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gedcomA GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunications) is a text file designed to enable transfer of family tree information between different genealogy software programs. There is an agreed standard for these files, currently version 5.5. It is not 100% fool proof but pretty close. Some software programs vary slightly in exporting their data and importing another program's data, but these are usually minor issues. You can create "tags" for your own personal use so long as you follow the GEDCOM standard, but the receiving program needs to have the flexibility to receive non-standard tags - and not all do.
Roy~Royes Family Links used to operate on the basis of exporting a GEDCOM from family tree software on a computer to the TNG software we use on the web site. We no longer do that - the web site is now the main repository for our data and a GEDCOM is exported from the web site to my computer as a backup and for creating certain charts. But this means that TNG has now incorporated some original non-standard tags from the original process. If yhou have permission to download a GECDCOM and are having problems, please contact me by using the link on the Home page or the "Suggest" tab on most other pages.

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