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Conventions I use

The Glossary and Abbreviations pages will include some conventions I use in the actual data base plus many universal conventions. However it occurs to me that some conventions in more "descriptive" areas such as newsletters, media descriptions, etc. might be helpful

"Estimated" and "About" used in dates
I am in the process of amending the database according to these criteria, but this will not always be consistent until I have finished that project:

  • "est" (estimated) is used to indicated a date based on some other data. If we have a date of death and a stated age at death, we can estimate the year of birth. Same goes for census returns. Note that a "stated age" is not necessarily accurate and may have been rounded up or down.
  • The use of "abt" or "c" (about) involves making assumptions. For example, a birth year automatically provides privacy for people born in the last 105 years, so for the sake of guaranteeing privacy I may insert an "abt" birth year based on assumptions such as birth year of the mother plus a generation of 25 years, or a sibling's birth year plus or minus two if the birth order is known.

Ireland and Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland was formally instituted in 1921. Prior to that all places on the island of Ireland were located as Ireland. However, in the family tree records locations are placed in their modern context for a number of reasons not the least of which is the ability to display them on maps. This reduces confusion when a place name looks as if it is used in two or more counties or countries - but is in fact the same place. So Normandy is always identified as "Normandy, France" even when it was not at the time of the d' Avranches part of France and places in Ireland that eventually became part of Northern Ireland are so listed.

"registration" and "census"
I use registration to refer to a record registering the address (or other information) of a person, such as in an electoral roll, business listing, etc. This is not always an accurate indication of residence at the date of the published roll since the person may have moved without changing their enrolment.
Census is a separate event in the data as this is a reliable indication of residence at a certain date (though not without its own issues when it comes to stated age of the persons listed).

"Known as" and "Other Names"
The Known as category is used mainly for first names the person was known by. This includes:
  1. where a person is known by other than their first name Eg, John Maurice Roy has Nickname "Maurie".
  2. a nickname by which a person is commonly known Eg, Wacky, Jumbo, Mandie;
  3. a name derived from a first name Eg, Jack from John or Liz from Elizabeth/Eliza/etc.;
  4. an alternative spelling for a name, especially for historical figures Eg, Rollo, Hrolf, Rollon;
  5. an alternative name such as the use of an English name for one from another language, Eg, Veparkorn - Josie;
  6. the name in another language where the person is known by both Eg, Stephen - √Čtienne;
  7. "appellations" especially for historical figures Eg, the Unready, the younger
  8. additional names commonly used though not in official records.

The Other Names category is used for alternative surnames or full names.

Showing previous names when a woman is married
Sometimes you may know a person only by married name and the data in this tree records everyone by birth name. You can search for such a person using the Search Persons link (under FIND) - see how to search for a person when only a married name is known. But how to record such people in descriptions such as photographs?

Let's use the terms "First" for fore- or Christian names, "Family" for birth or maiden name, "Married" for current or final married name and, if relevant, "Other" for previous married names:

  • Where the emphasis is on the person's family name or there is a link to the person's page, it will appear as First Family (Other Married) Eg Rose Bogiatzis (Thorburn Roy)
  • Where the context is the married name family it will appear as First (Family Other) Married Eg Rose (Bogiatzis) Thorburn or Rose (Bogiatzis Thorburn) Roy
  • Where, say a photo, refers to a person before marriage it will normally appear as First Family. Eg Rose Bogiatzis
  • Where a woman continues to use her family name, it will always appear as First Family Eg Bev Cameron