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Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -27.46758, Longitude: 153.02789


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooke, Nancy  9 Apr 1922Brisbane, QLD, Australia I183
2 Ferguson, James  19 Feb 1872Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6282
3 Francey, Martha  2 Aug 1881Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4225
4 Harris, Elsie Mona  28 Dec 1899Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5531
5 Hurley, Edna Myrtle  18 Feb 1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4245
6 Hurley, Ellen Phylis  17 May 1877Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4229
7 Hurley, Elsie Martha  29 Sep 1914Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4246
8 Hurley, Frederick Joseph  17 Oct 1888Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4234
9 Hurley, Harry Ansell  7 Jul 1895Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4237
10 Hurley, John Henry  29 Jun 1886Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4233
11 Hurley, Marian Charlotte  18 Apr 1879Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4207
12 Hurley, Mary Alice  8 Oct 1890Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4235
13 Hurley, Muriel Millicent  30 Apr 1893Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4236
14 Hurley, Phillip Victor  29 Sep 1897Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4238
15 Hurley, Phillip Victor  11 Aug 1919Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4247
16 Hurley, William George  30 Jul 1881Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4230
17 Keros, Lita  18 Nov 1928Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4069
18 Roy, Beverley Dianne  15 Feb 1953Brisbane, QLD, Australia I821
19 Royes, Daniel Joseph  9 Feb 1972Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3218
20 Royes, Gavin  23 Oct 1973Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3219
21 Royes, Jennifer Cathryn  14 Nov 1945Brisbane, QLD, Australia I2676
22 Royes, Robert Henry  14 Jun 1923Brisbane, QLD, Australia I637
23 Thorburn, Nicholas James  31 Aug 1982Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1230
24 Vollenweider, Marie Elizabeth Paulina  21 Jul 1903Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1282
25 Wicks, Arthur Stanley  26 Oct 1915Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 Hurley, Marian Charlotte  May 1879Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Breusch, Lloyd John  2 Jun 2000Brisbane, QLD, Australia I2293
2 Cameron, Edward  29 Jul 1949Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3970
3 Claxton, Colin  15 Nov 1981Brisbane, QLD, Australia I155
4 Cooke, Errol John  10 Feb 1954Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1786
5 Cooke, Nancy  30 Apr 2018Brisbane, QLD, Australia I183
6 Dunne, Bessie Jane  31 Jan 1963Brisbane, QLD, Australia I234
7 Ekeberg, Len  28 Mar 1989Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3216
8 Ferguson, James  3 Oct 1927Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6282
9 Francey, Martha  4 Oct 1953Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4225
10 Green, Arthur Ernest  2 Aug 1953Brisbane, QLD, Australia I347
11 Grumley, Janine Patricia  10 Feb 2010Brisbane, QLD, Australia I363
12 Harris, Elsie Mona  22 Feb 1971Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5531
13 Harvey, Desme  27 Aug 2017Brisbane, QLD, Australia I410
14 Hollamby, Dorothy Royes  10 Dec 1998Brisbane, QLD, Australia I457
15 Hurley, Harry Ansell  8 Apr 1896Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4237
16 Hurley, Robert William  12 Sep 1928Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4243
17 Keros, Lita  28 Feb 2017Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4069
18 King, Ellen Isabel  19 Apr 1981Brisbane, QLD, Australia I182
19 Lergesner, Peter  15 Jul 2015Brisbane, QLD, Australia I598
20 Lumsden, Lillias  1981Brisbane, QLD, Australia I624
21 McLean, Jean  Dec 1976Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3177
22 Moody, William George MC, MBE  28 Jun 2010Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4917
23 Murphy, Jacqueline Ivy  9 Feb 2006Brisbane, QLD, Australia I703
24 Murray, Ellen  25 Aug 1866Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5314
25 Page, Thomas  1883Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4200
26 Roy, Angus Livingstone  21 Jul 2006Brisbane, QLD, Australia I818
27 Roy, Beverley Dianne  17 Sep 2010Brisbane, QLD, Australia I821
28 Roy, Samuel Russell  30 Sep 1959Brisbane, QLD, Australia I853
29 Royes, Agnes Mary  27 Aug 2016Brisbane, QLD, Australia I866
30 Royes, Cyril George  18 Mar 1994Brisbane, QLD, Australia I894
31 Royes, Daniel Joseph  10 Feb 1972Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3218
32 Royes, Eleanor Maude  Aft 1963Brisbane, QLD, Australia I915
33 Royes, Evangeline Jane  11 Jul 1987Brisbane, QLD, Australia I923
34 Royes, Gavin  30 Oct 1973Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3219
35 Royes, Jessie Phoebe  1981Brisbane, QLD, Australia I958
36 Royes, John George  28 Oct 1956Brisbane, QLD, Australia I962
37 Royes, Margaret Maude  31 May 1998Brisbane, QLD, Australia I989
38 Royes, Robert Francis  18 Oct 2006Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1023
39 Royes, Una Beatrice  30 Oct 1974Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1064
40 Royes, Winifred Constance  17 Apr 1984Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1070
41 Sikkema, Florence  15 Mar 1948Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5263
42 Smith, Edward Charles  27 Oct 2006Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5091
43 Steiler, Ivan Ronald  5 Dec 1993Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1183
44 Stewart, John  10 Jan 1904Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3094
45 Swan, Eleanor May  Dec 1994Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1193
46 Weatherburn, Leslie Joseph  27 Feb 1985Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5101
47 Weiss, Kevin James  30 May 1983Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1301
48 Weiss, Lesley Kay  13 Aug 1985Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1303
49 Weiss, Nathaniel  29 Aug 2009Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1304
50 Wernegreen, Johanna Christiania  22 Oct 1889Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6967
51 Wicks, Arthur Stanley  29 Mar 2003Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4263
52 Wiley, Hugh  28 Aug 1943Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1312
53 [Stewart], Catherine  7 Jul 1911Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Breusch, Lloyd John  6 Jun 2000Brisbane, QLD, Australia I2293
2 Cameron, Edward  30 Jul 1949Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3970
3 Hurley, Elsie Martha  Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4246
4 Royes, Agnes Mary  31 Aug 2016Brisbane, QLD, Australia I866
5 Thorburn, Nicholas James  10 Jun 2011Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1230
6 Wicks, Arthur Stanley  Mar 2003Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4263
7 Wiley, Hugh  30 Aug 1943Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration/Travel    Person ID 
1 Ainsbury, George Thomas  21 Jun 1911Brisbane, QLD, Australia I15
2 Antonini, Katherine Margaret  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6283
3 Claxton, William  24 May 1889Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5302
4 Ferguson, Donald John  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6284
5 Ferguson, George Joseph  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6286
6 Ferguson, Hilda May  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6288
7 Ferguson, James  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6282
8 Ferguson, Kathleen Mary  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6287
9 Ferguson, Louis James  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I6285
10 Ferguson, Phoebe Amelia  1912Brisbane, QLD, Australia I278
11 Hougham, Charlotte Hawkes  2 Sep 1873Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4196
12 Hougham, Charlotte Hawkes  2 Dec 1876Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4196
13 Hougham, Frederick William  2 Dec 1876Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4192
14 Hougham, Mary Ann  2 Sep 1873Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4219
15 Hougham, Mary Ann  2 Dec 1876Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4219
16 Knight, Ann Phillis  2 Sep 1873Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4184
17 Knight, Ann Phillis  2 Dec 1876Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4184
18 Lumsden, Alexander Barnes  26 May 1883Brisbane, QLD, Australia I623
19 Lumsden, Jessica  26 May 1883Brisbane, QLD, Australia I4767
20 Millar, Mary Ann  26 May 1883Brisbane, QLD, Australia I625
21 Moody, Thomas Stewart  7 Mar 1877Brisbane, QLD, Australia I694
22 Murray, Ellen  17 Jul 1863Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5314
23 O'Neill, Bridget Agnes  6 Apr 1887Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5303
24 Stewart, John  2 Oct 1885Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3094
25 Tighe, Margaret Anne  17 Jul 1863Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5311
26 Tighe, Owen Montague  17 Jul 1863Brisbane, QLD, Australia I5313
27 [Stewart], Catherine  2 Oct 1885Brisbane, QLD, Australia I3095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Murphy, Jacqueline Ivy  1952Brisbane, QLD, Australia I703
2 Roy, Angus Livingstone  1952Brisbane, QLD, Australia I818
3 Wiley, Thomas James  1938Brisbane, QLD, Australia I1323


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cairncross / Sneddon  23 Dec 1933Brisbane, QLD, Australia F1505
2 Hurley / Francey  3 Aug 1904Brisbane, QLD, Australia F1494
3 Sneddon / Imbers  19 Dec 1936Brisbane, QLD, Australia F1497
4 Taylor / Royes  Brisbane, QLD, Australia F328