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Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Antrim, Northern Ireland
[Antrim] [Northern Ireland]

Notes: Ireland prior to 1927

State/Province : Latitude: 54.77693, Longitude: -6.03699


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clements, Agnes  7 Jun 1873Antrim, Northern Ireland I4726
2 Clements, Agnes May Kane  20 Nov 1888Antrim, Northern Ireland I6485
3 Clements, Caroline  Est 1909Antrim, Northern Ireland I3136
4 Clements, Elizabeth  Est 1895Antrim, Northern Ireland I3129
5 Clements, Ellen  Est 1905Antrim, Northern Ireland I3133
6 Clements, Houston  Abt Feb 1841Antrim, Northern Ireland I162
7 Clements, Isabel  Est 1894Antrim, Northern Ireland I3128
8 Clements, James  Est 1760Antrim, Northern Ireland I169
9 Clements, Margaret  Jan 1901Antrim, Northern Ireland I3131
10 Gamble, Agnes  Est 1849Antrim, Northern Ireland I315
11 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I4734
12 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I330
13 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I332
14 Girvan, David  Antrim, Northern Ireland I1038
15 Girvan, David  1834Antrim, Northern Ireland I331
16 Girvan, James  Antrim, Northern Ireland I334
17 Girvan, Jane  Antrim, Northern Ireland I944
18 Girvan, John  Antrim, Northern Ireland I335
19 Girvan, Lizzie  Antrim, Northern Ireland I2622
20 Girvan, Mary  Antrim, Northern Ireland I961
21 Girvan, Priscilla  Antrim, Northern Ireland I1029
22 Girvan, Robert  Antrim, Northern Ireland I4735
23 Girvan, William  Antrim, Northern Ireland I336
24 Hagan, Jane  22 Feb 1885Antrim, Northern Ireland I5229
25 Houston, David  Abt 1890Antrim, Northern Ireland I145
26 Kelly, Elizabeth  Est 1870Antrim, Northern Ireland I3127
27 Magee, Patrick  8 Mar 1879Antrim, Northern Ireland I5224
28 McFerran, Jane  9 Mar 1899Antrim, Northern Ireland I3571
29 McGrievy, Anne  1858Antrim, Northern Ireland I6338
30 Nicholson, Agnes  Est 1836Antrim, Northern Ireland I1852
31 Nicholson, John  Est 1839Antrim, Northern Ireland I1854
32 Nicholson, Mary  Est 1837Antrim, Northern Ireland I1853
33 Nicholson, Thomas  Est 1807Antrim, Northern Ireland I1850
34 Roy, John  Abt 1854Antrim, Northern Ireland I6335
35 Roy, John  1883Antrim, Northern Ireland I6339
36 Roy, Sarah Ann Armstrong  1886Antrim, Northern Ireland I6340
37 Snoddy, Agnes  Abt 1805Antrim, Northern Ireland I1162
38 Snoddy, Andrew  Abt 1811Antrim, Northern Ireland I6361
39 Snoddy, James  Abt 1785Antrim, Northern Ireland I2091
40 Snoddy, James jr  Abt 1810Antrim, Northern Ireland I6360
41 Wiley, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1888Antrim, Northern Ireland I4292
42 Wiley, Ezekiel Davis  13 Apr 1882Antrim, Northern Ireland I1926
43 Wiley, John Ritchie  10 Oct 1883Antrim, Northern Ireland I1925
44 Wiley, Joseph Barron  14 May 1886Antrim, Northern Ireland I4291
45 Wiley, Thomas James  1900Antrim, Northern Ireland I1323


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barron, Jane  13 Jun 1884Antrim, Northern Ireland I4836
2 Clements, James  24 Jan 1834Antrim, Northern Ireland I169
3 Gamble, Agnes  Antrim, Northern Ireland I315
4 McDowell, Margaret Sloan  Abt Apr 1935Antrim, Northern Ireland I6525
5 McFerran, Thomas Henry  6 Jul 1920Antrim, Northern Ireland I3572
6 Nicholson, Thomas  1843Antrim, Northern Ireland I1850
7 Wiley, Ezekiel Davis  18 Aug 1955Antrim, Northern Ireland I1926
8 Wiley, John Ritchie  17 Feb 1952Antrim, Northern Ireland I1925


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clements / Gamble  Abt 1870Antrim, Northern Ireland F51
2 Clements / Snoddy  Abt 1827Antrim, Northern Ireland F345
3 Roy / Kirk  18 Mar 1836Antrim, Northern Ireland F1
4 Snoddy / Curley  1829Antrim, Northern Ireland F4425
5 Wiley / Ritchie  1881Antrim, Northern Ireland  F4457