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Islington, London, England

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Islington, London, England
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City/Town : Latitude: 51.5379, Longitude: -0.10883


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, John Thomas  Abt 1810Islington, London, England I1908
2 Bailey, Thomas  7 Nov 1789Islington, London, England I5875
3 Cooper, Thomas Sheamus  26 Aug 1935Islington, London, England I198
4 Dix, Ann Harrington  Est 1812Islington, London, England I487
5 Dix, John East  Bef 15 Jul 1781Islington, London, England I1368
6 Dix, Katherine Maria  Est 1814Islington, London, England I488
7 Dix, Sophia  Bef 4 Apr 1821Islington, London, England I4804
8 Gill, Alice Vera  Bef 6 May 1884Islington, London, England I1763
9 Gill, Emma Sarah  Abt Nov 1850Islington, London, England I1858
10 Gill, Georgiana Martha  Jul 1849Islington, London, England I1857
11 Gill, Jane Taylor  1852Islington, London, England I1863
12 Gill, Mary Ida Delanney  Jun 1888Islington, London, England I1765
13 Gill, Walter George  6 Sep 1848Islington, London, England I1734
14 Gill, Walter Royes de Hougham  1886Islington, London, England I1764
15 Hookham, Isabella  Abt 1785Islington, London, England I1369
16 Hougham, Charles  Bef 12 Oct 1748Islington, London, England I2221
17 Hougham, Elizabeth Ann  26 Aug 1846Islington, London, England I4193
18 Hougham, Henry Dun  26 Jan 1840Islington, London, England I4190
19 Hougham, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Nov 1848Islington, London, England I4194
20 Hougham, William George  1844Islington, London, England I4191
21 King, Georgiana Martha  1829Islington, London, England I1856
22 Page, Thomas  1 Apr 1851Islington, London, England I4200
23 Preston, Joseph  1 Jul 1803Islington, London, England I1821
24 Royes, Adelaide Julia Radcliffe  Est 1821Islington, London, England I2258
25 Royes, Francis Hougham  Est 1819Islington, London, England I2256
26 Royes, Solomon Hougham  Bef 21 Sep 1797Islington, London, England I3227
27 Turner Bravo, Alice Mary  6 Jan 1845Islington, London, England I1731
28 Tyssen, Francis  Abt 1653Islington, London, England I3223
29 Western, Martha  Abt 1657Islington, London, England I1593
30 Western, Mary  28 Sep 1661Islington, London, England I3248


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 Dix, Julia Maria  18 Nov 1828Islington, London, England I4201
2 Dix, Sophia  4 Apr 1821Islington, London, England I4804
3 Gill, Georgiana Martha  29 Aug 1849Islington, London, England I1857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Edward the Black Prince  8 Jun 1376Islington, London, England I2737
2 Edward the Confessor King of England  5 Jan 1066Islington, London, England I2877
3 Ethelred the Unready King of England 979-1013,1014-16  23 Apr 1016Islington, London, England I2704
4 Matilda  1 May 1118Islington, London, England I2699
5 Bailey, Thomas  Bef 1815Islington, London, England I5875
6 Bravo, Joseph  28 May 1881Islington, London, England I1733
7 Bromley, Thomas  11 Apr 1587Islington, London, England I2277
8 Dix, John East  Abt Dec 1858Islington, London, England I1368
9 de France, Katherine  3 Jan 1437Islington, London, England I1687
10 Gill, Alice Vera  Sep 1956Islington, London, England I1763
11 Gill, Mary Catherine  1920Islington, London, England I1861
12 Hogan, Daniel Ignatius  17 Apr 1941Islington, London, England I3239
13 Hogan, George Edward  2 Dec 1960Islington, London, England I1406
14 Hookham, Isabella  Jun 1868Islington, London, England I1369
15 Hougham, Charles  18 Jan 1793Islington, London, England I2221
16 Hougham, Solomon  18 Dec 1780Islington, London, England I2209
17 Hunt, Lydia  24 Jan 1789Islington, London, England I2210
18 Mordaunt, John  Aft 10 Sep 1723Islington, London, England I3096
19 Royes, Lydia Ann  Jan 1847Islington, London, England I5459
20 Royes, Sophia Mary  Jul 1828Islington, London, England I2255
21 Sanigear, William Pegler  30 Jun 1874Islington, London, England I505
22 Sparkes, Sarah  15 Aug 1800Islington, London, England I5546
23 Ward, Ann  1 Feb 1818Islington, London, England I3491
24 [Hougham], Ann  20 Nov 1789Islington, London, England I2222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Matilda  Islington, London, England I2699
2 de Castille, Eleanor  Islington, London, England I2689
3 d' Hainault, Phillippa  Islington, London, England I2685
4 Hogan, Daniel Ignatius  Aft 17 Apr 1941Islington, London, England I3239
5 Royes, Emily  3 Dec 1875Islington, London, England I2260
6 Royes, Sophia Mary  31 Jul 1828Islington, London, England I2255


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bell, Anne Maria  3 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I3482
2 Bell, Emily Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I3478
3 Bravo, Joseph  3 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I1733
4 Sanigear, William Pegler  30 Mar 1851Islington, London, England I505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Convict    Person ID 
1 Bradley, James  21 Apr 1784Islington, London, England I1870


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Bravo, Joseph  Islington, London, England I1733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration/Travel    Person ID 
1 Bell, Emily Elizabeth  Aft 1847Islington, London, England I3478
2 Bell, George Hougham  Aft 1847Islington, London, England I3477
3 Bell, Hutchinson Royes  Aft 1847Islington, London, England I3479
4 Bell, John Hougham  Aft 1847Islington, London, England I3481
5 Bell, Mark Sever VC CB ADC  Aft 1847Islington, London, England I3480
6 Bravo, Joseph  Bef 1870Islington, London, England I1733
7 Guild, John Royes DSO  12 May 1933Islington, London, England I3557
8 Guild, John Royes DSO  14 Feb 1935Islington, London, England I3557
9 Guild, John Royes DSO  14 Mar 1937Islington, London, England I3557
10 Royes, Emily  Aft 1847Islington, London, England I2260
11 Royes, Emily  1849-1850Islington, London, England I2260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Austen, Rebecca  5 Oct 1815Islington, London, England I29
2 Bell, Mark Sever VC CB ADC  10 Oct 1906Islington, London, England I3480
3 Carlton, Jane  4 Apr 1831Islington, London, England I2218
4 Hougham, Charles  Abt 1721Islington, London, England I2167
5 Hougham, Charles  6 Mar 1794Islington, London, England I2221
6 Hougham, George  11 Feb 1784Islington, London, England I496
7 Hougham, Henry  25 Feb 1819Islington, London, England I2217
8 Hougham, William  21 Jan 1803Islington, London, England I547
9 Hougham, William  14 Jan 1829Islington, London, England I4479
10 Huffam, Christopher  2 Aug 1839Islington, London, England I3665
11 Huffam, Henry  20 May 1659Islington, London, England I2154
12 Huffam, Joseph  19 Aug 1843Islington, London, England I3703
13 Huffam, Solomon  3 Nov 1804Islington, London, England I3659
14 Jewer, Jane  20 Jan 1812Islington, London, England I2220
15 Knowler, Mary  2 Apr 1789Islington, London, England I584
16 Milles, Mildred  Islington, London, England I3380
17 Mordaunt, Charles  5 Feb 1768Islington, London, England I512
18 Mordaunt, John  16 Sep 1723Islington, London, England I3096
19 Mordaunt, Lestrange  27 Jun 1751Islington, London, England I2988
20 Mordaunt, Sarah  26 Mar 1783Islington, London, England I700
21 Robinson, Sarah  9 Feb 1839Islington, London, England I4480
22 Royes, Solomon  5 Oct 1842Islington, London, England I2225
23 Triggs, Mary  12 Dec 1789Islington, London, England I2208


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hougham, Solomon  12 May 1713Islington, London, England I2165
2 Jewer, Jane  16 Sep 1811Islington, London, England I2220
3 Milles, Mildred  1 Mar 1727Islington, London, England I3380
4 Mordaunt, John  10 Sep 1723Islington, London, England I3096


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hougham  Islington, London, England F1300
2 /   11 Nov 1100Islington, London, England F993
3 Baker / Turling  11 Oct 1809Islington, London, England F656
4 Cooper / Russell  1934Islington, London, England F128
5 Corbet / Aucher  25 May 1710Islington, London, England F636
6 Cornwall / Berenger  23 Nov 1243Islington, London, England F1311
7 Gill / King  30 Sep 1847Islington, London, England F734
8 Gott / Western  16 Jul 1677Islington, London, England F643
9 Hougham / Mordaunt  21 Jul 1751Islington, London, England F804
10 Little / Hougham  Islington, London, England F1248
11 Tyssen / Hougham  13 Apr 1730Islington, London, England F1250
12 Tyssen / Matthews  21 Sep 1678Islington, London, England F644