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Viewing Reports


Reports extract data from the data tables and construct a scenario based on the parameters and choices made. You can list all current reports by selecting "Reports" from the Info drop-down menu. Some of the reports you will find are:

  • Birthdays this month
  • Birthdays, marriages and deaths in the last six months
  • multiple births
  • Known migrations
  • Convicts to Australia
  • People who have served in the military or in the church
  • Ages of people in the family tree
  • Who was alive in certain years, beginning with 1000, then every century after that until you come to 1700, when the frequency is every 50 years.
  • Zodiac signs - frequency in the family tree and people listed under their respective sign
  • Unknown gender - a list of those whose gender is not known in the hope that you can help me out.

As with all other views in this web-site, whether you have access to privileged information or are a visitor or guest will determine what you can see - and some reports may not work at all for visitors/guests.

If you are interested in a particular set of information, contact me and I will see what can be done.