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About cousins

Starting with a source person:

Cousins chart (C=cousin; R=removed)
Great Great
Grandparent [2G grandparent]
Great Greataunt/uncle
Grandparent Great aunt/uncle 1C2R
Parent Aunt/uncle 1C1R 2C1R
Source person Siblings Cousin [1C] 2nd cousin [2C] 3rd cousin [3C]
Child Nephew/niece 1C1R 2C1R 3C1R
Grandchild Great
1C2R 2C2R 3C2R
  1. A child of any aunt or uncle is a (first) cousin.
  2. The term "removed" refers to the number of generations separating that cousin from the source person. Eg, a great aunt's child is a first cousin but of the same generation of the source person's parents, uncles and aunts. Therefore this first cousin is once (one generation) removed (1C1R on the chart).
  3. A child of a first cousin who is in an earlier generation is a second cousin, of a second cousin is a third cousin, etc. Because the child is closer by one generation to the source person, it will be removed one less - for example, a child of a (first) cousin twice removed will be a second cousin once removed.
  4. A child, grandchild, etc. of a cousin not removed (of the same generation) retains the same designation as its parent (first, second, etc. cousin) but is "removed" according to the number of generations from the source person.

You can search for relationships in a person's file.

  1. Select a person and on their individual page click on the Relationship button.
  2. You will be taken to a "Find Relationship" page with the individual already selected (though you can change that).
  3. You need the person's ID to fill in either entry but there is a Find... button that lets you search for a person.
  4. You need to tell TNG how many generations you are prepared to search (maximum 15).

For example, if I select Kenneth George Roy, then search for fellow family tree researcher Robin Young, set the number of generations to search at the maximum of 15, then press Calculate, a page opens showing a chart of their relationship and noting that they are 13th cousins, thanks to the Hougham family connections back to Solomon (1475-1518).

Also found this chart that may be helpful:

relationship chart