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Cairns, QLD, Australia

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Cairns, QLD, Australia
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Notes: Wikipedia: Cairns

City/Town : Latitude: -16.9254, Longitude: 145.77518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barr, Helen Sophia  15 Sep 1968Cairns, QLD, Australia I38
2 Barr, James Hugh  14 Mar 1941Cairns, QLD, Australia I39
3 Hayball, Elsie Ivy  8 Jan 1912Cairns, QLD, Australia I5274
4 Pollard, Norman Henry  6 Aug 1919Cairns, QLD, Australia I3902
5 Roy, Agnes Margaret  24 Feb 1926Cairns, QLD, Australia I816
6 Roy, Jacob  Abt 1941Cairns, QLD, Australia I2846
7 Roy, Kenneth George  1 Oct 1942Cairns, QLD, Australia I834
8 Royes, Edna Stewart  4 Jul 1918Cairns, QLD, Australia I907
9 Royes, Thomas Mordaunt  25 Nov 1947Cairns, QLD, Australia I1060
10 Weiss, Kevin James  6 Nov 1946Cairns, QLD, Australia I1301
11 Weiss, Lesley Kay  17 Mar 1950Cairns, QLD, Australia I1303


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Margaret Mary  2 Jul 1972Cairns, QLD, Australia I3629
2 Barr, Helen Sophia  11 Aug 1976Cairns, QLD, Australia I38
3 Barr, James Hugh  13 Jun 1968Cairns, QLD, Australia I39
4 Bogiatzis, Rose  23 Dec 2012Cairns, QLD, Australia I72
5 Carne, Annie Violet Ruby  2 Apr 1961Cairns, QLD, Australia I6517
6 Crossley, Clara Hannah Bailey  May 1915Cairns, QLD, Australia I5895
7 Gardener, Bertha  9 Dec 1957Cairns, QLD, Australia I317
8 Jacobson, Phyllis Agnes  13 May 2004Cairns, QLD, Australia I572
9 Logan, Agnes  3 Oct 1957Cairns, QLD, Australia I605
10 McFarlane, James Wales Simpson  13 Oct 1946Cairns, QLD, Australia I660
11 McKernan, Susannah  9 Jul 1942Cairns, QLD, Australia I5280
12 McLeish, Mary Isabel  17 Nov 1955Cairns, QLD, Australia I5810
13 Moore, Gavin Henry  1 Apr 1935Cairns, QLD, Australia I3628
14 Parsons, Kathleen Margaret  7 Dec 1999Cairns, QLD, Australia I737
15 Pollard, Edward  18 Aug 1945Cairns, QLD, Australia I4144
16 Pollard, Edward Thomas  30 Sep 1997Cairns, QLD, Australia I6912
17 Pryor, Walter  23 Mar 1946Cairns, QLD, Australia I6114
18 Pulford, Ada  12 Feb 1946Cairns, QLD, Australia I4145
19 Rains, Averil Constance  2 May 2006Cairns, QLD, Australia I771
20 Roy, Jacob  Abt 1941Cairns, QLD, Australia I2846
21 Roy, John Maurice  20 Feb 2010Cairns, QLD, Australia I832
22 Royes, Ellen Margaret  Mar 2003Cairns, QLD, Australia I918
23 Royes, William Mordaunt  4 Jul 1991Cairns, QLD, Australia I1068
24 Russell, Jane  26 Aug 1934Cairns, QLD, Australia I1093
25 Slatyer, Raymond Walter  19 Nov 1983Cairns, QLD, Australia I1144
26 Smith, Albert Ernest  28 Apr 2004Cairns, QLD, Australia I4940
27 Tobin, Margaret Gertrude  2 Dec 1969Cairns, QLD, Australia I3080
28 Trimble, Louis Noel  Abt 2003Cairns, QLD, Australia I6923
29 Weatherburn, Allan  27 Jun 1992Cairns, QLD, Australia I5102
30 Weatherburn, Joseph  20 Jul 1940Cairns, QLD, Australia I1296


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Citizenship    Person ID 
1 Roy, John Maurice  1 Jan 1976Cairns, QLD, Australia I832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Roy, John Maurice  Abt 1930Cairns, QLD, Australia I832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration/Travel    Person ID 
1 Logan, Agnes  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I605
2 Roy, Angus Livingstone  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I818
3 Roy, Beryl  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I820
4 Roy, John Maurice  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I832
5 Roy, Samuel Russell  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I853
6 Roy, Thomas Jamieson  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I858
7 Russell, Jane  23 Oct 1923Cairns, QLD, Australia I1093
8 Wiley, Hugh  Bef 1913Cairns, QLD, Australia I1312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Royes, Victor Harold  1934Cairns, QLD, Australia I1066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Registration    Person ID 
1 Parsons, Kathleen Margaret  1936Cairns, QLD, Australia I737
2 Robinson, Charles Mordaunt  1925Cairns, QLD, Australia I795
3 Royes, Victor Harold  1930Cairns, QLD, Australia I1066
4 Royes, Victor Harold  1936Cairns, QLD, Australia I1066


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harris / Roy  6 May 1967Cairns, QLD, Australia F17
2 Roy / Bogiatzis  17 Jun 1957Cairns, QLD, Australia F4
3 Roy / Jacobson  24 Aug 1940Cairns, QLD, Australia F21
4 Roy / Royes  10 Mar 1940Cairns, QLD, Australia F3
5 Royes / King  6 Feb 1947Cairns, QLD, Australia F300
6 Royes / Parsons  30 Oct 1941Cairns, QLD, Australia F274
7 Weiss / Royes  26 Jan 1941Cairns, QLD, Australia F297