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Searching for Dates & Anniversaries

Want to find who shares your birthday? Or what happened on a certain date?

  1. On the home page of the family tree you can see lists of who shares birthdays, wedding anniversaries or death anniveraries on today's date in the News column. But you can find out a whole lot more...
  2. anniversariesDates & Anniversaries (under the Find drop-down menu) is a most versatile resource. It defaults to today's date and lists anyone who has any event on this day, not just births, deaths and anniversaries - you can see what events are included by selecting the Event options.
    You can search any date, with or without a specific year, and select which event you are interested in. As the instructions tell you, leave any of these blank and you will see all matches for that category. Eg, leave Event blank and you will see all events, select Birth and see only births.
  3. calendar viewCalendar: The Calendar link on the Find > Dates and Anniversaries page will take you to a month view showing who is has a birthday, anniversary of death or baptism, burial date and wedding anniversary.
  4. In Reports (under the Info drop-down menu), there are a number of reports dealing with dates:
    • Birthdays this month;
    • Born, married or died in the last six months;
    • A series of reports identifying who was alive in key years from 1000 to 2000 - of course, people with no birth year cannot be included;
    • People listed by age;
    • Zodiac signs information.

Historical dates can be confusing as calendars changed from time to time and country to country - see about dates go to