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Using the suggest form

Example: Suggest a change for an individual
  1. On a person's page select the Suggest tab [Edit for registered users with edit privileges]
  2. If you are a guest, you first need to pass the security check! [Registered users will need to do this the first time they log in]

    suggest pers
  • The Suggest/Edit tab in a family page is similar to this;
  • In addition to the Suggest/Edit tab, users classified as "Submitter" will see an "Edit" symbol against some data in their branch - see Submitter edits.
  • The Contact link in the main menu is similar in appearance except that no subject heading is automatically generated

Roy~Royes Family Links provides an easy way for you to make suggestions, propose changes, float an idea, etc.

If you are suggesting changes to a person's or family's information, use the Suggest tab in the Individual or Family pages. You are taken to a form for sending an email to the administrator. It looks the same as the form you get when you select Contact me from the Info drop-down menu (illustrated below), but there is a difference: when you click on the Suggest button in a context such as a person's or family's page, the ID and name you are commenting on are automatically included in the email. Saves you some typing!

For suggestions etc. not specific to a person or family, you can use the Contact us link.