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Events from the past 12 months

November 2019
Rebecca Roy has announced her engagement with Rick Evans.
[great niece of Maurie Roy]

August 2019
Ken Grumley married Myrel Villabrelle in the Philippines in August. A post-wedding celebration took place on 31st August in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.
[Ken is a nephew of May Royes]

March 2019
Beverley Cameron enjoyed several celebrations of her 80th birthday from family, church, Waverton Hub community and friends.
[daughter-in-law of Maurie Roy]
February 2019
Nathan Vogler has begun a dual degree in Commerce and IT at the University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane - staying at Emmanuel College.
[great grandson of Maurie Roy]
Ezekiel (Zeke) Kaleb Gaul born this month to Rachael (Hardie) and Kaleb Gaul. First great grandchild of David and Marcia (Claxton) Harris.
[3G nephew of May Royes]

Today's anniversaries.

Note that this list includes everyone in the Roy-Royes tree and the Roy misc. and Royes misc. collections. See Trees and Branches.

Birthdays for 29 Jan 2020
Percy Hougham Royes - 1875 (145 years ago.)
May Hougham Royes - 1885 (135 years ago.)

Deaths for 29 Jan 2020
Timothy Roy - 1903 (117 years ago.)
Isabella Smail - 1916 (104 years ago.)
Mary Russell - 1920 (100 years ago.)
Mary Alice Gorman - 1964 (56 years ago.)
Patrick Joseph Hogan - 1970 (50 years ago.)
Vera Sasso - 1974 (46 years ago.)

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Rosemary Chalmers tree on line
Posted 14 Oct 2019

Rosemary Chalmers (Palmerston, NT) comes from the Myles-Russell side of the Roy-Russell line - She has now posted her tree on the web at
[Robert Henry Gordon Myles (who died in Beenleigh, QLD in 1991) is the 2C1R of Maurie Roy]

George Royes

Georgie Royes remembered by Bill Moody
Posted 23 Jul 2019

Thanks to Glenda (Weatherburn) Pollard [niece of May Royes] we have a transcript of a tape created by Bill Moody for Paddy Royes in which he remembers his close friendship with her husband and his cousin.
[George is a brother of May Royes].

Helen Royes Bourke

Bourke updates
Posted 15 Jul 2019

Thanks to Lee-Ann (Bourke) Brodrick [niece of May Royes] we have extended our information and added some photos of the Bourke-Royes alliance - where Helen Royes married Leo Bourke.
[Helen is a sister of May Royes]

Posted 1 May 2019

Thanks to Linda (Robinson) Harper [2C1R of Maurie Roy] we have been able to fill in details of the family of James Robinson (1921-1962), one of five children of Hugh David Robinson and Margaret "Maggie" Wiley [1C1R of Maurie Roy]. Maggie is a daughter of Hugh Wiley and Mary Russell. Mary migrated from Northern Ireland to the Cooktown area of Queensland in 1913 with her two youngest children to join her husband who had gone ahead of them. Maggie and other older siblings did not accompany their mother. Maggie married Hugh David Robinson in Belfast in 1917.

Royes Bell skilful feat
Posted 13 May 2019

Both Royes Bell and Charles Bravo are first cousins twice removed of May Royes
The Bravo case is described in this article: Charles Bravo death and inquest

Australian Bush Fires
Posted 9 Jan 2020

We replace the stories of massive floods in North Queenland twelve months ago with news of massive bush fires throughout Australia. The photo shows the smoke haze in the heart of Sydney - this smoke was a severe health hazard for many. It reached as far as New Zealand! I am not aware of the names of family members affected by the fires but there a number of our families on grazing and farming properties or living in small towns that have been severely affected. Some native wild life have been decimated. The scale of the disaster has taken everyone by surprise and our federal government has been struggling to deal with it. See this Wikipedia entry here: 2019–20_Australian_bushfire_season.

One Family with Six Living Generations
Posted 25 Jan 2019

Can anyone match this? Until his death at the age of 103 a few days ago, Donald Cask Kirk of Utah was the patriarch of a family with 6 living generations. He had 7 children (with several of them still living), 37 grandchildren, 99 great-grandchildren, 36 great-great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-great-grandchild.

Donald Cask Kirk’s obituary may be found at:

Thanks to newsletter reader W David Samuelsen for sharing this story.

Published in Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

United in death
Posted 30 Mar 2019

A mixed marriage - he was Protestant and she was Catholic. She is buried in consecrated ground but he was not allowed to be buried with her. But they were still united in death!