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edit Submitter edits

Registered users classified as "submitter" can edit people and families in their assigned branch. These edits are subject to review by the Administrator, who will check that the information conforms with site-wide conventions - such as dates and place names. For example, "Jan 15 1864" will be changed to "15 Jan 1864" and "Cairns. Queensland" will be changed to "Cairns, QLD, Australia".

edit details

When submitters open a page within their assigned branch they will see this symbol edit beside some events in the left hand column.

Clicking on the edit symbol will produce a box that looks something like the box on the right. The example shows a proposed edit to birth details.

It is a good idea to provide information about the source of your information. I suggest you put that in the Notes box.

You will not see your amendments appear immediately. They will be confirmed by an Administrator before they appear on the web page.