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801 cook rr_tree I387 Hanrahan, James Louis (I387)
802 cook rr_tree I202 Crosley, Elsie Catherine (I202)
803 cook - also 1937 roll rr_tree I387 Hanrahan, James Louis (I387)
804 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I2097 Living (I2097)
805 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I4006 Living (I4006)
806 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F19
807 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F485
808 Correspondent Diane Gwilliams suggests that the reason Edward Hougham Royes senior and others went to Australia was because of their links with Sir Joseph Banks:
Given the close proximity of Samuel Tyssen to Joseph Banks, and the fact that Solomon Royes the silversmith's uncle Solomon Hougham was Samuel Tyssen's sister Sarah's signatory on her wedding certificate to John Yelloly in 1806, it is possible that they were influenced by tales of adventure. Indeed, Solomon Royes the silversmith may well have known Joseph Banks as the dates tie (Solomon Royes before 1774-1842.... Joseph Banks 1743-1820) 
rr_tree I910 Royes, Edward Hougham sr (I910)
809 Cottage Street rr_tree I1664 Healey, Job (I1664)
810 could be 1849 rr_tree I5311 Tighe, Margaret Anne (I5311)
811 Count of Nantes 1158
Duke of Brittany 1171-1186 
rr_tree I2727 Plantagenet, Geoffrey Duke of Brittany (I2727)
812 Court House rr_tree Family F677
813 Cousin of husband John rr_tree I698 Moore, Mary (I698)
814 Cousin of wife Mary rr_tree I335 Girvan, John (I335)
815 Cover, Alice Alexandra Julia, dtr of Charles S. & Elizabeth Cover, store keeper, res Stewart Town, b 12/5/1862, bap 3/29/1863 by J. A. Gurney, p. 164 #806
Cover, Ella Elizabeth, dtr of C. S. & Eliza Cover, merchant, res Stewart Town, b 10/1/1866, bap 11/19/1866 by Joseph W. Rowbotham, p. 153 #27
Charles Samuel Cover, employer [Jamaican Family Search - Registers and Wills]
St. Ann's Bay, 18 November 1878 C. S. Cover & Co. begs to give notice that they have had to take over possession of the Lee Wharf here, in consequence of the absence from the island of the lessee (Mr. E. S. Warren), but they will not be accountable nor liable for any deficiencies of goods which may have occurred prior to the time that they have been put into possession of the stock on the wharf. [Jamaican Family Search Trelawny and General Advertiser 21 Nov 1878] 
rr_tree I6108 Cover, Charles Samuel (I6108)
816 Cremated rr_tree I821 Roy, Beverley Dianne (I821)
817 cremated rr_tree I3942 Cameron, Murdoch (I3942)
818 cremated rr_tree I3970 Cameron, Edward (I3970)
819 cremation rr_tree I2176 McArthur, Malcolm Hugh (I2176)
820 cremation rr_tree I933 Royes, George Frederick (I933)
821 Crematorium rr_tree I962 Royes, John George (I962)
822 Crematorium T28, Section 2, Columbarium 39 rr_tree I3177 McLean, Jean (I3177)
823 Cross Roads rr_tree I3875 Royes, Ralph McIntyre (I3875)
824 Crow Street rr_tree I1259 Tyssen, Sarah (I1259)
825 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I5940 Living (I5940)
826 Croydon hospital admissions 28 Feb 1920-4 Apr 1925 include Thomas Royes and Una Royes rr_tree I1064 Royes, Una Beatrice (I1064)
827 Croydon hospital admissions 28 Feb 1920-4 Apr 1925 include Thomas Royes and Una Royes rr_tree I1059 Royes, Thomas Mordaunt (I1059)
828 Crusader rr_tree I1042 de Blois, Stephen Count de Blois et Champagne (I1042)
829 Curate of Ash, Rector of Knowlton, Charlton and Tilmanston rr_tree I1636 Baker, Rev Charles Hougham (I1636)
830 Curious! There is a death registration for Charles Delauney T Bravo for
Oct-Dec qtr of 1875, St George Hanover Square, London (Vol 1a p620)
Apr-Jun qtr of 1876, Wandsworth, London (Vol 1d p387)
Jul-Sep qtr of 1876, Wandsworth, London (Vol 1d p408)
Possibly occasioned by the two court cases into his death. 
rr_tree I1730 Turner Bravo, Charles Delauney (I1730)
831 Dad died from a clot of blood that stopped his heart. Which was thought to have evolved from his hernia operation. rr_tree I1295 Weatherburn, John William (I1295)
832 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F827
833 Dan was born 31 July.1898 in New Ross. He enlisted in 1915 when not quite 16 1/2 years of age in the Irish Guards and fought at Vermelles and at Ypres in France.
He emigrated, aged 22 to St Paul, Minnesota, arriving on 15 August 1920 at Ellis Island from Liverpool on the SS Caronia.
Dan married Miranda C.(Dolly) Schmiege ,daughter of Fritz (Fred) and Verena (Anna) Schmiege from Winsconsin in January 1923 in the USA. Dan died in the London blitz on the 18 April, 1941 and was buried in Brompton Cemetery in the Dissenters Plot 1, five feet down,12 plots back from East pathway, 2nd row in. 
rr_tree I3239 Hogan, Daniel Ignatius (I3239)
834 Daniel worked at scrub felling for a number of years. He had a motor car and used it as a taxi between Peeramon and Atherton. He contracted to load log timber onto railway wagons from Peeramon to various sawmills.
He bought a selection of land near Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands (later named McLeish Road), and felled all the scrub on the 120 acres, and did dairy farming on the land as well. He built a big house on the farm, but passed away before enjoying much time in it. 
rr_tree I5119 McLeish, Daniel (I5119)
835 Danny (Garda Siochana - Irish police force) was born Mary Street, New Ross on 7 October 1927. Died 12th January, 1990. Danny married Bridget (Breege) TIMLIN from Co.Mayo. rr_tree I3307 Nolan, Daniel Joseph (I3307)
836 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I1437 Living (I1437)
837 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F42
838 Date assumed to be prior to birth of first child rr_tree Family F1954
839 Date based on report that she was 19 years younger than her husband Charles rr_tree I1785 Turner, Caroline (I1785)
840 date based on stated age (30) at 1901 census rr_tree I3127 Kelly, Elizabeth (I3127)
841 date estimated - or Sheffield? rr_tree I2283 Bromley, James Hindsley (I2283)
842 Date from headstone - year not clear rr_tree I6433 Ritchie, Elizabeth (I6433)
843 Date from rr_tree I2181 d' Avranches, Rualon Sheriff of Kent (I2181)
844 date from obituary notice rr_tree I3863 Royes, Charles John jr (I3863)
845 date of arrival on "Walmer Castle" rr_tree I3933 Cameron, Hugh Ewen (I3933)
846 date of arrival on "Walmer Castle" rr_tree I3934 Maclean, Anne (I3934)
847 Date of birth from headstone rr_tree I4837 Wiley, Joseph Barron (I4837)
848 Date of birth is unknown. 1866 is a guess, filling a gap in the list of births. rr_tree I1086 Russell, David (I1086)
849 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F803
850 date of presentation of Bible rr_tree I2278 Bromley, James Hindsley (I2278)
851 date uncertain rr_tree I2795 Egil King in Sweden (I2795)
852 Date uncertain rr_tree Family F760
853 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F676
854 Dates for her birth, marriage and death vary widely in the sources. rr_tree I2904 of Denmark, Queen Estrith (I2904)
855 dau. of Charles Handebo (the name Handebo changed over years from Strongbow via Herbert) and Catherin Robinson. rr_tree I3940 Handebo, Elizabeth (I3940)
856 dau. of Hector Maclean and Flora McPhail (McPhee) rr_tree I3934 Maclean, Anne (I3934)
857 daughter is Ann Ward, spinster (see the will for Charles Hougham 1748-1793 under Histories - so presumably this Ann was married previously to a Mr Ward

Note that Charles Hougham's will is dated 1785 and refers to his "late wife". The date of death is therefore incorrect.,, 
rr_tree I2222 [Hougham], Ann (I2222)
858 daughter of "William Triggs of Globally" rr_tree I2208 Triggs, Mary (I2208)
859 Daughter of John and Jean of Greymouth Inangahua west Coast South Island NZ rr_tree I3739 Castlanelli, Martha Isabel (I3739)
860 Daughter of John Brooke of Brooke Street Ash.
She was buried in Ash church 9 June 1560
She is recorded in Knights visitation 1619 as wife of Stephen Hougham and after the death of her nephew, she or her descendants become heirs of the Brooke coat of Arms as he is the last male Brooke. The same thing is explained by the Brook wills. John Brook, her father, was father of John Brooke who was married to her husband's sister Joan. John and Joan had a son John who died 16 Jan 1583 will proved 7 Feb 1583. Thus from 1583 the Brooke coat is quartered with Hougham. The son of Benetta (Michael, died in Dec 1583) entitled to the quartering as were all his descendants.
Her will was proved 14 Oct 1560 she names herself in it "Benedict Huffam, widow" and desires to be buried near her husband in Ash church. She mentions Michael and Richard, Joan, Margaret a nd Elizabeth Solly, her daughters children and Bennet, Daughter of Michael. 
rr_tree I2107 Brooke, Bennetta (I2107)
861 Daughter of John Naylor of Wenvell. rr_tree I2164 Naylor, Elizabeth (I2164)
862 Daughter of Phorne Sigulfson, Lord of Greystone rr_tree I4780 Ede, Edith (I4780)
863 daughter of the last Earl of Oxford and Mortimer

Lady Charlotte knew the renowned English Poet, Lord Byron, as shown in the following:

'Byron's "Ianthe" was Lady Charlotte Bacon (née Charlotte Harley, daughter of the fifth Earl of Oxford), thirteen at the time Byron met her. When she was nineteen she married Major-General Anthony Bacon, a hero of Waterloo, and in 1860 moved with him to South Australia. Apparently, she had acquired Byron's coach, because, when she returned to England a few years later, she left it behind. After her death in 1880, someone discovered it sitting in an outbuilding near a wayside inn at Lake Wangary, near Port Lincoln, where it was in a deteriorating but still fair state of preservation, with the scrolled crest reading "Crede Biron" still legible, and chickens nesting in its leather seats.'

Note that Mark Sever Bell named one of his daughters Ianthe. 
rr_tree I2594 Harley, Lady Charlotte Mary (I2594)
864 Daugter of William

Wiliam was innholder and Freeman of London in 1922

She married secondly a Mr Shrubsole

Vault at St Mary Bredin

At St Mary Bredin (Canterbury) is a vault for Mrs Sarah Shrubsole also for Mrs Hannah R Hougham (her daughter in law married to son William) and Henry Hougham (her first husband) of Barton Court. 
rr_tree I2170 Hunt, Sarah (I2170)
865 deaf and dumb rr_tree I1863 Gill, Jane Taylor (I1863)
866 Deaf and dumb rr_tree I1734 Gill, Walter George (I1734)
867 Death assumed because of birth of John George rr_tree I4130 McLennan, Oswald Hubert (I4130)
868 Death certificate identifies her as the wife of Charles Royes, Windsor Estate, St Ann's, Jamaica.

In the family tradition it is held that Charles snr had an English wife 19 years his junior, that they had a son, that the son died at age 3 and she returned to England. So a possible scenario is that Caroline was Charles snr's wife, that Charles Hougham Royes is the son referred to and died in 1861. Note that Caroline's daughter was born about 1861 so we can further speculate that she returned to England because of the pregnancy or birth and a fear that this child might die in Jamaica. Was the daughter's illness the reason for her return?

If Caroline was Charles snr's wife then he had children before he married her, so he did not resort to his plantation partner/s as a result of his wife returning to England.

Note that we have subsequently discovered a bride to be identified as the only daughter of the Hon Charles Royes. She is named Caroline and would have been born about the time of the wife Caroline being in Jamaica. It seems reasonable to assume that she was a daughter of Charles and Caroline, and that "only daughter" means only living daughter. 
rr_tree I1785 Turner, Caroline (I1785)
869 Death notice in Brisbane's Courier Mail indicates "formerly Darwin" rr_tree I2654 Nowland, Clara May (I2654)
870 Death Register Index p1745 (Fiche) 1915/004306 rr_tree I1024 Royes, Robert Luther (I1024)
871 Death registration has "Minna Elenora" rr_tree I6902 Royes, Minea Adelaide (I6902)
872 DEATH. Cameron, Noel McLennan.-December 20, 1973, at hospital, of 45 Grosvenor Road, Wahroonga, loved husband of Flora, loved father of Beverley and Roslyn, brother of Nancy and Beth, son of Alfred and step-son of Jean, fond papa of Bruce and Ian. By request no flowers, donations to Cancer Research Foundation. Aged 59 years. rr_tree I2248 Cameron, Noel McLennan (I2248)
873 DEATH. McLennan, Elizabeth Fitzsimmons.-May 20, 1968, at hospital, late of 22 Sutherland Street, Cabramatta (nee Parkes), formerly of Greenwell Point, Uralla and West Wallsend, dearly loved and loving wife of the late John George, dearly loved and loving mother and nana of her children and their families. In her 77th year. At rest. rr_tree I6926 Parkes, Elizabeth Fitzsimons (I6926)
874 Death: Fell from horse rr_tree I886 Royes, Charles John (I886)
875 Dec qtr rr_tree I2059 Weatherburn, Henry (I2059)
876 deceased at marriage of son Frederick rr_tree I4205 Machin, Nathaniel Smith (I4205)
877 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I846 Living (I846)
878 Deputy Lieutenant for Middlesex rr_tree I3223 Tyssen, Francis (I3223)
879 described as minor (under 21) on marriage certificate rr_tree I1665 Barclay, Alice Agnes (I1665)
880 Described as only daughter of Hon Charles John Royes in a record of her marriage rr_tree I3555 Royes, Caroline Ada (I3555)
881 described as the seventh surviving daughter of the late Rev. W. J. Chesshyre, of Barton court, Kent rr_tree I6118 Chesshyre, Alice (I6118)
882 described as “from Islandmagee” rr_tree I619 Long, Mary (I619)
883 Did she marry Alexander Henry in 1872 in Rockhampton? rr_tree I869 Royes, Anna Maria Hougham (I869)
884 Dido valley cemetery rr_tree I1092 Russell, James (I1092)
885 died aged 45 rr_tree I3491 Ward, Ann (I3491)
886 Died as a Baby rr_tree I3309 Grangel, Joseph (I3309)
887 died as infant rr_tree I3135 Clements, Carlisle (I3135)
888 Died at 19 years old rr_tree I5381 Young, Ellen (I5381)
889 Died during childhood, hence estimated year of death rr_tree I3244 Hogan, John Joseph (I3244)
890 Died during surgery for tuberculosis rr_tree I1087 Russell, Desmond O'Gorman (I1087)
891 died fighting against his brother-in-law Fulk Nerra, count of Anjou at the Battle of Conquereuil
rr_tree I2579 Conan Duke of Brittany (I2579)
892 died of cancer aged 48 rr_tree I4450 Royes, Captain Osman Mark Hougham (I4450)
893 Died when 18years old rr_tree I3311 Grangel, Nicholas (I3311)
894 Died without male isue as he would have been next to inherit Barton Court rr_tree I2206 Hougham, Richard (I2206)
895 died young but was still alive in March 1915 (when he was photographed.) rr_tree I4621 Hogan, James G (I4621)
896 Discharged from Army rr_tree I3970 Cameron, Edward (I3970)
897 District Macdonald River rr_tree I2023 Bailey, Sarah Ismina May (I2023)
898 District Macdonald River rr_tree I2022 Bailey, Newman Prosper (I2022)
899 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F311
900 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F803
901 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I4568 Living (I4568)
902 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I4798 Living (I4798)
903 Does Doolbi = Dalby? rr_tree I4239 Sneddon, Hazel Jean (I4239)
904 does not appear in 1851 census rr_tree I4732 Russell, William (I4732)
905 Don't know what to make of this. The groom's name is distinctive though here it is "...Demith Harvey". But he is already married! And just a month earlier. It seems unlikely that we would have a "Leslie William Stephen Demuth" and a "Leslie William Steve Demith Harvey" married within a month rr_tree Family F4404
906 Dot was born 21 September 1906. She died 16 March 1993 and was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery,Washington DC (Plot 79325) rr_tree I4603 Gorman, Dorothy Elizabeth (I4603)
907 Dr Walter Battershell Gill was an Entomologist who was tutored by the late Peter Bouchard, who died on expedition to Santa Marta in 1865. Dr Gill came into possession of Bouchard's Collecting Diary and retained it until at least 1874. Battersheell Gill's own collection of specimens was sold off in April 1886 but the Diary was not listed. References to it in The Entomolgist continued until 1897 but it is not known if the collection survived and, if so, its present location. Peter Bouchard's great great grandson is attempting to trace it - messages for him will be forwarded to him - use the Comments/Suggest tab. rr_tree I1855 Gill, Walter Battershell (I1855)
908 dressmaker rr_tree I873 Royes, Annie Agatha Maria (I873)
909 dressmaker rr_tree I915 Royes, Eleanor Maude (I915)
910 Drowned in the wreck of the "White Ship" rr_tree I468 Audelin, William (I468)
911 drowned returning from Normandy to England when his ship 'The White Ship' sinks. All crew and passengers are drunk and the helmsman steers the ship onto rocks even though the sea is calm. rr_tree I468 Audelin, William (I468)
912 Drowned when 10 years old rr_tree I3310 Grangel, William (I3310)
913 Duke of Normandy (1135-1144)
King of England (1135-1154)

Reigned 1135-1154. He siezed the throne from Matilda who invaded England in 1139. The civil war that followed proved him a brave soldier but revealed his lack of political sense. In 1152, after much of the country had been ravaged in factional fighting and the royal administration had broken down, Stephen recognized Matilda's son Henry as heir to the throne. Duke of Normandy 1135-1144, deposed. Duke of Blois, Count of Mortain, Count of Boulogne. - 
rr_tree I1043 de Blois, Stephen King of England, Duke of Normandy (I1043)
914 Dukes of Normandy
House of Normandy 911–1135 • Rollo* William I* Richard I* Richard II Richard III Robert I William II** Robert II Henry I** William (III)
House of Blois 1135–1144 Stephen**
House of Plantagenet 1144–1259 • Geoffrey Henry II** Henry the Young King Richard IV** John** Henry III**
House of Valois (French appanage) • John (1332–1350) Charles (1355–1364) Charles (1465–1469)
* As count of Rouen • ** Also king of England
rr_tree I2664 Rollo 1st Duke of Normandy (I2664)
915 Dutch Church rr_tree I1616 Tyssen, Mary (I1616)
916 Dutch Church rr_tree I1609 Tyssen, Ridley (I1609)
917 Dutch Church rr_tree I1598 Tyssen, Dorothy (I1598)
918 Dutch Church rr_tree I1595 Tyssen, John (I1595)
919 Dutch Protestant Church rr_tree I528 Tyssen, Francis (I528)
920 dysentry rr_tree I2725 Henry the Younger (I2725)
921 Ealal Place rr_tree Family F2406
922 Ealal Place rr_tree I5869 Whetenhall, William (I5869)
923 Earliest known Cover to arrive in St Ann, Jamaica rr_tree I6105 Cover, John (I6105)
924 East Mains rr_tree I1915 Weatherburn, William (I1915)
925 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I940 Living (I940)
926 Eastern Suburbs Crematorium rr_tree I2252 [Higson], Naomi (I2252)
927 Eddie was born 28 March,1899 in New Ross, Co Wexford. The family moved to Dublin sometime after 1901. Eddie worked in Arnotts Department Store in Dublin and married Bridget (Bridie) DOYLE from Gorey, Co. Wexford rr_tree I3323 Hogan, Edward (I3323)
928 Edmund I's elder son, Edwy, was crowned by Oda, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 956 at Kingston-on-Thames (sited on the Wessex/Mercia border, and on the frontier between Alfred's kingdom and the Danelaw, this was where most recorded West Saxon consecrations took place).

Aged 13 on his succession, Edwy became entangled in court factions, and Mercia and Northumbria broke away in rebellion. He died before he was 20. 
rr_tree I3274 Eadwig (Edwy) King of England 955-959 (I3274)
929 Edmund Ironside was the son of Ethelred 'The Unready' and his first wife, Elfgifu. He made himself ruler in the Danelaw, independent of his father. Canute later defeated him at Ashingdon in Essex, striking a treaty of peace which allowed Edmund to rule in Wessex and Canute to take the rest. Edmund died in 1016. rr_tree I2702 Edmund Ironside, King of England 1016 (I2702)
930 Educated at Mareeba Primary School and left just prior to her 14th birthday following the death of her father, George Stewart MOODY. Her first job was a domestic for Mrs Egan for the princely sum of five shillings per week. In 1943 she went to w work for Andrew ANGUS and Mary SMITH as a domestic. From 1945 she did part domestic and part shop work. In 1943 she became Guide Leader for Mareeba Girl Guides and also Sunday School Teacher at St George's Anglican Church. She continued teaching till 1970. rr_tree I4928 Moody, Beryl Irene (I4928)
931 Educated at the Mareeba State School. On leaving school GEORGE was employed by the Queensland Railway Dept. as a clerk in the ticket and parcels office at Mareeba. His sporting activities included rugby leage, horse racing (amateur jockey) and fishing rr_tree I690 Moody, George Stewart (I690)
932 Edward was the son of Edmund II (Ironside), king of England. When Edmund died and Canute became king in 1016, Edward fled to Hungary where he married into the country's ruling family. In 1053 Edward was invited back to England by (Harold Godwinsnson / Edward the Confessor ?) with his three children. Edward the Confessor had no children and Edward the Exile had an excellent claim to the English throne if the king died. Edward the Exile died shortly after arriving back in England in 1057. His death is a mystery, but may have been arranged by Harold Godwinson who was to benefit from the heir the throne's death. Edward's children including his eldest son, Edgar the Aethling were brought up by Edward the Confessor, and Edgar was nominated as heir to the English throne. [] rr_tree I2700 Edward the Exile (I2700)
933 Egil is claimed to be the earliest of the kings in the Scandinavian sagas with corroborative evidence which can claim for him historical as distinct from mythical status. Earlier mythic figures may have been, and probably were, historical figures but the myth has so overlayed the original events that it is not possible to claim historical status for them or their family relationships - go to Egil's page in the Hougham family tree to view this possible ancestry.

rr_tree I2795 Egil King in Sweden (I2795)
934 Either William or his son were deputy lieutenant of Kent in 1795
At St Mary Bredin is a vault for Mrs Sarah Shrubsole also for Mrs Hannah R Hougham and Henry Hougham of Barton Court.
Buried at St Martins Canterbury
Inherited Barton Court and rebuilt to present form
Gave Barton Court to son prior to 1799 
rr_tree I547 Hougham, William (I547)
935 eldest son rr_tree I4121 Gillespie, William (I4121)
936 Eleanor is probably the Eleanor Maud Foley who is on the electoral roll at Eidsvold in 1943 and in Brisbane 1954-63, but I would like to confirm that. rr_tree I915 Royes, Eleanor Maude (I915)
937 Eliza Dix was a witness rr_tree Family F1931
938 Elizabeth Wetherburn (sic), d. of Henry W., bap. 9/1/1752 at Norham. (Northumberland IGI) rr_tree I4188 Weatherburn, Elizabeth (I4188)
939 Elizabeth, fourth child to Catherine and Charles Handebo, labourer, was born 3 December 1847 at Holkham near Dangarfield, 11 kms from Aberdeen, NSW. She was baptised by the Rev Dr James S White, Presbyterian Minister in Singleton, on 28 February 1848.
By the time Elizabeth Handebo married Hector Cameron on 7 June 1866, she was residing at Spring Gully, Duval north of Armidale, which is where the marriage took place with the consent of the bride's father, Charles Handebo. Dr Thomas Johnstone was the officiating minister of the Presbyterian Church and Catherine Cameron and Charles Handebo, the groom's sister and bride's father, were witnesses.
Hector Cameron was born 5 August 1833 in Garmony on the northern shore of the Isle of Mull off Scotland's west coast. He was the third child of seven children to Hugh Cameron, shepherd, and Annie McLean. At the age of 14, he emigrated with his family who, as assisted immigrants, arrived in Australia on 30 December 1848 aboard the Walmer Castle.
Hugh Cameron and Annie McLean from Argyll would have been acutely aware of the infamous Highland Clearances which commenced in 1792 in the northern county of Sutherland and, over the next 40 to 50 years, gathered momentum and included all the counties of northern Scotland, as well as the Isle of Mull. The introduction of the thickly coated and hardier Cheviot sheep throughout the Highlands between 1760 and 1790 drove the Scottish landlords to secure larger tracts of land for the lucrative business of producing more wool and more meat.
As increasing numbers of sheep farmers moved into the area, Scottish landlords evicted their tenants and drove them out of their homes, which they then burnt so they could not return. Families were forced from the glens, some displaced to the inhospitable and alien shore to cultivate worthless land or to take up fishing.
Other families reluctantly emigrated in wretched, overcrowded ships for Canada where the bitter winters, far worse than those experienced in northern Scotland, took their toll.
The evictions gathered momentum over the next 20 to 30 years and left the displaced people destitute and near starvation. In 1832, cholera reached the Lowlands from England and quickly spread to the Highlands where the disease devastated whole families. Four years later, in 1836, harvest failure brought a terrible famine to the Highlands. Destitution had followed eviction, and now famine made the trinity.
Little that the people had endured in 1836 prepared them for the Great Famine that came ten years later. The potato blight, which commenced in Europe and Canada, soon reached Ireland with terrifying consequences. It was only a matter of time before it reached the Highlands and within 12 months it did, with the same disastrous effect. With the potato blight came a second great wave of evictions and now destitution and over-population were worse than they had ever been.
With such a huge population in dire need of employment by relocation, people were encouraged to consider emigration to Australia where their skills were desperately needed. With the offer of a free passage to New South Wales, the alternative to the dreadful privations in their homeland seemed far more attractive.
Hugh and Annie Cameron survived those years although it is not known to what extent the Highland Clearances affected them on the Isle of Mull. Their decision to take advantage of assisted immigration to Australia in 1848 proved to be the most providential decision of their lives, ultimately presenting their children with innumerable business opportunities in the new colony.
On their arrival in the colony, the Cameron family made their way north from Sydney and settled in the Rocky River district, where they discovered rich deposits of alluvial gold.
In 1866, after their marriage, Elizabeth and Hector Cameron returned to his place of residence at Saumarez Creek, north-west of Armidale.
In 1881, Hector Cameron purchased 'Breelong' (now known as 'Kooringle), a property of 1,360 acres permanently watered by Boorolong Creek, about 30 kms north-west of Armidale in the Great Dividing Range.
During his early occupation of 'Breelong', Hector Cameron donated land for the building of the Breelong Church, which was built by a Salvation Army man and opened soon after 1884 as a Baptist Church. Down the hill from the church, baptisms werre held in the Boorolong Creek. The church building was ultimately eaten by white ants when, in 1907, it was replaced by a wooden ant proof building. Eventually, the Breelong Church closed in favour of the more centrally located Yarrowyck Church. The Yarrowyck Church Hall Honor Roll contains names of seven local boys who enlisted in the Great War of 1914-18. H J Faulkner and E Cameron are among those names.
Later, 'Breelong' was extended to 3012 acres, plus 1,200 acres which was on a freehold basis giving it a total size of approximately 4,212 acres.
The Cameron children grew to maturity at'Breelong' and acquired many skills operating this fine grazing property, which was situated in high-class woolgrowing country, practically unaffected by droughts, which could carry 4,000 sheep in any seasason besides large stock. In ordinary seasons it carried a sheep to the acre. The first wool made 13p and the sheep on the property comprised about 600 wethers, 4-6 (Tooth), 1,000 young ewes and about 600 hoggets all in Al condition. At the time, there were 15 horses, 50 head of cattle and 7 acres under cultivation for hay.
From 1 January 1908, the property was on a lease basis for 5 years.
However, routine life at Breelong was abruptly shattered on 21st February 1911 with the tragic death of Hector Cameron from a buggy accident on the Yarrowyck Road. An inquest was held at 'Breelong' the following day by the Deputy Coroner Charles A Jackes who confirmed that Hector Cameron had died from injuries received to the head by being thrown from his buggy. The Armidale Express of 24 February 1911 ran a full
account of events leading up to the accident which, in part, stated:
hector Cameron jr, son of deceased, said he resided at 'Athol', near Uralla. Deceased was 76 years of age, and he last saw him alive about a fortnight ago. Witness had an appointment to go to town with him that day, and had arrived about five thhe previous day. Deceased had left word to the effect that if not home to expect him next day. Witness started for Armidale that morning to try and catch him, and when about a mile from 'Breelong', saw the overturned buggy and two horses standinng close by. He also saw his father on the ground, and at first thought he was asleep. He soon saw, however, that he was dead. Deceased's head was resting on a sharp stone, and a quantity of blood had issued from the right ear and the nose... The horses he was driving were too flighty for an old man, and had on a previous occasion bolted and capsized the buggy...
Hector Cameron was buried in the Baptist portion of the Armidale Cemetery.
After the death of her husband, Elizabeth remained at 'Breelong' with her grown children who assisted in operating the property.
About 1920, 'Breelong' was burnt down by a young fellow, a well-known fire-bug, who was of no relation to the Cameron family, but was picked up later for what he had done.
However, in April 1921, it was decided to auction 'Breelong', and the property was eventually sold.
Elizabeth Cameron moved into Armidale and took up residence at 102 Brown Street with other members of her family.
On 1 September 1929 Elizabeth Cameron died at her residence in Brown Street, at almost 82 years. She was buried in the Baptist Cemetery, Armidale on 3 September 1929.
This well-known and highly respected grand lady left 29 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. 
rr_tree I3940 Handebo, Elizabeth (I3940)
940 Ellen King married John Cooke circa 1937-38 (I think) and John (as he was known in the family) was born in October 1938. John Cooke came from the west of England and I believe he took Ellen back there. Their son was born there. The marriage didn't last and Ellen and son John came back to Papua, subsequently being evacuated to Australia when the Japanese war began. [Neil Royes] rr_tree Family F4335
941 Ellen was evacuated back to Australia from Papua during the war. After the war she sought out my father (whom she had known in the thirties) and they were married in February 1947. [Neil Royes] rr_tree Family F300
942 Elsie (schoolteacher) was born on 11 October, 1910 in New Ross. Elsie died and was buried in Dublin. rr_tree I3245 Hogan, Elizabeth (I3245)
943 Email from K. Irwin (24 Mar 2010) : Regarding James Hogan and Catherine O'Donohue (my grandparents): they are listed as having 11 children, they actually had 13. 5 died as told to me by my mother Sadie Hogan but I can't remember the info. rr_tree I3190 Hogan, James (I3190)
944 Email from KW indicates that the marriage was at St Albans parish, witness William Forbes
[Robert Cunneen email:] The marriage registration has two LLs in Bailley
[780/1842 V1842780 26C BAILLEY WILLIAM KNIGHT JANE MV].  
rr_tree Family F758
945 Emigrated with wife on "Heber" arriving 27 Jul 1839 rr_tree I3931 Cameron, Donald (I3931)
946 Emily is married within two weeks of arriving in Sydney. She must have know Hutchinson previously or perhaps they met on the journey. rr_tree Family F835
947 Emma, Ethelred and their children refugees in Normandy rr_tree I2723 of Normandy, Emma (I2723)
948 Employed by Shorts Brothers of Rochester from 22 Nov 1924 to 17 Sept 1932 and from from 10 April 1933 to 31 October 1947, as clerk in Aircraft drawing office and as Embodiment Loan controller being responsible for obtaining all free issue materials from the air ministry

After leaving Shorts he worked for a year without pay as farm manager of Oakleigh and Tile Barn farms to prove that he was up to the job. He knew nothing about farming but he used to drive around seeing what other farmers were doing and copied them. He stayed as manager up to his retirement, 6 months before his death. 
rr_tree I3838 Young, Albert John (I3838)
949 engine fitter rr_tree I435 Henriksen, Hans Jacob (I435)
950 engine fitter rr_tree I435 Henriksen, Hans Jacob (I435)
951 engine fitter rr_tree I435 Henriksen, Hans Jacob (I435)
952 engine fitter rr_tree I435 Henriksen, Hans Jacob (I435)
953 Engineer in Russells flour mill Limerick. He had two shops 51/52 William St . The shops sold Flour & Meal rr_tree I5288 Young, Harry (I5288)
954 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree I376 Living (I376)
955 England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1983
Name:Angelina Bell
Estimated birth year: abt 1848
Year of Registration:1879
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
Age at Death: 31
District: Farnham
County: Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex
Volume: 2a
Page: 67

Not known if this is this Angelina but it seems likely 
rr_tree I1383 Rastall-Dickinson, Angelina Helen (I1383)
956 England or Sydney?? rr_tree I2100 Beard, Horace Alfred (I2100)
957 enlarged liver, haematemesis, age 48 rr_tree I2257 Royes, Mary Hougham (I2257)
958 entered Parliament as member for Ovens rr_tree I3981 Cameron, Donald (I3981)
959 entered Public Service rr_tree I3870 Royes, Samuel William (I3870)
960 Eric Leslie Luther lists Josephine Luther as his Next of Kin when he enlisted in WW2 - assumed here to be his wife rr_tree I6254 Harvey, Josephine Ann (I6254)
961 estimate based on father's dob rr_tree I2900 Papia (I2900)
962 estimated rr_tree I2287 Bromley, James Hindsley (I2287)
963 Estimated date based on birth of first child rr_tree  
964 estimated date based on wife's birth date rr_tree I4209 Cross, William James (I4209)
965 estimated from census returns rr_tree I3091 McAlpin, Mary (I3091)
966 estimated from date of settlement in Northern Ireland rr_tree I3226 Girvan, David (I3226)
967 Ethelbald was the eldest son of Ethelwulf. He took over his father's authority in 855 and married Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald, king of the Franks, who was also his stepmother. He died in 860. rr_tree I2198 Ethelbald King of Wessex 856-860 (I2198)
968 Ethelbert was Ethelbald's brother. He ruled from 860 to 866. His reign saw a Danish plundering of Kent and raids in Northumbria, both led by Ragnar Lodbrok. They had also penetrated as far as Winchester in Ethelbert's early reign. rr_tree I2199 Ethelbert King of Wessex 860-866 (I2199)
969 Ethelred was another brother of Ethelbald, ruling from 866 to 871. He was the third son of Ethelwulf to wear the mantle of kingship. Ethelred I was not able to control the increasing Danish raids which devastated England. On January 4, 871 in t the Battle of Reading Ethelred defeated a Danishinvasion army. However, he was killed at the Battle of Merton later in 871 and is buried atWimborne in Dorset. Following his death, he was popularly regarded as a saint, but never canonised. He was succeeded by his brother, King Alfred the Great. rr_tree I3210 Ethelred King of Wessex 866-871 (I3210)
970 Ethelred, the younger son of Edgar, became king at the age of seven following the murder of his half-brother Edward II in 978 at Corfe Castle, Dorset, by Edward's own supporters.

For the rest of Ethelred's rule (reigned 978-1016), his brother became a posthumous rallying point for political unrest; a hostile Church transformed Edward into a royal martyr. Known as the Un-raed or 'Unready' (meaning 'no counsel', or that he was unwise), Ethelred failed to win or retain the allegiance of many of his subjects. In 1002, he ordered the massacre of all Danes in England to eliminate potential treachery.

Not being an able soldier, Ethelred defended the country against increasingly rapacious Viking raids from the 980s onwards by diplomatic alliance with the duke of Normandy in 991 (he later married the duke's daughter Emma) and by buying off renewed attacks by the Danes with money levied through a tax called the Danegeld. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1006 was dismissive: 'in spite of it all, the Danish army went about as it pleased'. By 1012, 48,000 pounds of silver was being paid in Danegeld to Danes camped in London.

In 1013, Ethelred fled to Normandy when the powerful Viking Sweyn of Denmark dispossessed him. Ethelred returned to rule after Sweyn's death in 1014, but died himself in 1016. 
rr_tree I2704 Ethelred the Unready King of England 979-1013,1014-16 (I2704)
971 Ethelwulf was the son of Egbert. He succeeded his father in 839. At Ethelwulf's request, his four sons each became king in turn rather than risk weakness in the kingdom by allowing young children to inherit the mantle of leadership.Æthelwulf_of_Wessex 
rr_tree I2714 Ethelwulf King of Wessex 839-856 (I2714)
972 Evening Post, Volume XV, Issue 223, 22 September 1877, Page 1:
The death is announced of Mrs. Joseph Bravo, the mother of the late Mr. Charles Delauney Turner Bravo. It its stated that she never rallied from the shock caused by the untimely death of her son. 
rr_tree I2257 Royes, Mary Hougham (I2257)
973 Extract from memorial in Tower of St Mary Magdalenes Canterbury."Near this place lieth the body of Charles Robinson, son of Matthew Robinson of West Layton, Yorkshire, and Elizabeth Morris (daughter) of Thomas Morris of Mount Morris, Monks Horton, Kent. He died 3lst March 1807 age 75 years- (see Regs St Mary Magdalene) Sarah, his only child married William Hougham, and had this monument erected, 8 Apr 1807 rr_tree I4481 Robinson, Charles (I4481)
974 Extract of War Graves Commission web site:

In Memory of
Field Amb., N.Z. Medical Corps
who died on
Wednesday, 22nd January 1919. Age 31.
Additional Information: Son of T. Blake Huffam and Jane Huffam, of Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand.
Commemorative Information
Grave Reference/
Panel Number: I. C. 23.

Location: Cologne Southern Cemetery, known locally as Sudfriedhof, Zollstock, is about 5 kilometres south of the cathedral on the Honningerweg. The cemetery may be approached from the A4 motorway leaving at junction Koln-Klettenberg. Follow the direction for Koln-Klettenberg, turning right into the Luxemburger Strasse. At the traffic lights, close to the railway crossing, turn right again into the Militarring Strasse. At the second traffic lights turn left into the Oberer Komarweg, which passes under a viaduct. Turn right into the Kalscheurer Strasse. Turn right again into the first street which is the Keudenicher Strasse, this road leads to the Honinger Platz. The main entrance of 'Koln Sudfriedhof' can be seen from this Honinger Platz roundabout. Entering the 'Friedhof' from the main entrance, follow the main cemetery road which leads to Cologne War Cemetery.

Historical Information: Cologne was entered by British forces on the 6th December, 1918, and occupied by the British Army, under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, from that month until January, 1926. The Sudfriedhof, or Southern Cemetery, is one of the City cemeteries, begun in 1900, and covers a very large area. It was used during the war for the burial of more than a 1,000 Allied prisoners, as well as German soldiers. After the Armistice it was used by the British garrison and iin 1922, it was chosen as one of the four permanent cemeteries to which British graves in Germany should be moved. The work was completed in the following year. British graves were brought to Cologne from 183 cemeteries throughout Germany. Within the cemetery stands the Cologne Memorial, which commemorates twenty-five Non Commissioned Officers and men of the forces of the United Kingdom, who died in Germany and the sites of whose graves are not known. The British War Grave Plots are laid out in the form of the letter T, with the head of the T at the East end and at right angles to the main avenue of the cemetery. They are prolonged at the West end by four plots of Rhine Army burials which took place after the legal termination of the War.

Julius Valentine Blake HUFFAM

Julius Valentine Blake - son of T. Blake HUFFAM and Jane JACOBSEN
Julius was the first born of T. Blake HUFFAM and Jane JACOBSEN. T. Blake was 36 when he married Jane, the daughter of Captain Henry JACOBSEN, of Nelson. Jane was only 22. The marriage took place in the home of Henry Jacobsen, in Britannia Heights above Nelson on the 20th of June 1885. Jane was the eldest daughter, and the first to marry.
Julius Valentine Blake was born on the 14th of February 1888. The name Valentine must have seemed apt to the HUFFAM's of the time, as this name had been given to Edward Valentine HUFFAM, born on 14 February 1861, and to another Edward Valentine HUFFAM born on the same day and the same year as our Julius. The third Edward Valentine HUFFAM, born on the 6th of May 1917 must have inherited the name from his grandfather - the first Edward Valentine.

The name Julius came from his maternal grandfather, Johann Julius Heinrich Jacobsen, from whom he also inherited his love of the sea. Blake, as well as being his father's name, was his paternal grandmother's maiden name.

Julius' next sibling was Dorothea Agnes Jane, born in 1890. It wasn't until Julius was seven when his next sister appeared - Runa Brunhilde Frances. Godiva Catherine (Iva) was born in 1900 when Julius was twelve, and Blake Frederick Will was born in 1904 when Julius was sixteen years old.

Julius decided to go to sea at a young age - he was only 15 when he left home. His first letters reflect the joy of a young boy, living a wonderful life:

"I enjoy the sailorising very much."

"So far I have not had a sickness or even toothache since I left N.Z. I am proud of that since everyone was laid up in Java but I. I have struck a paradise in this ship, nothing to do and plenty to eat and bathing all day."

By the time he was 17 he had been to Souvabaya, Java, Barbadoes, and London. London especially was a great time for the young lad, and he writes of going to

"The Tower of London, St Pauls, The Crystal Palace, Westminster Abbey, all through the underground railway and to Margate, Ramsgate and Southend."

His upbringing (or perhaps the tone of his mother's letters) was reflected in the constant reiteration that he "kept clear if drink and smoking". Although London also had a down side, with "a lot of disgusting scenes about here. Drunken men and women and poor little children running about in rags."

"It is a terrible place in the slums, the Policemen go about in twos, many are murdered in the slums."

By August 1904, Julius was finding life a little harder. He and another shipmate jumped ship, as the new skipper made "life unbearable". His attitude to life was still as a carefree lad, as he asks of news from home

"How is the Baby and what have you called it? I was so delighted to hear of it."

The next ship Julius joined, the J. W. Hutt, was a 350 ton schooner, and only required eight hands. He traveled between South Carolina in the USA and Trinidad. After six months on the schooner, he signed in January 1905 for 24 months on the Edward Sewell. This ship paid well, but turned out to be both the maturing of Julius and a voyage of horrors.

"We were treated with utter brutality. Knocked about with belaying pins and laid out with blackjacks etc. The mate is worse than the devil and we have been starved nearly the whole passage. April was the scene of our worst experience. We encounttered a terrific gale when 55S and 1E Long. Our decks were swept fore and aft with tremendous seas and our sails were blown to bits and our foc'sle and every other place was washed out. It was bitterly cold and our sails were frozen stiff and ice was floating around our decks."

By August 1905 the tone of Julius' letters had changed, he speaks of the brutality of the officers, and the strange entertainment in the foc'sle.

"Our foc'sle broom has about three hairs in it now and we look like a lot of maniacs when we strike up the band in the foc'sle. Plenty of tobacco juice to aid us in our gracefulness in dancing."

In October 1905 Julius has been on two voyages with the Edward Sewell, one of 150 days and one of 105. In both passages there are insufficient provisions, and the voyages are marked with the brutality of the officers. He speaks of revenge for the captain, and attempts to get discharged, which are ignored. The crew is nearly raised to mutiny twice, and Julius notes that he is "going crazy".

He is just seventeen years old.

Julius Valentine Blake - soldier
When Julius was 30, war broke out in Europe. It is not surprising that a young man who had seen the world, volunteered, and joined the New Zealand Medical Corps. On 22nd January 1919 Julius died in Cologne, Germany. His French fiancée apparently kept in touch with the family for a while after his death. 
rr_tree I3734 Huffam, Julius Valentine Blake (I3734)
975 Fabian Luther seemd to be married with Ilse Mechteshusen, her parents: Hans von Mechteshusen & Alheit Freyemann - informations of old books belonging the Luther in Möhra. If this is true there are a lot of ancestors back till 1200! rr_tree Family F1920
976 Family Bible has inscription "To James Hindsley Bromley from his mother and father 1702." It has been handed down to the eldest son, always named James Hindsley, until 1997. Now in the possession of the eldest Bromley grandchild (Kevin).

Sir Thomas Bromley is believed to be the earliest known Bromley. The dates indicate clearly that he is not the father of this James Hindsley Bromley, but the link between this earliest known James Hindsley Bromley and Sir Thomas is added for interest.,, 
rr_tree I2278 Bromley, James Hindsley (I2278)
977 Family came to Australia on the "William Rodger" in 1838 rr_tree I4046 Kerr, Robert (I4046)
978 Family cemetery, Clyde Farm rr_tree I1866 Bradley Jones, Margaret (I1866)
979 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Australia. Migrated to Sydney September 1912 due to the ill health of his wife Lily, who needed to live in a warmer climate.. With brother James, who migrated after WW1, he founded building company of Girvan Bros. James later pulled out of the business. [Olive Kerle]
Son Norman took over the business after David's retirement. He had been President of the Master Builders of New South Wales, but Norman died as the result of a road accident and the company was sold. It failed after the pilots' strike and six months of rain in the 1980's. [Wesley Girvan] 
rr_tree I2294 Girvan, David (I2294)
980 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Belfast. rr_tree I2321 Davis, Frederick George (I2321)
981 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Dublin. rr_tree I2306 Girvan, William David (I2306)
982 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Larne. rr_tree I2327 Robinson, Robert (I2327)
983 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Larne. rr_tree I2305 Girvan, John (I2305)
984 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Perth, Australia. Migrated to Australia after 1912 about same time as brother James, then moved to Perth "after a while". rr_tree I2308 Girvan, Evelyn (I2308)
985 Family chart by John and Olive Kerle marks this branch as Sydney, Australia. Migrated after WW1 and with brother David formed the building firm of Girvan Bros. He later pulled out and the firm was left with David's family. [Olive Kerle]

He migrated to Canada from Larne and was an officer in the Canadian Army who served in France before going back to Larne and then moving to Sydney. 
rr_tree I2307 Girvan, James (I2307)
986 Family knowledge. John Richardson's grandfather handled her burial and administered her estate. She is buried in the family grave - the Old C of E section of Oberon General cemetery. rr_tree I630 Luther, Edith Annie (I630)
987 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F595
988 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F596
989 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. rr_tree Family F214
990 family property rr_tree Family F1417
991 family residence rr_tree Family F1414
992 Family story says that he served in the Boer War. rr_tree I1759 Selby, William (I1759)
993 farm labourer rr_tree I1899 Denin, Mary Anne (I1899)
994 farmer rr_tree I1296 Weatherburn, Joseph (I1296)
995 farmer [ Joe was lessee of the Peeramon Hotel in 1919 so perhaps the roll had not been amended] rr_tree I1296 Weatherburn, Joseph (I1296)
996 farmers daughter, age 6 rr_tree I3558 Guild, Margaret de Hougham (I3558)
997 Father Charles Robinson esq Barrister at Law, Recorder of Canterbury, Brother of Matthew, First Lord Rokeby
Obituary in Dover Telegraph 26 Jan 1839
Sarah's will is in the Documents section (original) and the Histories section (transcribed) 
rr_tree I4480 Robinson, Sarah (I4480)
998 Father, Year of Death and Age from inscription on an Altar Tomb, against The South Wall of Preston by Wingham church:
Here lyeth The Body of Ann HOUGHAM, Daughter of Edward JOY – who died A.D. 1677 Anno Aetatis 55 
rr_tree I2597 Joy, Ann (I2597)
999 Father: John Frost
Mother: Elizabeth H N 
rr_tree I1806 Frost, Clara (I1806)
1000 Father: W. S. Burgess
Married in St. Johns Presbyterian Church. 
rr_tree I4266 Burgess, Kenneth (I4266)

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