genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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Matches 1 to 24 of 24 for Tree equals Roy~Royes AND Branch equals Weatherburn

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree ID   Tree 
1 F690
 Mackintosh, Corinne Jane   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
2 F1721
Arthur, G Weatherburn, Elizabeth   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
3 F1996
Buhmann, Frederich Weatherburn, Isabella 1943  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
4 F1746
Collins, Richard George Ernest West, Ivy Laura 11 Oct 1922 QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
5 F4198
Conroy, Brian Fixter, Shirley 1985 Ipswich, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
6 F1881
Hannah, Bruce Eldridge, Lynda Maree 28 Nov 1988 Beerwah, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
7 F561
McLeish, Daniel Weatherburn, Isabella 1905 Newcastle, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
8 F1994
McLeish, William Jarrett, Alice 26 Apr 1937 Millaa Millaa, QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
9 F1748
Ramsay, David Carnegie West, Alma Isobel 8 Sep 1931 QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
10 F1724
Saunders, George A. Weatherburn, Catherine Mary Dec 1914 Adamstown, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
11 F4522
Snell, Cecil West, Shirley Margaret 11 Jun 1955 QLD, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
12 F329
Weatherburn, Christopher Geggle, Margaret 10 Aug 1835 Lamberton Toll, Berwickshire, Scotland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
13 F560
Weatherburn, Christopher Heaton, Jane 26 Aug 1902  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
14 F776
Weatherburn, Henry Cowe, Alison   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
15 F778
Weatherburn, Henry Kirton, Margaret   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
16 F779
Weatherburn, Henry Tindall, Agnes/Anne 3 Jun 1742 Belford, Northumberland, England  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
17 F774
Weatherburn, Henry Milvin, Agnes 1796 Norham, Northumberland, England  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
18 F775
Weatherburn, James Edminson, Margaret   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
19 F3533
Weatherburn, James Philip, Christen 23 Dec 1784 Mordington, Borders, Scotland  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
20 F777
Weatherburn, John Hewitt, Mary   rr_tree Roy~Royes 
21 F330
Weatherburn, John Greener, Catherine 31 Dec 1874  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
22 F331
Weatherburn, Joseph Gardener, Bertha 27 Feb 1907 Adamstown, Newcastle, NSW, Australia  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
23 F4465
Weatherburn, William Alcorn, Euphemia 1835 Union Chain Bridge, Northumberland, England  rr_tree Roy~Royes 
24 F562
West, Henry Anthony Weatherburn, Margaret 5 Dec 1900  rr_tree Roy~Royes