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Standard Abbreviations for States/Provinces/Counties:
South Africa

Genealogical standard for country and state/county abbreviations: Chapman Codes.
Complete list of genealogical standard abbreviations: Abbreviations and Acronyms for Genealogy

indicates/is a link to another page on this site
~in dates is a substitute for abt ("about")
abtabout (used in dates) indicates that the information is based on assumptions and is therefore not accurate. See "est" below.
aft or >after (used in dates)
ACCompanion of the Order of Australia
AIFAustralian Imperial Force
AMMember of the Order of Australia
AOOfficer of the Order of Australia
ARAAustralian Regular Army - full-time soldiers
AResAustralian Army Reserve - reserve (part-time) soldiers
bbirth (date)
bef or <before (used in dates)
nCnR number cousin number removed Eg, 2C1R = second cousin once removed
CnCentury Eg, C3 = 3rd century
ca or cabout (= Latin circa) - see "abt"
CBCompanion of the Order of the Bath
and BCE
Common Era and Before the Common Era, preferred alternatives for general (international and multicultural) use to the specifically Christian AD (Anno Domini "the year of the/our Lord") and BC (Before Christ)
CMFCitizens Military Force (Australia) [now the Australian Army Reserve]
CoCounty (in place names)
ddeath or died (date)
DSODistinguished Service Order
est YYYYestimated year. Such estimates are based on other data to give a result with reasonable accuracy. Eg, birth year calculated from (date of death) minus (stated age at death), or (census date) minus (stated age on census return). [Note that "stated ages" are often rounded up or down.]
nGn is a number. G means "great" as in relationships. 5G = "great" repeated five times. "5G grandmother" is "great great great great great grandmother" .i.e. the humber of Gs is in addition to the use of "grand...". [Now try that on Rollo (~846-~910) who is May Royes' 28G grandfather!!]
GEDCOMis a type of file used to transfer genealogical data between computers and software programs. For more info select from the menu bar above Reference > Genealogy stuff > "GEDCOM files".
HFTThe Hougham/Huffam Family Tree
IGIInternational Genealogical Index (maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
KCBKnight Commander of the Order of the Bath
KGRGeorge Roy (1942-2005) - Roy and Royes researcher
MCMilitary Cross
MHPMarian Hurley Pratt (1879-1961) - early Hougham researcher
MMMilitary Medal
MPMember of Parliament
née(n e-with-an-acute e) the usual term for a woman's maiden or unmarried or birth name. (Means "born" in French)
OBEOfficer of the Order of the British Empire
OJOrder of Jamaica
RANRoyal Australian Navy
RERoyal Engineers
RNRoyal Navy
Roy~Royes Family Links
RYRobin Young - Hougham and branches researcher
TNGThe Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding©, written by Darrin Lythgoe - the software used throughout this site.
VCVictoria Cross - highest award in the British Commonwealth for bravery in the face of the enemy