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New Zealand

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New Zealand
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Country : Latitude: -40.90056, Longitude: 174.88597


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bromley, Angel Jean  1897New Zealand I6297
2 Bromley, Aterea William John  1883New Zealand I2280
3 Bromley, Charlotte Annie  1876New Zealand I6299
4 Bromley, Elizabeth Charlotte  1877New Zealand I6298
5 Bromley, Kevin  New Zealand I2281
6 Bromley, Mavis Eileen  19 Feb 1921New Zealand I1386
7 Bromley, William Robinson  1887New Zealand I2279
8 Coombes, J.   I187
9 Ensor, Eva le Fleming  26 Jan 1889New Zealand I2047
10 Ferguson, Donald John  1903New Zealand I6284
11 Ferguson, George Joseph  1905New Zealand I6286
12 Ferguson, Hilda May  1910New Zealand I6288
13 Ferguson, Kathleen Mary  1907New Zealand I6287
14 Ferguson, Louis James  1904New Zealand I6285
15 Ferguson, Phoebe Amelia  3 Nov 1908New Zealand I278
16 Healey, David Lawrence  21 Nov 1933New Zealand I1346
17 Healey, Denise  New Zealand I2075
18 Healey, Dorothy Noeline Audrey  17 May 1921New Zealand I2066
19 Healey, D.V.   I5805
20 Healey, Eleanor  New Zealand I2070
21 Healey, E.P.   I5807
22 Healey, Elsie Winifred  3 Jan 1931New Zealand I2073
23 Healey, Eroll Albert  28 Sep 1918New Zealand I2069
24 Healey, Ian  New Zealand I2074
25 Healey, Joanne Marie  20 May 1962New Zealand I2291
26 Healey, Joyce Barbara Alice  13 May 1926New Zealand I2072
27 Healey, Lawrence James  4 Sep 1929New Zealand I5806
28 Healey, Leonardine Peggy  7 Mar 1917New Zealand I2068
29 Healey, Mary Dell  19 Sep 1915New Zealand I2067
30 Healey, Oswald Murray  29 Dec 1924New Zealand I2071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barclay, Alexander  1888New Zealand I1666
2 Barclay, Alice Agnes  New Zealand I1665
3 Bromley, Aterea William John  New Zealand I2280
4 Bromley, Mavis Eileen  6 Mar 1973New Zealand I1386
5 Healey, Dorothy Noeline Audrey  23 May 1998New Zealand I2066
6 Healey, Elsie Winifred  6 Feb 2002New Zealand I2073
7 Healey, Eroll Albert  13 Nov 1994New Zealand I2069
8 Healey, Ian  New Zealand I2074
9 Healey, Joyce Barbara Alice  18 Mar 2006New Zealand I2072
10 Healey, Leonardine Peggy  21 Dec 1988New Zealand I2068
11 Healey, Mary Dell  24 Jun 1965New Zealand I2067
12 Healey, Oswald Murray  Dec 1972New Zealand I2071
13 Lewis, Emily Jane  1 Oct 1902New Zealand I1389
14 McArthur, Adelaide Elizabeth  1982New Zealand I1796
15 Preston, James A.E.  1946New Zealand I1832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Huffam, Walter Charles  Abt 1914New Zealand I130


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration/Travel    Person ID 
1 Antonini, Katherine Margaret  Between 14 Aug 1901 and 1903New Zealand I6283
2 Bowers, Charlotte Pringle  Abt 1852New Zealand I2284
3 Bromley, James Hindsley  Abt 1870New Zealand I2282
4 Ferguson, James  Between 14 Aug 1901 and 1903New Zealand I6282
5 Huffam, John  Between 1862 and 1879New Zealand I453
6 Logan, J.T.   I610


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fenwick / Lennox   F444
2 Healey / Boyd  1878New Zealand F1536
3 Jellyman / Bromley  23 Dec 1946New Zealand F579
4 McArthur / Morgan  New Zealand F701
5 Thorburn / Rose   F1379