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This site has its roots in the marriage of Maurie Roy and May Royes in 1940 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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Of particular interest are the ancestors and descendants of

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There are 5866 people in 2218 families in the Roy~Royes tree.
ABBREVIATIONS for relationships used in this web site (and in newsletters):
  • 2C1R = 2nd cousin once removed, 1C3R = (first) cousin three times removed, etc.
  • 3G ... = great great great ... [but 2G grandparent rather than 3G parent]
To aid in recognizing family connections, a person's relationship to Maurie Roy or May Royes is noted in news items.
Living people show as "Living" and no details are displayed. In some reports they are not even listed. If you are a logged-in registered user who has been given access to living people in your assigned branch, living people are identifiable by this colour. Please respect that privacy!


Featured Most Wanted:
Samuel Tyssen Royes appeared before the Sydney Court of Petty Sessions on 20th October 1831. He had references dated August 1829 both of which describe him as "visiting" Australia to make his fortune. I think we can assume that Sam arrived in the latter half of 1829 - before three of his siblings migrated in the late 1830s. But where did he go after 1831? See the notes under Most Wanted.
Barton Court Featured History:
Barton Court, Canterbury owned by the Hougham family from 1657 until 1902. But it's origins go back to 605 CE.
thumb Featured Chart:
A "Comparative Chart" shows how the Houghams link back to the Dukes of Normandy, and then how the Dukes of Normandy link into the British Royal line.
Featured Report:
People in the family tree who have received Military Service Awards, including one Victoria Cross award.
Featured Article: Old fashioned remedies. How about boiled onions with butter & pepper for a cold?

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Birthdays for 21 Oct 2018
Ellen Smail - 1812 (206 years ago.)
Elizabeth Wells - 1832 (186 years ago.)
Mary Agnes Royes - 1890 (128 years ago.)
William Baird - 1902 (116 years ago.)
Elsie Catherine Crosley - 1910 (108 years ago.)
Robert Saunderson - 1930 (88 years ago.)

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