genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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Matches 1 to 16 of 16 for Tree equals Roy~Royes AND Branch equals Crossley

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree ID   Tree 
1 F790
Adamson, William Thomas McKenzie, Phyllis   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
2 F788
Burgess, Clarence George Ross, Lucy   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
3 F3780
Burgess, David Crossley, Elizabeth Ann 28 May 1878 Ellalong, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
4 F756
Burgess, William Thomas Crossley, Margaret 4 Oct 1875 Millfield, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
5 F3779
Chick, Augustus Peter Crossley, Susannah   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
6 F4450
Crossley, Ernest James William Stafford, Constance Ann 20 Nov 1946 Proserpine, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
7 F4449
Crossley, Ernest John Thomas Monaghan, Mary Elizabeth 18 Apr 1914 Proserpine, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
8 F4207
Crossley, George Richard Burgess, Ann 3 Sep 1878 Ellalong, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
9 F4156
Crossley, James Thomas Ling, Martha Matilda 19 Feb 1880 Ellalong, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
10 F4208
Crossley, John McCann, Annie 22 Jun 1887 Ellalong, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
11 F3589
Crossley, Thomas Bandy, Mary 18 Jul 1794 Southill, Bedfordshire, England  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
12 F1828
Crossley, Thomas Bailey, Anne 12 Oct 1840 Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
13 F786
Crossley, Thomas Burgess, Caroline 24 Apr 1876 Ellalong, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
14 F1825
Crossley, William Arthur Tighe, Margaret Anne 20 Sep 1880 Rockhampton, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
15 F789
McKenzie, Sid Crossley, Emily Amelia   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
16 F3591
Timmins, John Crossley, Emily 1874 Gunnedah, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes