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MayMaurieR~RFL is a collection of data, stories and photos about those families brought together through the marriage of Maurie Roy (1917-2010) and May Royes (1916-1951) in Cairns, Queensland, Australia in 1940

Of partcular interest are the ancestors and descendants of

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There are 5799 people in 2190 families in the Roy~Royes tree.
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Featured Photo is a random selection from our database:
branches Featured History: How reliable is our data examines some general observations about doing genealogy as well as some issues peculiar to the Roy~Royes tree.
thumb Featured Overviews: A "Comparative Chart" shows how the Houghams link back to the Dukes of Normandy, and then how the Dukes of Normandy link into the British Royal line.
branches Featured Report: The surnames Hougham, Mordaunt and Royes occur as part of the first names of 71 people in the family tree, indicating an awareness of family heritage or a desire to preserve the names. This report list those people.
arms Featured Articles: Traditional and unorthodox Remedies you may have experienced or heard your parents and grandparents talk about. Like "Sulphur and Molasses, mixed together, for whatever might be ailing ya...... double YUK!!!" Or axle grease for cuts and burns?
Featured Most Wanted: Our earliest Roy is James, father of James, John and Thomas. James jr was born in Co Fermanagh, Ireland about 1850. We have two candidates for a James Roy (senior) in Co Fermanagh at that time - one from Royal Ulster Constabulary files and one from a Civil Marriage Registration. Or maybe it is the same person? See the notes under Most Wanted and James Roy.

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ABBREVIATIONS for relationships used in this web site (and in newsletters):
  • 2C1R = 2nd cousin once removed, 1C3R = (first) cousin three times removed, etc.
  • 3G ... = great great great ... [but 2G grandparent rather than 3G parent]
To aid in recognizing family connections, a person's relationship to Maurie Roy or May Royes is noted.


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