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How my system works

  Web site is core

This web site is my main database for the family tree and all editing is done on-line. I do not want to lose our data so...

The family tree (and other) data is on the host server and is protected. It is backed up by the host server daily to ensure that data is not lost. I also back-up the data on site. And I regularly download a file known as a GEDCOM to family tree software on my computer. So that is about three backup strategies!

When you suggest a change or an addition, I make the change directly in the web-site database. In addition, some registered users (classified "Submitter") have the ability to make an "edit subject to administrative review" - such users will see a small "edit" icon - beside those categories they can edit. I will check that the format matches similar categories and that the information provided has some evidence before approving the edit.

The charts in Overview are not automatically updated when a person's data is updated. These are produced separately in Reunion® family tree software.

Web site is core