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Types of media used

media drop-down menuIf you look under the Media drop-down menu you will see a number of types of media used in this site. *Some are peculiar to RRFL.

  • Photos: Photos are about people and families and life events, and are so linked. Group photos can be tagged so that as you run your cursor over the photos the names or links (depending on your browser) are displayed. If your family photo has not been tagged, contact me and it will go up the priority list!
  • Documents: These are usually things like wills, certificates, newspaper clippings, records from census, shipping, electoral records, etc.
  • Headstones: Self-explanatory but this also includes photos of memorials in churches.
  • Histories: Histories are articles of a historical nature and include extracts from newspapers, documents, obituaries
  • Recordings: Self explanatory, but there are none at the moment.
  • Videos: Self explanatory, but there are none at the moment.
  • *Overviews: You can look at a person's ancestors or descendants via links on a person's page, and you have a number of options for viewing that information. But it would be handy to see all this in a bigger picture. Overviews present larger charts of ancestors and descendants with notes and indications of which branch belongs where.
  • *Articles: General articles on genealogy and reflections - health and your genes, humour, origin of family names, family members' poetry and writings, etc.
  • Albums: are some of the above media gathered into collections by branch - not fully developed.