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Royes throughout central and north Queensland

From the 1860-70s, the Royes family moved out from Rockhampton to scattered parts of central and north Queensland

Edward Hougham Royes (1818-1878) migrated from London to Sydney in 1838 and moved on to Mt Morgan by 1873 and died in Rockhampton 1878. He had six children by first wife, Mary, all born in Sydney) and one by second wife Hannah (place of son's birth unknown - Sydney or central Queensland?):

1. Edward Hougham 1842-1891
2. Anna Maria 1844-?
3. George Hougham 1846-1936
4. Emily 1850-1850
5. Charles Mordaunt 1851-1919
6. Eleanor 1856-?
7. Henry 1865-?

The use of "Hougham" and "Mordaunt" as second names reflects two key names in the Royes pedigree. In the case of Edward Hougham Royes senior, most of his siblings also have Hougham as a second name. His father Solomon had been well cared for by his uncle, Solomon Hougham - in fact, virtually adopted by him after his father died when he was young. Solomon Royes took over his uncle's goldsmithing business and was the major beneficiary of his will. It is easy to see how he would want to give some recognition of his uncle's care. In addition, Solomon Royes married a Mary Hougham whose grandmother was Sarah Mordaunt.

But back to the children of Edward Hougham Royes senior. We know that Edward, George and Charles travelled with or joined their father in central Queensland - all three were married in Rockhampton. Anna Maria married a Robert Smail in Sydney in 1868 (which is possibly about the time her father headed for Mt Morgan in Queensland). There are Smails in Townsville but we don't know if they are connected or even if Robert and Anna were in Queensland. Emily died at birth or soon after. We know nothing about Eleanor or Henry.

So it looks as if Edward Hougham Royes senior might have been accompanied by his three sons by his first marriage, and Eleanor if she were alive. He married Hannah in Sydney in 1863, a year after his first wife, Mary, died, so we can assume he did not head for Queensland until after 1863. Edward jr was married in 1870 in Rockhampton, suggesting the family move north was to Rockhampton prior to that date, and that Edward snr had gone to Crocodile Creek near Mt Morgan from a Rockhampton family base. (Of course, this supposes that the family moved as a unit. It is just as possible that the three sons moved to Rockhampton together or independently, and that Edward snr followed them.)

The move from Sydney may have occurred:
(1) after Edward snr's marriage to second wife, Hannah (1863)
(2) after the birth of son Henry if in Sydney (1865)
(3) before 1873 when he is recorded as a miner at Crocodile Creek (or is this his son?)

There is a pdf file of 14 pages that sets out what we know about the descendants of Edward Hougham Royes senior. Some branches are well documented. Others are blank. In addition, a scan of the white pages and the web produces the following names from central Queensland not linked in to any of the branches. Royes is an uncommon surname and it is hard to believe that they are not part of Edward Hougham Royes' descendants. Can you help?

K P Royes residence Rockhampton
C Royes residence Rockhampton
B T Royes residence Shoal Point
Jonothon Royes* born Emerald 1976
Kyla Royes* born Emerald 1978
Karina Royes* born Emerald 1981
Garry Royes born Rockhampton 1983
John Gregory Dean Royes Rockhampton High School class of '72

* siblings? maybe also Garry

Owner/SourceBruce Roy
Date1 Jun 2007
Linked toCharles Mordaunt Royes; Edward Hougham Royes, sr; Edward Hougham Royes, jr; George Hougham Royes

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