genealogy of the roy and royes families
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Matches 1 to 30 of 30 for Tree equals Roy~Royes AND Branch equals Healey-Bromley

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F1369
 Bromley, Isabella   Roy~Royes 
2 F664
Barclay, Alexander McCawley, Margaret   Roy~Royes 
3 F842
Bromley, Aterea William John    Roy~Royes 
4 F846
Bromley, Donald McDonald Leat, Alice 8 Aug 1908 Sanson, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
5 F843
Bromley, James Hindsley Lewis, Emily Jane   Roy~Royes 
6 F841
Bromley, James Hindsley    Roy~Royes 
7 F844
Bromley, James Hindsley Bowers, Charlotte Pringle  Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
8 F845
Bromley, James Hindsley Leat, Emily   Roy~Royes 
9 F847
Bromley, James Hindsley    Roy~Royes 
10 F848
Bromley, James Hindsley    Roy~Royes 
11 F849
Bromley, James Hindsley    Roy~Royes 
12 F850
Bromley, James Hindsley    Roy~Royes 
13 F840
Bromley, Thomas    Roy~Royes 
14 F9
Cann, Kenneth Healey, Joanne Marie 20 Feb 2002  Roy~Royes 
15 F48
Chapman Bromley, E.   Roy~Royes 
16 F214
Healey, David Lawrence Coombes, J.   Roy~Royes 
17 F800
Healey, Eroll Albert    Roy~Royes 
18 F798
Healey, Eroll Hamilton Robertson, Mary Dell 15 Jun 1915 Foxton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
19 F662
Healey, Job Rowley, Thirza Oct 1871 Isle of Wight, England  Roy~Royes 
20 F663
Healey, Job Barclay, Alice Agnes 27 May 1884 Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
21 F839
Healey, Lawrence Willmer Bromley, Vida Mona 1 Feb 1928 Bulls, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
22 F1991
Healey, R.D. Walker, Elizabeth   Roy~Royes 
23 F11
Healey, W.L. Roy, L.J.   Roy~Royes 
24 F4342
Healy, John [Healy], Hannah   Roy~Royes 
25 F4455
Henderson, Robert James Healey, Harriet 1879  Roy~Royes 
26 F579
Jellyman, Ronald Ivan Bromley, Mavis Eileen 23 Dec 1946 New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
27 F4456
Lane, Samuel Collins Healey, Harriet 1902  Roy~Royes 
28 F1372
MacIntyre, Archibald Bromley, Isabella 24 Jan 1903 Bulls, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand  Roy~Royes 
29 F580
McDonald Jellyman, Rhonda (Zoe)   Roy~Royes 
30 F799
Reihana Healey, Dorothy Noeline Audrey   Roy~Royes