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2001 See Henry IV King of England and France and Lord of Ireland 1399-1413 (I1684)
2002 See Henry I King of England, Duke of Normandy (I3620)
2003 See Henry the Younger (I2725)
2004 See Henry VI King of England, King of France (I1688)
2005 See Henry V King of England 1413-1422 (I1686)
2006 See Eysteinsson, Yngvar King in Sweden (I2790)
2007 See de Coucy, Isabella (I2916)
2008 See Lady Joan of England (I1678)
2009 See Egilsson, Ottar King in Sweden (I2794)
2010 Seeätälja Olaf King of Vestfold (I2785)
2011 See Lady Osburh (I2715)
2012 See Berenger, Sanchia de Provence (I3637)
2013 SeeÆlfgifu_of_Northampton Elfgifu of Northampton (I3624)
2014 SeeÆlfgifu_of_Shaftesbury Lady Edgira/Ælfgifu (I2709)
2015 SeeÆthelred_of_Wessex Ethelred King of Wessex 866-871 (I3210)
2016 SeeÆthelwulf_of_Wessex Ethelwulf King of Wessex 839-856 (I2714)
2017 See for further generations Musred, Henry (I3994)
2018 See for further generations Hougham, Isabella (I3991)
2019 See for further information on the McFerran branch Russell, Esther (I1506)
2020 See for descendants de Courtenay, Sir Reginald (I2806)
2021 See  Bell, Hutchinson Royes (I3479)
2022 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Walsh, J. (I3326)
2023 See for more Sandys pedigree Sandys, Priscilla (I3425)
2024 See for more Sandys pedigree Sandys, Henry (I3424)
2025 See notes under son Hugh for the changes from McCarthy to McArthur McArthur, Alexander (I1790)
2026 See the Chapter 1.2 Catherine Robinson, p 85 in Surrey to Singleton for a full account of the Handebo family and their move to Australia

Hector Robson Cameron used to say that Handebo was changed from Strongbow 
Handebo, John (I5516)
2027 See the Houston family history at Houston, Hugh (I556)
2028 senior lineman d' Arcy, Thomas Joseph (I211)
2029 SENSITIVE INFORMATION: A James S. Ferguson born 17 Oct 1921 is buried in Sierra Vista, Cochise County, Arizona, USA having died on 12 Aug 1989 Ferguson, Dr James Smith (I6375)
2030 SENSITIVE INFORMATION: A James Smith Ferguson born 17 Oct 1921 in Kingaroy with wife Wanda Josephine crossed from Canada to Buffalo, NY, USA on 2 Mar 1949 Ferguson, Dr James Smith (I6375)
2031 Separated 27 Apr 1944
Rose directed to pay costs of divorce Apr 1946 
Family F1130
2032 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F477
2033 separated about 1938 - Harriet and daughter Val moved to Mt Isa with Harriet's brother Sam Family F82
2034 septic shock < fungal septicaemia < pancytopenia < chemotherapy < acute myeloid leukemia Roy, Kenneth George (I834)
2035 Sergeant Ronald Lawrence Tulloch (Ron) was married with two children (David and Beverley) when the Second World War started.
Ron joined the 8th division and was posted to Malaya. His wife and children moved in with his brother's family, and he and the other children grew up like brothers and sisters.
After the fall of Singapore to the Japanese, Ron and other Australian prisoners were sent to work on the Burma-Thailand railway. They spent more than a year working on the railway, and were then moved on to Tamarkan.
In December 1944, Ron and a number of other Australian soldiers from the Singapore Changi - River Valley Road Camp were selected to travel to Japan. The first ship, the Rokyo Maru was too full, and Ron and his companions boarded the following ship which was the Hell Ship Awa Maru in Singapore. As Ron and his companions found out later, the Rokyu Maru was torpedoed on the way to Japan and almost all the passengers drowned. The Awa Maru made it through and on 15th January 1945 the prisoners from the Awa Maru staggered ashore at Moji, Kyushu - dirty, bedraggled & starved, but unbowed. It was the middle of winter, the clothes worn by the prisoners were thin cotton, many had no shoes and there was snow on the ground.
After their arrival, 116 of the prisoners were considered fit to work in the nearby Sumitomo coal mines and were sent to Fukuoka 24-B camp.
Compared to the horrors, death, disease, squalid conditions and brutal treatment on the Burma railway, conditions at camp 24 were much better. Comfortable warm huts, 12 men to an airy room. Apart from petty harassment by the guards, and insufficient food to sustain the long shift in cramped and hazardous conditions underground, the morale was excellent. The Japanese miners were helpful in teaching the men how to survive in this dangerous environment, and unlike other work areas, no major punishments were handed out.
While they were at the camp, the prisoners were given calico shirts. One prisoner Stan Herron kept his shirt under the floor boards and asked all his mates to sign it. About 200 signatures appear on the shirt, including Ron's. That shirt is now at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.
On 9 August 1945 an air raid siren sounded in the camp and all the POWs and the guards were rushed to the coal mine. While sheltering in the mine they heard a thunderous roar sound and the earth shook, and a violent hurricane of wind hit the camp. Then there was complete silence. They learned later that this had been the atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki.
On the 15th August 1945 all the Japanese Guards except for the Camp Commander Yamaguchi disappeared from the camp. On the 16th August 1945 the POWs we were told by the Camp Commander that “the war is over”. The POWs took over the camp. The Camp Commander was put to work in the kitchen. The POWS also got mercurochrome from the medical supplies and made an Australian flag which they hung over the gate of the camp. Supplies were dropped by US bombers, although when the POWs first started to eat the food that had been dropped, it made them sick because they were not used to it, and they went back to rice.
The next 5 weeks were a happier time for the POWs. They went on hikes into the countryside, receiving offers from farmers to share their scarce food with prisoners in return for sharing the bounties from the US planes.
Eventually the prisoners went to a nearby village where they seconded a train and asked the driver to take them to Nagasaki. Here they saw the devastation of the atomic bomb that had been dropped on Nagasaki.
Ron and his fellow Australian prisoners were evacuated from Nagasaki on 14 September 1945, 5 weeks after the atomic bombing, by the US army. They were given US uniforms and then travelled by US Carrier Chenango to Okinawa, and then DC 2s to Manilla. Some were then flown to Darwin while others came back on the MHS Formidable to Sydney, arriving home in October 1945 to resume their old lives.  
Tulloch, Ronald Laurence (I4101)
2036 Service from St Stephen's Presbyterian Church Roy, Agnes Margaret (I816)
2037 Settled in Ballyrilland, Raloo, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1606 Girvan, David (I3226)
2038 settled in Belfast Family F3266
2039 Shacklewell Chapel Family F853
2040 Shacklewell chapel Family F650
2041 Shalom Holy Spirit Nursing Home formerly of Kedron, Wilston, Ascot, Home Hill Royes, Sydney Christopher (I1051)
2042 She and her sister Mary Margaret ran their own footwear and leather business in New Ross. Grangel, Sarah (I3296)
2043 She and husband John were visiting the children in Western Australia when she died. She is buried in Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth. Husband John returned home and died 10 months later. Greener, Catherine (I354)
2044 She carried the lordship of Folkestone and the lands at Flete to the Avranches by marriage de Monville, Maud (I2182)
2045 She could not have emigrated in 1876 so she cannot be the daughter referred to as having emigrated with her parents. Page, Phylis Elizabeth (I4206)
2046 She gave to the church at Lonlay a moiety of Tithes, of Newington. de Bolbec, Beatrice (I474)
2047 She had 12 children Knight, Jane (I1867)
2048 She had 7 children by Hall Bailey, Mary Ann (I2028)
2049 She had seven children with Ronald Jellyman Bromley, Mavis Eileen (I1386)
2050 She had several children so unlikely too have died in 1812. Not sure where My information is from but I have her death date as 1867. [Dorothy Vassallo] Swanney, Sarah (I4181)
2051 She is known to have been the youngest child. Clements, Mary (I170)
2052 She is recorded as wife of this Robert de Hougham on the Livery of her son Robert fiefe lands and that she died in 1271. (See notes under her husband which suggest she died 24 June 1274)
The mention of Dollenham manor and the date of her death being given on her sons claim to it indicates that she brought it on her marriage as her possession or dower.

Family Search suggests Miss de Boughton, daughter of Robert de Boughton, as Robert de Hougham's wife, born abt 1194. 
de Boughton?, Beatrice (I2200)
2053 She is recorded as wife of William de Hougham on College of Arms MS27
She is recorded as wife of William on Knights visitation 1619. The coat of Arms for quartering which heads knights visitation 1619 being new to Hougham indicates that she was an heiress and brought it to the family for quartering. Son Solomon used the coat so it must have been acquired before his birth which explains the special mention of Elizabeth in both records in College of Arms. 
[Hougham], Elizabeth (I277)
2054 She is recorded on Knights Visitation as wife of Michael of Ash
She made her will on 5 March 1612 proved 29 Mar 1613. In it she names her three married daughters and also Michael son of my Richard
--Other Fields
WILL: Date: 5 Mar 1611/ Quality: 0 (Date was given in record as 05 Mar 1611/1612.) 
Austen, Edith (I2108)
2055 She lived in Charters Towers when she died. She is buried in the Charters Towers cemetery along with Una Mary Steiler/Cooling, Eric John Cooling and Geraldine Arlene Bishop/Weston/Stieler
Jean's son William (Bill) Nuss still resides there (2006) . 
Royes, Jean Clara (I954)
2056 She married Stephen (Sir) Beckingham, 13 Oct 1739, buried 6 Oct 1756.
Stephen: The John and Charles Beckingham who married the Corbet sisters (Sir Stephen's two daughters) left Blakelands were born in BOURNE PLACE so they were still living at the same house as Mary Catherine Corbet was. The two Beckingham boys got two of the Corbet houses! The Beckinghams were quite well off and had a coat of arms etc, Sir Stephen Beckingham back before this one was granted the parish of Tolleshunt Major in Essex in 1543 by Henry VIII ! and was or had something to do with St. James the Pilgrim, so what with the Corbets impressive background its no surprise that one of them should marry. 
Corbet, Catherine (I3411)
2057 she was calledd Nellie.Also listed in Ancestral File AFN: 3LJW-4D as Ellen (Nellie) Nash.
Burial may have been in Franklin, Franklin, Idaho. Check this. 
Nash, Ellen Davis (I4250)
2058 Sheamus Thomas in UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 for arrival Southampton 11 Oct 1957 Cooper, Thomas Sheamus (I198)
2059 Sheena Behrens wrote: A very very special lady, Jennifer Anne Lessing, who will be missed deeply, especially by her ‘boerewors’. Jennifer was Santa’s voice to Max every Christmas as she rang in disguise “HO HO HO” she would say and giggle ‘my sweetheart” … an amazing and courageous lady with such spirit and love of life. she brought a smile to all that knew her old and young, strangers and family. She touched so many lives, may she rest in peace Cooper, Jennifer Anne (I192)
2060 Sheriff of Kent 1303 - 1304 de Valoins, Waretius (I501)
2061 Ship "British Nation" - date of arrival Hougham, Frederick William (I4192)
2062 Ship "British Nation" - date of arrival Knight, Ann Phillis (I4184)
2063 Ship "British Nation" - date of arrival - name spelt Houghan Hougham, Mary Ann (I4219)
2064 Ship "British Nation" - date of arrival - name spelt Houghan Hougham, Charlotte Hawkes (I4196)
2065 Ship "Camorta" Smith, Elizabeth (I5366)
2066 Ship "Camorta" Hayball, Henry Thornhill (I5365)
2067 Ship "Great Queensland" - date of arrival - name spelt Houghman Hougham, Mary Ann (I4219)
2068 Ship "Great Queensland" - date of arrival - name spelt Houghman Hougham, Charlotte Hawkes (I4196)
2069 Ship "Great Queensland" - date of arrival - name spelt Houghman Knight, Ann Phillis (I4184)
2070 ship "Walmer Castle" Cameron, Donald (I3981)
2071 ship "Walmer Castle" Cameron, Isabella (I3979)
2072 ship "Walmer Castle" Cameron, William (I3977)
2073 ship "Walmer Castle" Cameron, John (I3974)
2074 ship "Walmer Castle" Cameron, Catherine Elizabeth (I3935)
2075 ship "Walmer Castle" Cameron, Hector (I3939)
2076 Ship Gloriana Way, Charles (I1940)
2077 Ship Gloriana Way, Thomas (I1898)
2078 ship wreck Audelin, William (I468)
2079 Ship: Briton ex Southampton Magee, Anne (I642)
2080 Ship: Carnatvon Castle ex Southampton - I have used the emigration "event" to record this journey though she was born in South Africa Russell, Margaret (I1101)
2081 Ship: Garth Castle ex London - occupation chemist Hogan, Thomas Aloysious (I455)
2082 Ship: Herald Smail, Alexander (I4038)
2083 Ship: Windsor Castle ex Southampton - occupation Ex Army Fitzsimons, John T (I288)
2084 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1
2085 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Henricksen, E.M. (I2611)
2086 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Henricksen, E.M. (I2611)
2087 shop assistant Royes, Margaret Maude (I989)
2088 shop assistant Royes, Margaret Maude (I989)
2089 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mnnk, L. (I685)
2090 shunter Royes, Robert Luther (I1024)
2091 Siblings of William Guild: Alexander M (2 years younger), John E and Rober H (4 years younger)  Family F633
2092 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Everett, M. (I270)
2093 sister of the fifth Earl of Fife Duff, Lady Catherine (I546)
2094 Six years as Chairman of the Carpentaria Shire Council Wiley, Samuel Russell AM (I1322)
2095 Social Security Death Index has death registered in Michigan Clements, Hugh Houston (I6495)
2096 Sold land in East Greenwich to J Rigge, also sold land in Lee to T Reculf 16 Mar 1439 Hence birthdate estimated as at least 20 years before this date. Hougham, John (I3988)
2097 Some family trees have his death as 1814 in London, but there is no supporting evidence for this so far. Since there is also no other evidence about him this seems probable. Royes, George Hougham (I2254)
2098 Some have challenged that Edward's father is the John who married Anna Whetenhall. Saunders, Edward of Norbon (I2614)
2099 Some mysterious Jamaican Royes records, not likely to be Charles John Royes sr's children and birth place not identified.
A Samuel Royes, labourer, died in St Anns Bay, Jamaica on 13 May 1911 aged 86, therefore born about 1825.
A Thomas Royes, fisherman, died in St Anns Bay Parochial Hospital, Jamaica on 16 Dec 1878, aged 50, therefore born about 1828. 
Royes, Hon. Charles John sr (I2102)
2100 Some newspaper records relating to Alexander Henry:

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) (Tuesday 14 October 1879

In Chambers.
(Before his Honour Mr. Justice Lutwyche.)
In the matter of Joseph Rossiter and Alexander Henry, of Rockhampton, carpenters and contractors, insolvents. — This was an application made on behalf of the trustee to set aside three transfers and a conveyance of land in the town of Rockhampton, on the ground of their being fraudulent preferences. Mr. Griffith, Q. C., with Mr. Pope Cooper, appeared for the trustee, Rees R. Jones; and Mr. Beor for Mary Rossit. The matter was argued on the 7th instant, and his Honour gave judgment yesterday afternoon, making an order as prayed, and directing Mary Rossit to pay the costs of the motion.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954) Tuesday 23 February 1897

Monday, 22nd February.
Before His Honour Mr. Justice Power.
In the matter of Joseph Rossiter and Alexander Henry, carpenters and contractors, insolvents, of Rockhampton-application on the part of Rossiter for a certificate of discharge.
Mr. F. O'Rourke (instructed by Messrs. Rees B. and Sydney Jones) appeared in support of the application, and stated the application was made under section 109 of the Insolvency Act.
His Honour : Where is the other man - Henry?
The Registrar : He has left the colony, I believe. It is a very old insolvency, dating back to 1879.
Mr. O'Rourke said he understood the reports of the Official Trustee had not been filed and asked for an adjournment for a week.
His Honour granted the adjournment.

The Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1875 - 1929) Saturday 6 March 1897

Monday, 1st March.
ln the matter of Joseph Rossiter and Alexander Henry, carpenters and contractors, insolvents, of Rockhampton— adjourned application on tbe part of Rossiter for a certificate of discharge.
Mr. F. O'Rourke (instructed by Messrs. Rees R. and Sydney Jones) appeared in support of the application. The application, he said, was adjourned from the previous Monday to enable the Official Trustee to file the report ; but the report had not been filed yet.
The Registrar (Mr. J. L. Blood-Smyth) said the original trustee did not file a report, and when the fact came to his notice he wrote to the Official Trustee in Brisbane. He wrote only a week ago, and, of course, the Official Trustee had not had his three weeks' notice.
Mr. O'Rourke asked for an adjournment until Monday, the 15th instant.
His Honour granted the adjournment as requested.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954) Tuesday 16 March 1897

Monday, 15th March
Before His Honour Mr. Justice Power.
In the matter of Joseph Rossiter and Alexander Henry, of Rockhampton, carpenters and contractors, insolvents - adjourned application on the part of Joseph Rossiter for a certificate of discharge.
Mr. F. O'Rourke, instructed by Messrs. Rees R. and Sydney Jones, appeared for the applicant and stated the application was made under Section 109 of the Insolvency Act. He also read the affidavit of Rossiter, which was filed on the 17th of February last, and which stated that prior to being adjudicated insolvent on the 23rd of May, 1879, he had been carrying on business in Rockhampton as a constructor for sixteen or seventeen years. In 1879 Henry also carried on business as a contractor in the town. Tenders were called for the erection of a Presbyterian manse, and Henry and himself tendered for the work separately. It was arranged between them that if Henry was successful in obtaining the work he (Rossiter) was to work with him ; and if he (Rossiter) was successful, Henry was to work with him. In either case Rossiter was to find the money, as he was the monied man and Henry was not in a position to finance the matter through. Henry’s tender was accepted, and Rossiter worked with him at the job until the building was practically completed. Not having received any money for wages, as agreed, Rossiter sued Henry for the amount due to him ; but he was unsuccessful. As Henry had not paid some of the persons to whom he was indebted for materials, one of them, named David Wiley, sued Rossiter and obtained judgment, it being held that Rossiter was a partner of Henry. Subsequently, on the petition of Wiley, Rossiter and Henry were adjudicated insolvent. Henry had no property; but the whole of Rossiter's property was realised, and he lost everything he had. The insolvency was closed by an order of the Supreme Court on the 29th of June, 1881, and the trustee (Rees Rutland Jones) was released by an order of the Court on the 8th of August, 1881. Dividends amounting to 8s. 6d. in the £ were paid on all the debts proved in the estate, and in Rossiter's separate estate 20s. in the £ was paid. He made a full and fair discovery of the estate, and had not granted or promised any payment or security or entered into any collusive agreement for the purpose of obtaining the consent of the majority of the creditors whose debts amounted to £10 and upwards, and who had consented in writing to a certificate of discharge being granted to him. Mr. O'Rourke also read a consent to a discharge being granted, signed by a majority of the creditors (which consent was filed on the 22nd of February, 1897), and stated that notice had been given to the Official Trustee, under rule 121, and the Gazette notice filed.
The Registrar (Mr. J. L. Blood-Smyth) read the report of the trustee (Mr. Rees R. Jones), which is dated the 23rd of February last, and which was filed on the same date. In that Mr. Jones stated that according to the insolvents' statement of affairs, the joint debts of Rossiter end Henry were £198 1s. and the assets £12 3s. 3d. and in the insolvents' separate estates there were no creditors and no assets set forth; that in the separate estate of Rossiter he paid preferent claims and rates amounting to £18 3s. in full ; that he also paid 8s. 6d. in the £ on the debts of the joint estate amounting to £210 11s. 10d., involving an expenditure of £89 12s. 7d.; that the rest of the estate realised went in expenses; that the money received, with the exception of £4 1s. 9d. received from the Official Trustee on account of the joint estate, all came from the separate estate of Rossiter by the realisation of certain real estate which had been transferred by Rossiter to Mary Rossit; that he obtained an order upsetting the transfer, and the land with the exception of a piece that was held on a possessory title extending over only fifteen years, was transferred to him ; that after the order had been obtained Rossiter put no further difficulties in his way ; that he was of opinion the whole of the properties of the insolvents had been realised ; that he believed the cause of tho insolvency was Henry contracting to build the manse and having no capital of his own ; that neither of the insolvents had passed their last examination, and any further examination, in his (Mr. Jones's) opinion, would be of little use ; and that be did not object to a certificate being granted to Rossiter. The Registrar also read the report of the Official Trustee (Mr. J. B. Hall, Brisbane), which is dated the 10th instant, and which was filed on the 15th instant. Mr. Hall stated that from tho date of the release of Mr. Jones as trustee up till the 23rd of October last (when an order was made transferring the proceedings in the insolvency to the Central Supreme Court) there had been no dealings in the estate. The report of the Official Trustee, Rockhampton (Mr. J. L. Blood-Smyth), was also read by the Registrar. It is dated the 15th instant, and was filed on the same day. In the report the Official Trustee stated that, as far as he could ascertain from the papers, the only outstanding asset in the estate was the right, title, and interest of Rossiter of, in, and to allotment 5 of section 51, containing 10 perches, situated in the county of Livingstone, parish and town of Rockhampton, of which Rossiter had held adverse possession in 1881 for about fifteen years, but whose only title to the land consisted of the adverse possession. A search at the Real Property Office showed that the land was sold by the real owner some few years after the insolvency, and before Rossiter could obtain a title by possession. Roster had not passed his last examination, and he (the Official Trustee) did not require him to do so, as he could not see that it would be of any advantage to his estate.
His Honour granted a discharge to Rossiter. 
Henry, Alexander (I1568)
2101 Some sources have Rollo and Poppa re-marry after alleged marriage to Giselle Family F970
2102 Son David is the third of nine children. Family F4360
2103 Son Hugh's death certificate gives his parents as HUGH and Isabella. Note that in the 1841 Scottish Census Hugh and Ann Cameron (with ages c35 and c30 matching what we have) are living with Hugh Cameron aged c70 - old enough to be Hugh jr's father. Cameron, Hugh (I3929)
2104 son John Bailey's farm - see St Albans Cemetery Bailey, William (I1868)
2105 Sophie was a widow when she married John - her married name was Hudson Family F1276
2106 Source for Goda, her marriage and children: Goda (Godgifu) Countess Vexin (I2765)
2107 Source had "Huntly, Manchester" Cover, Eva (I2157)
2108 source has Wetzler, Prussia.
Date of birth from age:
46 at Aug 1854 naturalisation
71 at Dec 1878 death
Luther, Freidrich Christian (I634)
2109 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Putt, A.J. (I3584)
2110 Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC 31/340/1644 Probate 26 Oct 1644
John Gibbes of Ash, gent., will dated 16 Jul 1644
Wife Elizabeth
Josiah Gage
Son in Law George Huffam of Ash, gent. and his wife Martha
Brother Richard Baxe and his wife
Brother John Solly and his wife
Brother John Jones and his wife
Witnessed by William Pett and Petley Wyborne the elder. 
Gibbs, John (I3377)
2111 South Street Cameron, Murdoch (I3942)
2112 South transept of Ash Church Brooke, Bennetta (I2107)
2113 spelt "Haugham" in records Royes, George Hougham (I2254)
2114 Spelt "Wiley" Wiley, Hugh (I1312)
2115 Spelt "Wiley" Wiley, Hugh (I1312)
2116 Spelt Wyllie Wiley, Hugh (I1312)
2117 Spent some time in Trinidad and Jamaica before entering university in England

Royes, Timothy (I1588)
2118 ss "Walmer Castle" Cameron, Flora (I3937)
2119 St Andrew parish Cover, John Foster jr (I2840)
2120 St Andrew's Presbyterian Family F1435
2121 St Andrews Family F738
2122 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Roy, Rev. Dr B.E. (I822)
2123 St Ann's Family F1318
2124 St Ann's Dix, John East (I1368)
2125 St Ann's Bay Parish Church Royes, Hon. Charles John sr (I2102)
2126 St Ann's Limehouse Stilles, Rachel (I3661)
2127 St Anne and St Agnes parish Family F804
2128 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Threadgold, K.J. (I1724)
2129 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F370
2130 St Augustine's Church of England Family F824
2131 St Augustine's Church of England Family F490
2132 St Barnabas Church Family F1371
2133 St Bartholomews Baldock, Wilma Anne Margaret (I3841)
2134 St Botolph Family F205
2135 St Botolph Cem Hougham, Solomon (I2209)
2136 St Botolph's Sparkes, Sarah (I5546)
2137 St Botolph's Ward, Ann (I3491)
2138 St Botolph's Royes, Maria (I2261)
2139 St Botolph's Royes, Sophia Mary (I2255)
2140 St Botolph's [Hougham], Ann (I2222)
2141 St Botolph's Royes, George Hougham (I545)
2142 St Botolph's Royes, George Hougham (I2254)
2143 St Botolph's Royes, Emily (I2260)
2144 St Botolph's without Aldersgate Royes, William (I3858)
2145 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1345
2146 St Coleman's Family F223
2147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1856
2148 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F513
2149 St Cuthberts Family F1447
2150 St David’s and St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Dew Street Family F33
2151 St Dunstan Family F378
2152 St Dunstan's Hougham, Charles (I2212)
2153 St Dunstan's Mordaunt, Anne Bromley (I517)
2154 St Dunstans Church Family F1879
2155 St Dunstans in the East Family F643
2156 St George Family F965
2157 St George Hotel, shearers cook Hanrahan, James Louis (I387)
2158 St George the Martyr Hougham, Mary (I513)
2159 St George's Family F1853
2160 St George's Baker, John (I4825)
2161 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Putt, A.C.U. (I3585)
2162 St George's CofE Family F46
2163 St Georges, Hanover Square Family F644
2164 St James Family F1943
2165 St James Family F1319
2166 St James Royes, Edward Hougham jr (I911)
2167 St James - daughter of Robert and Anne - identity tbc Campbell, Florence (I1735)
2168 St James Anglican Church Family F1822
2169 St James Church Ainsbury, George (I3594)
2170 St James Church - New South Wales PIONEER REGISTER Marriage: v1842170 26c Family F836
2171 St James Clerkenwell Dix, Julia Maria (I4201)
2172 St James CofE - His baptism Certificate (No. 468: Vol 28)only shows where he was Baptised (not born). Shortly after his birth his parents moved to Regentville (near Penrith). Info from family records. [John Richardson] Luther, Frederick Christian (I635)
2173 St John at Hackney Callant, Dorothy (I1396)
2174 St John the Evangelist Family F1419
2175 St John's Family F1927
2176 St John's Family F1709
2177 St John's Church Family F759
2178 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1358
2179 St Johns Huffam, Sarah (I3704)
2180 St Johns Callant, Dorothy (I1396)
2181 St Josephs Catholic Church Witnessed by Robert James Short and Phyllis Grace Deasy Minister Robert Gibbs Family F320
2182 St Judes Church Jurd, Daniel Edward (I1904)
2183 St Lawrence parish [near Central Railway Station] Royes, George Hougham (I937)
2184 St Luke's - from Census returns Hookham, Isabella (I1369)
2185 St Margaret Mordaunt, Elizabeth (I4893)
2186 St Margaret Mordaunt, Sarah (I700)
2187 St Margaret Mordaunt, Charles (I512)
2188 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I425)
2189 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F289
2190 St Margarets Family F1134
2191 St Mark Towne, Anna (I5617)
2192 St Mark's Church Family F1528
2193 St Marry's church graveyard Hogan, Eileen Mary (I3241)
2194 St Martin's Hougham, John (I3891)
2195 St Martin's Hougham, William (I4479)
2196 St Martin's Anglican church Harrison, Elizabeth (I3616)
2197 St Martins Family F232
2198 St Mary - witnesses John Hookham and Robert Dix Family F573
2199 St Mary Bredin Family F1131
2200 St Mary Bredin Church Family F736

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