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Report: Military Service: Awards

         Description: Gallantry and efficiency awards to military personnel.


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# Person ID Full Name Birth Date Military Service: Date Military Service Tree
1 I3480  Mark Sever Bell, VC CB ADCMark Sever Bell, VC CB ADC  15 May 1843  1862  1862 Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, London?
25 June 1862 Commissioned into the Royal Engineers
1862-71 India: Bengal Sappers and Miners, appointed Superintendent of the Park and Field Train.?
1865-66 Appointed Assistant Field Engineer during the Bhutan Campaign
and joined the column which marched on Dewangiri ?
1868 Commanded the Royal Engineers and appointed Assistant Field Engineer during the Hazara Campaign
1868 expedition against the tribesmen of the Black Mountain region in the North West Frontier.
(His conduct brought to notice in despatches - carried out a forced march of 600 miles in 29 days).
1871 Appointed to the Public Works Department at Amritsar - Executive Engineer at Rupar
1872 England, selected for Wolseley's force. Appointed Adjutant.?
1873-74 West Africa, appointed Brigade and Special Service Officer during the Ashanti War
4 Feb 1874 Battle of Ordashu *awarded Victoria Cross
1874 Staff College
19 Aug 1874 promoted Captain.?
1880 Appointed Assistant Quarter Master General for Intelligence at Simla, Bengal?
25 June 1882 promoted Major and travelled throughout Northern China.
29 Oct 1884 Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel, travelled through south-western Persia.?
1885-88 Appointed Deputy Quarter Master General for Intelligence.?
1886-87 Mesopotamia and Armenia ?- Intelligence duties during the Burmah Expedition. ?Travelled extensively in western China and Kashgaria in 1887.?
16 Mar 1887 Brevet of Colonel and appointed Aide de Camp to HM Queen Victoria.
10 May 1889 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel, and appointed Commanding Royal Engineer at Shorncliffe, Kent.?
1890 appointed Commanding Royal Engineer at Dublin?
1894 Placed on half-pay for a few months?
1894-98 Appointed Colonel on Staff and Commanding Royal Engineer at Western District, Plymouth, Devon?
1898 Placed on half-pay due to ill health.?
15 May 1900 Retired

Orders, Decorations and Medals:
Victoria Cross
Order of the Bath: Companion (Military Division)
India General Service Medal 1854-95 with clasp 'Bhootan'
India General Service Medal 1854-95 with clasp 'Hazara 1888'?
Ashantee Medal 1873-74
Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal 1887 (Silver) and clasp '1897'? 
2 I3557  John Royes Guild, DSOJohn Royes Guild, DSO  25 May 1888  1911  WW1: 1st Bn The Gloucestershire Regt - *awarded DSO 1919  Roy~Royes 
3 I188  Edward Cooper, DSMEdward Cooper, DSM  1894  1914  #WW1. South African Navy: CPO (Chief Petty Officer) - *awarded DSM
• 1917, May 8th: posted on H.M.S. Pargust (originally tramp steamer named SS Vittoria). Renamed and refitted as a Q-ship with a 4" gun, two twelve pounders, two machine guns, torpedo tubes and depth charges)
• 1917, May 30th: H.M.S. Pargust sails for Queenstown
• 1917, May 31st: Pargust under sail again
• 1917, June: Pargust picks up survivors from torpedoed ship and transfers the later to an American destroyer.
• 1917, June 7th: 08:00 Pargust struck by torpedo from UC-29, killing one petty office and wounding several other crew members. The staged "panic party" in the lifeboats rowed back to the ship, luring the enemy into range. Within 50 yards (46 mrs) the submarine surfaced.
08:36 The gun crews from the Pargust commenced firing on the submarine, blowing holes in the conning tower. The submarine attempted to flee on the surface but slowed down and heeled over, trailing oil. When the gun crews stopped firing the sub tried a last escape, but the final barrage caused a large explosion which blew the vessel in two, killing Captain Ernst Rosenow and 22 crew members (2 others were rescued by the panic party)
Pargust badly damaged, taken in tow by HMS Crocus.
Two VC's were awarded by ballot for this action.
• Went back to South Africa before WW2. 'Jumbo' served in both the RN and the South African Navy. 
4 I1379  Anthony Harley Mark Bell, MC  Abt 1892  1914  WW1: Major 3rd Kings Own Hussars, *awarded the Military Cross (MC) and *mentioned in despatches (France)  Roy~Royes 
5 I1378  Robert de Hougham Mark Bell  16 Nov 1895  Bef 1 Jan 1916  WW1: †KIA. Lieutenant 10th Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps, *mentioned in despatches 1 Jan 1916. KIA 3 Sep 1916 - aged 20
Captain Bell was killed in action in 1916 at Guillemont during the Battle of the Somme ( see ). The font in All Souls' Church, South Ascot, was carved and presented as a memorial to him, together with six further stained glass windows of six soldier saints representing the allied nations of the Great War. The memorial reads "To the glory of God the windows and this font are placed here in loving memory of Robert de Hougham Mark Bell aged 20. Capt. A Batt K.R.R.C. He fell at Guillemont Sept. 30th. 1916"
--- Rev Sebastian Jones (rector of All Souls' Church)
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records his parents as Col. Mark Bell, V.C., C.B., A.D.C., R.E. and Margaret Bell, of Earlywood Lodge, Ascot, Berkshire.
The church memorial records his rank as Captain and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records it as Lieutenant. The latter may represent his substantive rank and the former a provisional rank 
6 I4917  William George Moody, MC, MBEWilliam George Moody, MC, MBE  29 Jun 1921  12 Sep 1939  WW2: Enlisted 15th Battalion QX33579. 1942: Commissioned Lieutenant serving in Bougainville. 9 Jul 1945: *awarded MC. 18 Aug 1945: First Australian officer to accept the surrender of a Japanese commander in the field in the southwest Pacific. 25 Jun 1946: Discharged (26 Battalion)  Roy~Royes