genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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Matches 1 to 18 of 18 for Tree equals Roy~Royes AND Branch equals Elias-Roy

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree ID   Tree 
1 F16
Elias, Ernest Rupert Roy, Beryl 22 Jul 1946 Albury, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
2 F1683
Elias, Joseph [Elias], Gladys   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
3 F359
Hamill, Alexander Logan, Moyra Elizabeth 1950  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
4 F353
Hamill, James Smith Logan, Mary 1922  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
5 F17
Harris, Brian Ronald Roy, Agnes Margaret 6 May 1967 Cairns, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
6 F358
Logan, John Adair, Annie 11 Sep 1924  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
7 F50
Logan, Samuel Clements, Elizabeth Gamble 30 May 1889 Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
8 F4379
Roy, Angus Livingstone Fechner, Mabel Grace   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
9 F20
Roy, Angus Livingstone Murphy, Jacqueline Ivy 18 May 1946 Bundaberg, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
10 F3
Roy, John Maurice Royes, Eleanor May 10 Mar 1940 Cairns, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
11 F4
Roy, John Maurice Bogiatzis, Rose 17 Jun 1957 Cairns, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
12 F5
Roy, Samuel Russell Logan, Agnes 11 Aug 1914 Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
13 F10
Roy, Thomas Russell, Jane 31 Mar 1886 Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
14 F21
Roy, Thomas Jamieson Jacobson, Phyllis Agnes 24 Aug 1940 Cairns, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
15 F351
Selby, Hugh Curran Logan, Rose 11 Apr 1930 Ireland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
16 F362
Simms, Robert Logan, Elizabeth 3 Aug 1935 Ireland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
17 F361
Terry, Arthur Richard James Logan, Margaret 12 Jul 1922 Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire, England  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
18 F8
Thorburn, Stanley Bogiatzis, Rose 1947 Townsville, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes