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Contributing information, documents, photos, etc

Family trees are never just the work of one person. There is a network of people from various branches all contributing information to build up the story of the families. There are people with an eye to how best to deliver the information to others.

So your contribution, no matter how small, becomes part of the bigger enterprise.

Below you will find help with how to make a contribution. But for now, let's note some helpful hints for making contributions.

  • Photos should be sent to the site email address - use rrfl before @ and then the site name. Normal photo size is usually 800x600 at 72 dpi, but if you don't know how to manipulate your photos send them as they are and I will edit them. Tell us

    1. who owns the photograph,
    2. where and when it was taken
    3. who is in it - for a group draw an outline of the figures with names pointing to the appropriate figure.

  • Any data about a person should have a "source". This might be a birth certificate or family anecdote, but it helps to be able to say where the information came from. You don't have to send me the certificate, though that would be helpful, but ...

    • If quoting a document, give its reference details (eg, QLD Registrar General, Birth certificate 27/1109).
    • If quoting an anecdote or story, tell us where you got it from and when (eg, as told to Jane Bloggs by her grandmother Mary Jones, 2005)

  • Be aware that for the site to work properly, certain standard conventions are used in respect of names, dates and places. For example,

    • everyone is entered according to their birth name - if we don't know a married woman's birth name, we put her married name in [square brackets];
    • places should be entered the same way each time - and if you do mention a place that may not be well known, best to give me some clue as to where to look for it!

  • If you are not sure about any of the above, send me what you have and I will get back to you with what else I need!

Read why using the Suggest form on a person's or family's page for proposing changes saves you a lot of typing and takes me straight to the person/family!