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Using the timeline

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The timeline allows you to see what was happening in the world during a person's life time with 20 years on either side - historical events, inventions, developments.

The page is in four sections:

  1. A close up by months (pale background);
  2. A spread of years (grey background) based on the parameters you set - the events may extend below the bottom of the frame. The pale horizontal strip represents that part of the Year timeline shown in the Month view above.;
  3. The default person plus any others that you add, together with a bar representing their life span of each together with the numbers of the total events that appear in...
  4. The table of events.

You can slide Year and Month views, plus the horizontal strip in the Year view, left or right. Place the cursor in a blank part of the chart and drag.

Toggle lines turns the vertical lines in (3) on/off.

You can Add people to the time line - see the bottom illustration at right ("Solomon Royes"). Perhaps the person's youngest child and/or parent so as to see what was happening during the life time of a whole family. (For help in finding a person's ID, click here.) Whenever you change the people in the timeline view, you need to use the Refresh button to see the results. You can add people to the timeline to get a sense of the "spread". You can Delete people by ticking the boxes on the left of the names and using the Refresh button.

Feel free to suggest items for the timeline.