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NOTE: This page is a draft - it will be fully "activated" when Family Links 40 is published in February 2019.
For those few people without access to a computer/mobile phone a printed (pdf) version of this page will be produced and mailed

Family Links

This page continues the function of the printed Family Links newsletters produced every four months between February 2006 and February 2019.
These newsletters are still available at Newsletters


George Royes

Family Links 40 will feature an article about George Royes [only brother of May Royes]


Australian boundries over time

This map changes to show state boundaries over time. It is an example of how a web-based newsletter can include "dynamic" illustrations or videos.


The Northmen

Rollo (0846-0932), first Duke of Normandy, is May Royes's 29G grandfather. This chart is possibly his pedigree - Rognvald and Ragnhild (or Hilda) were his parents and we think that we can trace him back to Egil, King in Sweden. This chart can be found here in our Overviews section (where the green arrows will link you to connected charts).