genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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Matches 1 to 21 of 21 for Tree equals Roy~Royes AND Branch equals Moody

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree ID   Tree 
1 F690
 Mackintosh, Corinne Jane   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
2 F32
Bourke, Leo Vincent Royes, Doris Helen 9 Aug 1947 Cairns, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
3 F61
Brown, Robert Anthony Grumley, Janine Patricia 2 Oct 1971 QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
4 F66
Dawson, Robert Roland Moody, Barbara 24 Apr 1916 Mareeba, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
5 F572
Diery, Donald [Diery], Andrea   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
6 F571
Diery, Philip [Diery], Rosa   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
7 F390
Diery, Ronald Philip Dawson, Muriel Jessie   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
8 F36
Edwards, Eric Lee Weatherburn, Fay Joan 4 Aug 1956 Mareeba, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
9 F31
Grumley, Alexander Joseph Royes, Edna Stewart 10 May 1941 Malanda, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
10 F29
McFarlane, James Wales Simpson Royes, Jean Isabel 2 Nov 1927 Mareeba, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
11 F240
Moody, Patrick Stuart, Jane 15 Jun 1848 Ardstraw, Tyrone, Northern Ireland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
12 F1706
Moody, Peter Henry [Moody], June   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
13 F1705
Moody, Thomas Ian Tate, Lillas Jean   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
14 F47
Moody, Thomas Stewart Higginson, Mary 28 Feb 1883 Townsville, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
15 F462
Moody, William John Alexander Mathews, Marion Ruby Jun 1920 Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
16 F41
Moore, Eric Lawrence Royes, Jean Isabel 30 May 1944  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
17 F3
Roy, John Maurice Royes, Eleanor May 10 Mar 1940 Cairns, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
18 F33
Royes, George Herbert Reynolds, Veronica Catherine 5 Jan 1945 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
19 F24
Royes, Herbert Charles Moody, Mary Jane 19 Jun 1906 Mareeba, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
20 F57
Swan, Donald Joseph Royes, Ethel Ruth 27 Jan 1968 Atherton, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
21 F46
Trimble, John Roy McFarlane, Joyce Beryl 1 Feb 1947 Mareeba, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes