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How can I find what is my relationship to a person?

You can work out how you and the person you are viewing are related by selecting the Relationship tab on a person's page.

Anyone can calculate the relationship between any two people in the tree without actually being in the tree themselves. Registered users who are in the family tree will find that their name and ID appears by default. Other family tree members will need to find and include their ID.

Relationship calculator

Notice that you have several options:

  • "Maximum relationships to show" allows for the possibility that there may be more than one way you are related to a person because cousins (of whatever degree) married - see the example below;
  • "Show relationships involving a spouse" will reveal that the link to person 2 is via a spouse;
  • "Maximum generations to check" allows you to limit your search to a selected number of generations (the fewer, the faster the calculation'; the greater, the chance of finding unknown relationships - the maximum is 25).