genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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Antrim, Northern Ireland


Ireland prior to 1927

State/Province : Latitude: 54.77693, Longitude: -6.03699


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clements, Agnes  7 Jun 1873Antrim, Northern Ireland I4726 Roy~Royes 
2 Clements, Agnes May Kane  20 Nov 1888Antrim, Northern Ireland I6485 Roy~Royes 
3 Clements, Caroline  Est 1909Antrim, Northern Ireland I3136 Roy~Royes 
4 Clements, Elizabeth  Est 1895Antrim, Northern Ireland I3129 Roy~Royes 
5 Clements, Ellen  Est 1905Antrim, Northern Ireland I3133 Roy~Royes 
6 Clements, Isabel  Est 1894Antrim, Northern Ireland I3128 Roy~Royes 
7 Clements, James  Est 1760Antrim, Northern Ireland I169 Roy~Royes 
8 Clements, Margaret  Jan 1901Antrim, Northern Ireland I3131 Roy~Royes 
9 Gamble, Agnes  Est 1849Antrim, Northern Ireland I315 Roy~Royes 
10 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I4734 Roy~Royes 
11 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I330 Roy~Royes 
12 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I332 Roy~Royes 
13 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I1038 Roy~Royes 
14 Girvan, David  1834Antrim, Northern Ireland I331 Roy~Royes 
15 Girvan, James  Antrim, Northern Ireland I334 Roy~Royes 
16 Girvan, Jane  Antrim, Northern Ireland I944 Roy~Royes 
17 Girvan, John  Antrim, Northern Ireland I335 Roy~Royes 
18 Girvan, Lizzie  Antrim, Northern Ireland I2622 Roy~Royes 
19 Girvan, Mary  Antrim, Northern Ireland I961 Roy~Royes 
20 Girvan, Priscilla  Antrim, Northern Ireland I1029 Roy~Royes 
21 Girvan, Robert  Antrim, Northern Ireland I4735 Roy~Royes 
22 Girvan, William  Antrim, Northern Ireland I336 Roy~Royes 
23 Hagan, Jane  22 Feb 1885Antrim, Northern Ireland I5229 Roy~Royes 
24 Houston, David  Abt 1890Antrim, Northern Ireland I145 Other Roy 
25 Kelly, Elizabeth  Est 1870Antrim, Northern Ireland I3127 Roy~Royes 
26 Magee, Patrick  8 Mar 1879Antrim, Northern Ireland I5224 Roy~Royes 
27 McFerran, Jane  9 Mar 1899Antrim, Northern Ireland I3571 Roy~Royes 
28 McGrievy, Anne  1858Antrim, Northern Ireland I6338 Roy~Royes 
29 Nicholson, Agnes  Est 1836Antrim, Northern Ireland I1852 Roy~Royes 
30 Nicholson, John  Est 1839Antrim, Northern Ireland I1854 Roy~Royes 
31 Nicholson, Mary  Est 1837Antrim, Northern Ireland I1853 Roy~Royes 
32 Nicholson, Thomas  Est 1807Antrim, Northern Ireland I1850 Roy~Royes 
33 Roy, John  Abt 1854Antrim, Northern Ireland I6335 Roy~Royes 
34 Roy, John  1883Antrim, Northern Ireland I6339 Roy~Royes 
35 Roy, Sarah Ann Armstrong  1886Antrim, Northern Ireland I6340 Roy~Royes 
36 Snoddy, Agnes  Abt 1805Antrim, Northern Ireland I1162 Roy~Royes 
37 Snoddy, Andrew  Abt 1811Antrim, Northern Ireland I6361 Roy~Royes 
38 Snoddy, James  Abt 1785Antrim, Northern Ireland I2091 Roy~Royes 
39 Snoddy, James jr  Abt 1810Antrim, Northern Ireland I6360 Roy~Royes 
40 Wiley, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1888Antrim, Northern Ireland I4292 Roy~Royes 
41 Wiley, Ezekiel Davis  13 Apr 1882Antrim, Northern Ireland I1926 Roy~Royes 
42 Wiley, John Ritchie  10 Oct 1883Antrim, Northern Ireland I1925 Roy~Royes 
43 Wiley, Joseph Barron  14 May 1886Antrim, Northern Ireland I4291 Roy~Royes 
44 Wiley, Thomas James  1900Antrim, Northern Ireland I1323 Roy~Royes 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clements, James  24 Jan 1834Antrim, Northern Ireland I169 Roy~Royes 
2 Gamble, Agnes  1942Antrim, Northern Ireland I315 Roy~Royes 
3 Hamill, Elizabeth Gamble  5 Feb 2019Antrim, Northern Ireland I374 Roy~Royes 
4 McDowell, Margaret Sloan  Abt Apr 1935Antrim, Northern Ireland I6525 Roy~Royes 
5 McFerran, Thomas Henry  6 Jul 1920Antrim, Northern Ireland I3572 Roy~Royes 
6 Nicholson, Thomas  1843Antrim, Northern Ireland I1850 Roy~Royes 
7 Wiley, Ezekiel Davis  18 Aug 1955Antrim, Northern Ireland I1926 Roy~Royes 
8 Wiley, John Ritchie  17 Feb 1952Antrim, Northern Ireland I1925 Roy~Royes 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clements / Gamble  19 Jun 1870Antrim, Northern Ireland F51 Roy~Royes 
2 Clements / Snoddy  Abt 1827Antrim, Northern Ireland F345 Roy~Royes 
3 Roy / Kirk  18 Mar 1836Antrim, Northern Ireland F1 Other Roy 
4 Snoddy / Curley  1829Antrim, Northern Ireland F4425 Roy~Royes 
5 Wiley / Ritchie  1881Antrim, Northern Ireland  F4457 Roy~Royes