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NOTE: This page is a draft - it will be fully "activated" when Family Links 40 is published in February 2019.

Family Links

This page continues the function of the printed Family Links newsletters produced every four months between February 2006 and February 2019.
These newsletters are still available at Newsletters


George Royes

Family Links 40 will feature an article about George Royes [only brother of May Royes]


Australian boundries over time

This map changes to show state boundaries over time. It is an example of how a web-based newsletter can include "dynamic" illustrations or videos.

Today's anniversaries.

Birthdays for 18 Jan 2019
Alfred Henry Thomas Gent - 1883 (136 years ago.)
Annie O'Dowd - 1885 (134 years ago.)
Eugenia Theresa Pisani - 1915 (104 years ago.)

Deaths for 18 Jan 2019
William Hugessen - 1753 (266 years ago.)
Charles Hougham - 1793 (226 years ago.)
James Burgess - 1887 (132 years ago.)
Thomas Myles Dawson - 1943 (76 years ago.)

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News events of the past 12 months.

December 2018

Sam Roy graduated with 2nd class honours in Software Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).
[great grandson of Maurie Roy]

July 2018

Joan Tillet died just short of her 85th birthday. She was apparently in good health, sat down to have a cup of tea with her friend, fell asleep and never woke up again. Wonderful way to go!
[2C1R of Maurie Roy]

April 2018

Sophie Threadgold's baptism in Holy Cross Church in Tramore, Ireland brought together Annabel Threadgold, James Hogan, Jim Hogan, Ann Hogan, Tanya, Tamsin and Rupert Hogan
[Sophie is 2C2R of Maurie Roy]

March 2018

Nancy (Cooke) Green died peacefully, aged 96, in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Read tribute.
[former mother-in-law of Bruce Roy]
Heather (McArthur) Fleming died, aged 98, in Mosman, NSW, Australia.
[aunt of Bev Cameron (daughter-in-law of Maurie Roy)]
Helen (Royes) Bourke died, aged 94, in Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. She was the last surviving sibling of her generation for both the Bert and Mary Royes and Sam and Agnes Roy families.
[sister of May Royes]

February 2018

Travis Colt Beattie born to Brendan and Stacey in Cairns, QLD, Australia.
[3G nephew of May Royes]