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Find everyone linked to a place

There are two ways of searching for people associated with a place:

1. You can use the Find > Places search to find any person who has a link to a place. It will search ALL events to find people asscoiated with a place. But the place name links are very fussy. "Cairns, QLD, Australia" will not include "Edge Hill, Cairns, QLD, Australia". Even when you select "places containing" Cairns you are presented with a list of all such places and you have to work through them individually to find who is associated with each place.

search2. Find > Search People will let you search for anyone with any connection to a place containing "Cairns", including "Edge Hill, Cairns", "Bungalow, Cairns", etc. You have to select the events you want to include in this search and repeat your search term in each. Use the default search criteria "contains" for each entry. Then select Join with "OR". If you want to search a particular tree you must select that.

To find people married in a place you need to use Find > Search Families.

SO.. either method has its pros and cons.

Below is an example result for a search for births OR deaths in place containing "cooktown" using Search People.