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Normanton, QLD, Australia

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Normanton, QLD, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -17.67, Longitude: 141.07918


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gallagher, C.E.   I312
2 Gallagher, E.M.   I313
3 Nuss, Joseph William  16 Dec 1931Normanton, QLD, Australia I724
4 Nuss, Thomas Frederick  Jun 1923Normanton, QLD, Australia I726
5 Nuss, Una Mary  12 Jul 1933Normanton, QLD, Australia I728
6 Royes, Agnes Mary  27 Sep 1917Normanton, QLD, Australia I866
7 Royes, Charles John  6 Mar 1919Normanton, QLD, Australia I886
8 Royes, C.J.   I888
9 Royes, J.M.   I959
10 Royes, M.C.   I1002
11 Royes, Mordaunt Herbert  27 Jun 1913Normanton, QLD, Australia I1006
12 Royes, N.J.   I1009
13 Royes, Robert Francis  2 Apr 1920Normanton, QLD, Australia I1023
14 Royes, R.W.   I1026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 d' Arcy, Laurence Patrick  3 May 1910Normanton, QLD, Australia I5262
2 Crosley, Elsie Catherine  27 Jun 1998Normanton, QLD, Australia I202
3 Nuss, Thomas Frederick  3 Feb 1925Normanton, QLD, Australia I726
4 Royes, Charles John  5 Jun 1934Normanton, QLD, Australia I886
5 Royes, Thomas Mervyn  14 Mar 1977Normanton, QLD, Australia I1058
6 Tighe, Margaret Anne  18 Oct 1932Normanton, QLD, Australia I5311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 d' Arcy, Laurence Patrick  May 1910Normanton, QLD, Australia I5262
2 Crosley, Elsie Catherine  30 Jun 1998Normanton, QLD, Australia I202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Citizenship    Person ID 
1 Royes, Thomas Mordaunt  Jun 1936Normanton, QLD, Australia I1059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Registration    Person ID 
1 d' Arcy, Laurence Patrick  1908Normanton, QLD, Australia I5262
2 d' Arcy, Thomas Joseph  1925Normanton, QLD, Australia I211
3 Crosley, Elsie Catherine  1931Normanton, QLD, Australia I202
4 Crossley, Ellen Caroline  1919Normanton, QLD, Australia I203
5 Crossley, Ellen Caroline  1925Normanton, QLD, Australia I203
6 Crossley, Ellen Caroline  1930Normanton, QLD, Australia I203
7 Crossley, Ellen Caroline  1936Normanton, QLD, Australia I203
8 Royes, Ernest Albert  1930Normanton, QLD, Australia I921
9 Royes, Thomas Mervyn  1925Normanton, QLD, Australia I1058
10 Royes, Thomas Mervyn  1930Normanton, QLD, Australia I1058
11 Royes, Thomas Mervyn  1936Normanton, QLD, Australia I1058
12 Royes, Thomas Mordaunt  1919-1937Normanton, QLD, Australia I1059
13 Royes, Una Beatrice  1925Normanton, QLD, Australia I1064
14 Royes, William Mordaunt  1925Normanton, QLD, Australia I1068
15 Royes, William Mordaunt  1930Normanton, QLD, Australia I1068
16 Royes, William Mordaunt  1936Normanton, QLD, Australia I1068
17 Sikkema, Florence  1908Normanton, QLD, Australia I5263


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arcy / Royes  6 Sep 1924Normanton, QLD, Australia F278
2 Gallagher / DeSloovere   F4399
3 Nuss / Royes  26 Jul 1922Normanton, QLD, Australia F270
4 Royes / Crosley  18 Dec 1934Normanton, QLD, Australia F260
5 Slatyer / Royes  14 Jan 1929Normanton, QLD, Australia F282