: Info on Russells.Roy~Royes 
450 S6 District of Eacham 1920 Electoral Roll.Royes Miscellaneous 
451 S18 Glenn M Boyes, Genealogy (Boyes).Roy Miscellaneous 
452 S399 registered user submission.Roy~Royes 
453 S44 Bruce Roy, Reported conversation between George Roy and Maurie Roy.Roy~Royes 
454 S204 Charmaine Langford Robson, Robson Holloway Frost Clendinning Carter Langford Richards Sproule Whelan.Roy~Royes 
455 S337 Rockhampton Area Cemetery Indices.Roy~Royes 
456 S290 Rod Bromley, Rod Bromley family tree.Roy~Royes 
457 S324 Dr Charles A. Royes, Roots & Wings: A Legacy of Wealth.Roy~Royes 
458 S33 Tombstone, Tenterden churchyard, Kent, England.Roy Miscellaneous 
459 S31 Jamaica Parish Register New Series II 1848-1860 (B0048).Roy Miscellaneous 
460 S256 Royal Ancestry File.Roy~Royes 
461 S58 Royal Datefinder.Roy~Royes 
462 S423 Royes Family International.Roy~Royes 
463 S276 Narda Kelly, Royes-Kelly family.Roy~Royes 
464 S335 Sands Directories: Sydney and New South Wales, Australia, 1858-1933.Roy~Royes 
465 S473 Scotland and Northern Ireland, Death Index, 1989-2013  ( 
466 S451 Scotland Births & Baptisms 1564-1950.Roy~Royes 
467 S207 Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950 .Roy~Royes 
468 S215 Scotland, Select Marriages, 1561-1910 .Roy~Royes 
469 S2 ed. Bertha Haven Putnam, Kent Keepers of the Peace 1316-1317  (Kent Archaeological Society (1933)).Roy Miscellaneous 
470 S240 Service Record - George Herbert Royes.Roy~Royes 
471 S241 Service Record - John William Weatherburn.Roy~Royes 
472 S28 Burdekin Shire Council Burial Register.Roy Miscellaneous 
473 S132 T Walker, Smail amendments.Roy~Royes 
474 S319 LizPearson, Snoddy, Ferguson, Bruce, McMurdo family tree.Roy~Royes 
475 S93 St Botolph's without Aldersgate Parish Records 1466-1890.Roy~Royes 
476 S245 St Margaret Rochester Baptismal Register.Roy~Royes 
477 S36 St Nicholas Church, Ash, Kent, England Baptism Register.Roy~Royes 
478 S38 St Nicholas Church, Ash, Kent, England Burial Register.Roy~Royes 
479 S37 St Nicholas Church, Ash, Kent, England Marriage Register.Roy~Royes 
480 S130 State Records NSW.Roy~Royes 
481 S97 Stirnet Genealogy.Roy~Royes 
482 S294 Surrey, England, Land Tax Records, 1780-1832.Roy~Royes 
483 S5 Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index, 1861-1930.Roy Miscellaneous 
484 S47 Sydney Morning Herald.Roy~Royes 
485 S15 UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960.Roy Miscellaneous 
486 S30 Ulster Historical Foundation.Roy Miscellaneous 
487 S461 Sydney, Australia, Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions, 1867-2002.Roy~Royes 
488 S327 Tegan_Bailey Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
489 S303 The AIF Project, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, [email protected], Canberra, The AIF Project.Roy~Royes 
490 S19 Marion Hurley Pratt, The Book of Houghams  ((Arizona, after 1958)).Roy~Royes 
491 S13 New South Wales, Australia, Government Gazettes, 1853-1899.Royes Miscellaneous 
492 S138 The Courier Mail.Roy~Royes 
493 S136 Joy Logan, The Family Tree (Clements-Logan).Roy~Royes 
494 S41 E. Hasted, The Historical & Topographical Survey of the County of Kent  (W Bristow (England, 1797, 1801)).Roy~Royes 
495 S177 John Stuart Pemberton, The John Stuart Pemberton's of Matmata, NZ.Roy~Royes 
496 S83 The Lind Road cemetery, Charters Towers, QLD.Roy~Royes 
497 S55 Joy Logan, The Logan Family.Roy~Royes 
498 S228 Michael Patterson Mina, The Michael Patterson MINA Family Tree Home Page.Roy~Royes 
499 S263 The National Archives (UK).Roy~Royes 
500 S113 Darryl Lundy, The Peerage.Roy~Royes 
501 S80 The Ships List.Roy~Royes 
502 S20 Kay Raynor, The Theoff Connection.Roy~Royes 
503 S111 Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), The Ulster Covenant.Roy~Royes 
504 S139 The Vikings in Normandy: Timeline.Roy~Royes 
505 S254 Wikipedia, Thomas Baker (Royal Navy officer).Roy~Royes 
506 S277 Denise Broadbent, Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Bailey.Roy~Royes 
507 S386 Thorney-Bravo-Foreman-Nielson family tree.Roy~Royes 
508 S269 Carol Yvette Thorney, Thorney-Bravo-Foreman-Nielson-Morgan.Roy~Royes 
509 S170 Heather Royes, Tim Royes.Roy~Royes 
510 S33 Tombstone, Tenterden churchyard, Kent, England.Roy~Royes 
511 S477 Townsville Daily Bulletin.Roy~Royes 
512 S273 Trelawny and Public Advertiser.Roy~Royes 
513 S405 Trove (National Library of Australia).Roy~Royes 
514 S275 UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 [database on-line].Roy~Royes 
515 S53 Hutchinson Royes Bell  (British Medical Journal).Roy Miscellaneous 
516 S284 UK, Extracted Probate Records, 1269-1975.Roy~Royes 
517 S480 UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949  ( 
518 S15 UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960.Roy~Royes 
519 S8 Karen Iliff, correspondence re: Ellen Selina Royes.Roy~Royes 
520 S288 UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811.Roy~Royes 
521 S30 Ulster Historical Foundation.Roy~Royes 
522 S40 Greta Gordon, Huffam Family History.Roy Miscellaneous 
523 S368 United States Federal Census.Roy~Royes 
524 S259 Kay Grumley, Updates on family.Roy~Royes 
525 S35 Tim Wright?, US Huffam Gedcom file.Roy~Royes 
526 S209 Caleb Royes, User registration request.Roy~Royes 
527 S247 Doug Aman, Victoria Cross Research.Roy~Royes 
528 S475 Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839-1923  ( 
529 S192 Brian Stent, Weatherburn Article (Family Links 9).Roy~Royes 
530 S155 Glenda Pollard, Weatherburns.Roy~Royes 
531 S479 Web: Queensland, Australia, Immigration Indexes, 1848-1972  ( 
532 S79 Werribee Anglican.Roy~Royes 
533 S316 Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms  (Jamaican Family Search).Roy~Royes 
534 S160 Westminster Baptisms.Roy~Royes 
535 S222 Whitehall Genealogy.Roy~Royes 
536 S21 Jenny Wicks, Wicks-Wellard.Roy~Royes 
537 S57 Wiley?, Wiley Family History.Roy~Royes 
538 S88 Will of Charles Hougham 1748-1793.Roy~Royes 
539 S203 Paul Robinson, William Cameron link.Roy~Royes 
540 S266 Anne Hargreaves, William Hargreaves (I1366).Roy~Royes 
541 S246 Bill Lunt, William Harry Lunt Family Tree.Roy~Royes 
542 S22 Queensland Rail, Appointment of Queensland Railway employees June 1890-June 1901.Roy Miscellaneous 
543 S164 GDC (27/4/87), Wills and Admons.P.P.Registry.Roy~Royes 
544 S64 
545 S56 Commonwealth of Australia, WW2 Nominal Roll Australia.Roy~Royes 

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