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Armidale, NSW, Australia

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Armidale, NSW, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -30.51417, Longitude: 151.66899


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Donald  28 Sep 1880Armidale, NSW, Australia I3954
2 Cameron, Murdoch  26 Aug 1869Armidale, NSW, Australia I3942
3 Holloway, Mary Elizabeth  1868Armidale, NSW, Australia I4137
4 McArthur, Adelaide Elizabeth  1880Armidale, NSW, Australia I1796
5 McArthur, Alexander Charles  15 Aug 1882Armidale, NSW, Australia I4773
6 McArthur, Araluen Muriel  1898Armidale, NSW, Australia I1803
7 McArthur, Donald Wallace  24 Jul 1909Armidale, NSW, Australia I2175
8 McArthur, Flora Gertrude  29 Apr 1917Armidale, NSW, Australia I2247
9 McArthur, Gertrude Winifred  23 Mar 1888Armidale, NSW, Australia I1799
10 McArthur, Heather Olive  28 Aug 1919Armidale, NSW, Australia I2637
11 McArthur, Hector Alexander  1 Feb 1907Armidale, NSW, Australia I1804
12 McArthur, Malcolm Hugh  13 Dec 1912Armidale, NSW, Australia I2176
13 McArthur, Mary Anne  1879Armidale, NSW, Australia I1795
14 McArthur, May  27 Jul 1911Armidale, NSW, Australia I1805
15 McArthur, Olive Grace  1893Armidale, NSW, Australia I1800
16 McArthur, Ronald Douglas  26 Jan 1915Armidale, NSW, Australia I2623
17 McCarthy, Arthur W  1885Armidale, NSW, Australia I1797
18 McCarthy, Leslie F  1887Armidale, NSW, Australia I1798
19 McCarthy, Wallace  1897Armidale, NSW, Australia I1802
20 McCarthy, Wallace J  1891Armidale, NSW, Australia I1801
21 McLennan, Donald John  18 Sep 1859Armidale, NSW, Australia I4123
22 McLennan, John George  23 Nov 1890Armidale, NSW, Australia I4131
23 McLennan, Oswald Hubert  3 Oct 1895Armidale, NSW, Australia I4130
24 Robson, George Hugh  1858Armidale, NSW, Australia I4136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 Frazier, Louisa Isabella  4 Nov 1877Armidale, NSW, Australia I3945
2 Thorpe, Edwin Charles  9 Apr 1871Armidale, NSW, Australia I3953


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Ann  3 Nov 1960Armidale, NSW, Australia I3946
2 Cameron, Catherine  15 Jul 1964Armidale, NSW, Australia I3952
3 Cameron, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1968Armidale, NSW, Australia I3972
4 Cameron, Hector  26 Mar 1919Armidale, NSW, Australia I3948
5 Cameron, Hector Robson  12 Dec 1989Armidale, NSW, Australia I4135
6 Cameron, Hugh Ewen  7 Jun 1875Armidale, NSW, Australia I3933
7 Cameron, Isabella  21 Jul 1915Armidale, NSW, Australia I3979
8 Cameron, John  20 Jan 1953Armidale, NSW, Australia I3944
9 Cameron, William  12 Apr 1964Armidale, NSW, Australia I3956
10 Faulkner, Herbert James  13 May 1970Armidale, NSW, Australia I3973
11 Faulkner, Winifred Agnes  30 Oct 1950Armidale, NSW, Australia I3957
12 Frazier, John Thomas  20 Sep 1953Armidale, NSW, Australia I3947
13 Frazier, Louisa Isabella  28 Aug 1956Armidale, NSW, Australia I3945
14 Handebo, Charles  21 Jan 1905Armidale, NSW, Australia I3984
15 Maclean, Anne  26 Dec 1868Armidale, NSW, Australia I3934
16 McArthur, Allan Hugh  1939Armidale, NSW, Australia I1794
17 McArthur, Gertrude Winifred  Abt 1989Armidale, NSW, Australia I1799
18 McArthur, Hugh  11 Jul 1929Armidale, NSW, Australia I2137
19 McArthur, May  28 Jul 1911Armidale, NSW, Australia I1805
20 McArthur, Ronald Douglas  2 Feb 1988Armidale, NSW, Australia I2623
21 McCarthy, Arthur W  1885Armidale, NSW, Australia I1797
22 McCarthy, Leslie F  1887Armidale, NSW, Australia I1798
23 McCarthy, Wallace  1900Armidale, NSW, Australia I1802
24 McCarthy, Wallace J  1891Armidale, NSW, Australia I1801
25 McRae, Margaret  1912Armidale, NSW, Australia I4126
26 Nott, Mary Eleanor  26 Sep 1942Armidale, NSW, Australia I1814
27 Robson, Jean  10 Jan 1852Armidale, NSW, Australia I5913
28 Thorpe, Edwin Charles  24 Dec 1962Armidale, NSW, Australia I3953
29 Way, Gloriana  5 Apr 1956Armidale, NSW, Australia I2174
30 Wilkinson, Eleanor Emily Eileen  20 May 2006Armidale, NSW, Australia I4139


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Hector  28 Mar 1919Armidale, NSW, Australia I3948


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Catherine  1943Armidale, NSW, Australia I3952
2 Cameron, Flora  1921Armidale, NSW, Australia I3969
3 Cameron, John  1928Armidale, NSW, Australia I3944


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Cameron  1861Armidale, NSW, Australia F1430
2 Cameron / Crowley Galvin  14 May 1953Armidale, NSW, Australia F677
3 Cameron / Frazier  1905Armidale, NSW, Australia F1413
4 Cameron / McLennan  23 Apr 1913Armidale, NSW, Australia F1424
5 Cameron / Miller  1862Armidale, NSW, Australia F1429
6 Handebo / Cattell  22 Oct 1872Armidale, NSW, Australia F414
7 McArthur / Frost  26 Oct 1929Armidale, NSW, Australia F709
8 McArthur / Preston  9 Jun 1906Armidale, NSW, Australia F1674
9 Mitchell / Cameron  1861Armidale, NSW, Australia F1431
10 Nixon / Cameron  1868Armidale, NSW, Australia F1410
11 Scobie / McArthur  1925Armidale, NSW, Australia F707