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Keeping in touch with changes

There are two ways of keeping in touch with what is new in the web site data.

The first is to use the What's New link under the Info drop-down menu. The number of days of changed data can vary - it is shown in the title: What's New (past XX days).

You may sometimes be puzzled as to what has changed. Even a minor change like correcting a spelling mistake or new link will mean that an item has been changed and will therefore end up in this list or the RSS feed (see below). But at least you are alerted to change!

Note that the changes notified are confined to People, Families and Media items.


rss The second way of keeping in touch with changes is to use the RSS feed facilities. See an explanation of RSS/XML feeds at this Wikipedia link. You need a "Reader" for this feature:

  • There are web sites that will keep track of your RSS feeds (eg,
  • Some browsers are capable of including RSS feeds (Eg, Omniweb) or you might be able to include RSS addons/extensions
  • There are also computer applications, some free. Go to RSS Info or for a list of applications.

If you type into your browser you will find out if you already have an RSS feed capability! This is the same address to quote for RSS feeds when they ask you where your feed can be found.

RSS feeds check their sources at regular intervals. When a new item is discovered your RSS feed lists them - usually with a brief summary.

One advantage of the RSS feed is that it replicates "What's New" but is not limited to a fixed number of items per category - it will keep you informed of changes to personal and family files, histories, articles, documents and media.