genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree ID   Tree 
1 F80
 Roy, Mary Jane   roymisc Other Roy 
2 F96
 Roy, Margaret   roymisc Other Roy 
3 F68
Adam, David Roy, Elizabeth 28 Dec 1883  roymisc Other Roy 
4 F3
Bury, Thomas Roy, Martha Bef 1871  roymisc Other Roy 
5 F40
Carruthers, John Ingram, Elizabeth   roymisc Other Roy 
6 F112
Copeland, Matthew Johnston, Ellen Jane 1858 Whittlesea, VIC, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
7 F35
Copeland, Richard Roy, Margaret Anne   roymisc Other Roy 
8 F76
Crane, Sydney Roy, Ethel   roymisc Other Roy 
9 F67
Crawford, John Roy, Mary 31 Dec 1872  roymisc Other Roy 
10 F39
Cumming, William Roy, Ellenor 10 Apr 1853 Greyabbey, Co Down, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
11 F69
Edmond, John Roy, Margaret 16 Jul 1884  roymisc Other Roy 
12 F81
Edwards, Henry James Roy, Joyce Elsie   roymisc Other Roy 
13 F113
Glover, Thomas Johnston, Ellen Jane 18 Apr 1866 VIC, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
14 F46
Greer, Robert Kennedy, Agnes 15 Oct 1842 Ballynure, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
15 F44
Hamilton, Thomas Turner, Hannah Roy 1 Apr 1927  roymisc Other Roy 
16 F50
Hassan, Edward James Roy, Mary Ann 1901 Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
17 F104
Houston, David Roy, Margaret 23 Apr 1910 Knockbreda, Belfast, Co Down, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
18 F53
Ingram, John Buchanan, Eliza   roymisc Other Roy 
19 F110
Johnston, David Williamson, Mary Anne 15 Mar 1855 Windsor, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
20 F34
Johnston, William Roy, Margaret Est 1826 Belfast, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
21 F87
Kenrick, Percy Roy, Margaret   roymisc Other Roy 
22 F52
McNeill, Andrew Reid, Anne   roymisc Other Roy 
23 F26
McNeill, William Roy, Mary Jane   roymisc Other Roy 
24 F61
Nelson, William J Roy, Dorothy May 1930 Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
25 F51
Park, John Turner, Elizabeth Ingram 29 Oct 1920  roymisc Other Roy 
26 F56
Park, John Thom Gilmour, Ellen   roymisc Other Roy 
27 F54
Park, Robert Turner Forster, Barbara Pamela 24 Mar 1951 Newton-le-Willows, St Helens, Merseyside, England  roymisc Other Roy 
28 F59
Ralph, James William Brock, Queenie 1928 Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
29 F49
Rout, Edward Sarah Nora   roymisc Other Roy 
30 F84
Roy    roymisc Other Roy 
31 F64
Roy, Albert Thomas Cox, Myra Lillian 1938 Marrickville, Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
32 F78
Roy, Andrew McComisky, Mary   roymisc Other Roy 
33 F93
Roy, Andrew Smith, Catherine   roymisc Other Roy 
34 F22
Roy, Christian    roymisc Other Roy 
35 F102
Roy, David    roymisc Other Roy 
36 F14
Roy, Edward    roymisc Other Roy 
37 F16
Roy, Edward Myers, Rebecca 1855  roymisc Other Roy 
38 F63
Roy, Frederick William Stringer, Hilda Emily 1945 Petersham, Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
39 F21
Roy, George Rayner, Gertrude Rachel   roymisc Other Roy 
40 F47
Roy, Hugh  1855 Banbridge, Co Down, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
41 F28
Roy, Hugh McNeill, Jane 23 Feb 1855 Dromara, Down, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
42 F32
Roy, James    roymisc Other Roy 
43 F38
Roy, James Brown, Elizabeth   roymisc Other Roy 
44 F89
Roy, James Cummin, Sarah   roymisc Other Roy 
45 F91
Roy, James Skillen, Mary Ann   roymisc Other Roy 
46 F98
Roy, James McIlveen, Mary Jane   roymisc Other Roy 
47 F8
Roy, James Morrison, Elizabeth   roymisc Other Roy 
48 F11
Roy, James [Roy], Mavis June   roymisc Other Roy 
49 F12
Roy, James Spence, Jane   roymisc Other Roy 
50 F33
Roy, James Moore, Jane   roymisc Other Roy 
51 F9
Roy, James Morrison, Magdalen 13 Jan 1733 Killyleagh, Co Down, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
52 F1
Roy, James Kirk, Sarah 18 Mar 1836 Antrim, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
53 F4
Roy, James Dingley, Ida C. Abt 1879  roymisc Other Roy 
54 F23
Roy, Johann Kahl, Johanna   roymisc Other Roy 
55 F7
Roy, John    roymisc Other Roy 
56 F77
Roy, John Jamieson   roymisc Other Roy 
57 F15
Roy, John McLachlan, Elizabeth   roymisc Other Roy 
58 F25
Roy, John Peel, Mary   roymisc Other Roy 
59 F27
Roy, John Ingram, Elizabeth   roymisc Other Roy 
60 F31
Roy, John Bell, Isabella 1867 Anahilt, Down, Northern Ireland  roymisc Other Roy 
61 F13
Roy, John Ronald    roymisc Other Roy 
62 F79
Roy, Leslie Angus Bradford    roymisc Other Roy 
63 F60
Roy, Leslie William Ryan, Ethel May 1925 Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
64 F18
Roy, Lewis    roymisc Other Roy 
65 F70
Roy, Patrick Cormican, Anne   roymisc Other Roy 
66 F24
Roy, Phillip    roymisc Other Roy 
67 F100
Roy, Robert Galbraith, Mary   roymisc Other Roy 
68 F48
Roy, Robert James Rout, Edith May 7 Aug 1899 Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
69 F62
Roy, Robert James Cook, Alice May 1932 Petersham, Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
70 F5
Roy, Samuel Macdade, Mary (Molly) A.   roymisc Other Roy 
71 F114
Roy, Samuel [Roy], Sophia   roymisc Other Roy 
72 F82
Roy, Thomas Robinson, Fanny   roymisc Other Roy 
73 F10
Roy, Thomas [Roy], Ann Rodger   roymisc Other Roy 
74 F30
Roy, Thomas Gorman, Margaret   roymisc Other Roy 
75 F6
Roy, Thomas Wimpenny, Annie Elizabeth 17 Aug 1884  roymisc Other Roy 
76 F29
Roy, Thomas James Lawson, Martha   roymisc Other Roy 
77 F85
Roy, William Shaw, Mary Jane   roymisc Other Roy 
78 F37
Roy, William Peden, Alicia   roymisc Other Roy 
79 F19
Roy, William Harrison, Mary 14 Mar 1852 Melbourne, VIC, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
80 F17
Roy, William Dick Doig, Isabella   roymisc Other Roy 
81 F20
Roy, William Henry Pabst, Johanna Caroline Christina   roymisc Other Roy 
82 F58
Roy, William Hugh Jamieson Lewis, Muriel Wilfred 19 Aug 1908 Sydney, NSW, Australia  roymisc Other Roy 
83 F43
Sinclair, David Turner, Jane Barr 26 Aug 1921  roymisc Other Roy 
84 F86
Staden, Charles Roy, Jessie Lumsden   roymisc Other Roy 
85 F73
Tipping, Richard Ellen   roymisc Other Roy 
86 F2
Torkington, Thomas Roy, Millicent Bef 1871  roymisc Other Roy 
87 F42
Turner, Hugh Ferguson, Janet McEwan 23 Sep 1920 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland  roymisc Other Roy 
88 F41
Turner, John McLean, Margaret 10 Mar 1911  roymisc Other Roy 
89 F36
Turner, Robert Roy, Hannah 13 Jul 1888 Scotland  roymisc Other Roy 
90 F71
Viles, Edwin George Roy, Ellenor   roymisc Other Roy 
91 F111
Williamson, James Love, Jane   roymisc Other Roy