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Jennifer (Royes) Betts 1945-2015

Jennifer was born 14th November 1945 in Brisbane to parent Clare and Colin Royes

One of 3 sisters, she lived an unassuming life enjoying many of the past-times that other children did such as athletics and marching, and growing up in a simpler, kinder, more caring Australia.

After High School, Jenni went on to serve her country by joining the Australian Navy's Signal Corp in 1963.  There she met John, the love of her life, where he swept off her feet and married in 1967.

Jenni and John went on to have 2 children, Kimberley and Craig, who are here today with Jenni's 4 Grandchildren, Liam, Brenna, Ella, and Clancy.

From what I know about Jenni, her life was not an easy one.

The family moved often from Perth to Queensland and back for John to find work.

But through that Jenni kept her commitment to her family, her friends, and her community strong.   She participated in:

  • Cub scout leader - Craig
  • Scorer at T Ball and Base Ball - Craig
  • Time keeper at Swimming for Kim
  • And of course her unwavering dedication to Ex-Wrans as Treasurer and Secretary

Later when John became seriously ill with Cancer, she was there caring for him up to his death in the family home.   While others may have given up, the death of John seemed to awaken in her a new spirit and dedication to friends and family.

I guess it came as a surprise to us all when she confessed just how much she missed John.  She always held a candle for him and never found anyone who could sweep her off her feet like he did.

The passing of John awoke in her a new passion in travel visiting places like

  • Brazil
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Alaska
  • Cruised through Asia
  • Coach trip around New Zealand

Jenni also carried her commitment into her work life, working for companies and organisations as office manager and book-keeper such as:

  • Australian Kidney Foundation
  • Secretary to Director to the Nursing homes of Western Australia
  • Lovegrove Electrical
  • And at times she even worked for me

During her working career, she never complained, never found a task to hard, and always prided herself in keeping up to date with new systems, and software.   

Even to the extent of putting herself through many administration and book keeping courses just to make sure she could stay ahead.  

No matter who she worked for, she never asked for anything more than she was entitled to, and she could always be called upon when needed.  

Traits that we can all agree are lacking in the world today.

It is easy sometimes to remember Jenni in her final days, but I want you to dwell on the other Jenni

  • The Jenni that never had a bad word to say about anyone, no matter much they pissed her off.
  • The Jenni that loved her country, her family and of course her sports. A mad sports fan she religiously watched cricket, rugby, the Eagles, and Tennis.  In fact any sport where Australia played, she loved.
  • The Jenni that was always there when you needed her, even quitting her job and travelling to America to help Kim with our first born
  • The Jenni that loved her friends and her commitment to her beloved Ex-Wran's, attending all the meetings, Anzac Day Marches and Functions.

Being struck down with dementia was a cruel end to such a selfless life.  But even through that she always maintained her kindness, her dignity, and above all her love and warmth for her friends and family.

It can be tempting when you think of Jenni that sometimes her life can seem quite unremarkable, but in reality, her life was very remarkable.  

If anything, I want you to remember Jenni as that quintessential Aussie battler who made everyone's lives around her much better for knowing her.  

Owner/SourcePene Curtis
Linked toJennifer Cathryn Royes (Death)

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