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other criteriaWhat if a person uses an alternative name?

Or you know him or her only a nickname, like Butch or Kitty?

You wonder if Squire Bailey is in the Roy~Royes family tree but you cannot find him? You search for the surname "Bailey" but you don't know which one might be "Squire".

The secret is to use the Search Persons link and to be aware of the "Known as" and "Other Names" options in Other Search Criteria that appears in the Find>Search Persons page

  1. type what you know in the normal Search fields Eg "Bailey" in the Last Name field;

  2. select "Known as" on the Find > Search Persons page if the name is an alternative first name - type the name in the "Known as" field Eg, "Squire";

  3. select "Other Names" if the name is an alternative last name or full name - type in the Fact field

  4. select search (your browser may let you use your "Enter" key to start the search).

You have found that Squire Bailey is William Henry Squire and is in the data!

For the difference between "Known as" and "Other Names" as used in this site, see Reference>Conventions used