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Rockhampton, QLD, Australia

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Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -23.37894, Longitude: 150.51232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crossley, Ernest John Thomas  22 Aug 1882Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5892
2 Harvey, Desme  6 Jun 1930Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I410
3 Higginson, Mary  10 Apr 1864Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I437
4 Pryor, Fanny  1864Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I4278
5 Pryor, Henry  1866Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I4280
6 Royes, Claude Anthony  Apr 1934Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I2871
7 Royes, Edna Maud  24 Jun 1918Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I906
8 Royes, Edward Mordaunt  25 Feb 1878Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I912
9 Royes, George Hougham  14 Jan 1875Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I938
10 Royes, Grace Hougham  9 Jul 1877Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I941
11 Royes, Jean Audrey  Est 1941Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I953
12 Royes, Jean Stewart  1 Jan 1876Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I956
13 Royes, Laura Hougham  3 May 1881Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I979
14 Royes, Mark Hougham  4 Oct 1879Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I994
15 Royes, Maude Hougham  29 Mar 1872Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I999
16 Royes, May Hougham  29 Jan 1885Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1001
17 Royes, Percy Hougham  29 Jan 1875Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1014
18 Royes, Sidney Frances  20 Jan 1900Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1052
19 Royes, Syd Vivian Percy  14 Sep 1914Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1049
20 Royes, Sydney Hougham  15 May 1888Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1054
21 Royes, Zara Mary  7 Oct 1913Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1056
22 Ryan, Jamie  Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1745
23 Ryan, Joseph  Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1743
24 Ryan, Paula  Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1744
25 Sikkema, Florence  1 Aug 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Emily  1975Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I58
2 Butler, Richard Darmody  31 May 1923Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I3532
3 Demith Harvey, Leslie William Stephen  9 May 1945Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I418
4 Foley, Brigid  1987Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6411
5 Hayes, Ann Mary Catherine  Aug 1947Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I432
6 Kidd, William James  18 Oct 1983Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I3531
7 Noon, William  1947Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6309
8 Olive, Joseph  18 Mar 1908Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5948
9 Olive, Richard  Aug 1863Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5436
10 Olive, William Ley  8 Jul 1922Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5950
11 Pryor, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1938Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6130
12 Pryor, Henry  Abt 1863Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I4277
13 Pryor, Mary  25 Nov 1925Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I766
14 Royes, Claude Anthony  May 1934Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I2871
15 Royes, Edward Hougham sr  23 Aug 1878Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I910
16 Royes, Edward Hougham jr  1 Sep 1891Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I911
17 Royes, George Hougham  Bef 20 Mar 1986Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I932
18 Royes, Grace Hougham  11 Apr 1961Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I941
19 Royes, Jane Elliott  5 Feb 1932Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I951
20 Royes, Jean Audrey  Sep 1949Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I953
21 Royes, Laura Hougham  Mar 1946Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I979
22 Royes, Mark Hougham  Bef 8 Mar 1897Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I994
23 Royes, May Hougham  1953Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1001
24 Royes, Mordaunt Herbert  23 Jul 2008Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1006
25 Royes, Percy Hougham  Bef 6 Jun 1935Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1014
26 Royes, Sidney Frances  1978Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1052
27 Royes, Syd Vivian Percy  19 May 1984Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1049
28 Royes, Sydney Hougham  Bef 28 Sep 1890Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1054
29 Royes, Winifred Mary  8 Mar 1947Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1071
30 Schofield, Allan Stanley  6 Apr 2015Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1122
31 Smail, Robert  22 Jun 1871Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1151
32 Taffenden, Eliza  28 May 1906Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5481
33 Weisse, Audrey Louisa Jane  1963Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1305
34 Williams, Gladys Miriam  25 Mar 1966Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5278
35 Wilson, Kathleen Perpetua  25 Feb 2004Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Emily  1975Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I58
2 Hayes, Ann Mary Catherine  23 Aug 1947Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I432
3 Pryor, Mary  26 Nov 1925Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I766
4 Royes, Edward Hougham sr  23 Aug 1878Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I910
5 Royes, Edward Hougham jr  2 Sep 1891Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I911
6 Royes, Mark Hougham  8 Mar 1897Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I994
7 Royes, Sydney Hougham  28 Sep 1890Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1054


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Royes, Percy Hougham  15 Aug 1892Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I1014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration/Travel    Person ID 
1 Pryor, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6130
2 Pryor, Esther  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6129
3 Pryor, Henry  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I4277
4 Pryor, Mary  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I766
5 Pryor, Silvester  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5480
6 Pryor, Susan  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6128
7 Pryor, Thomas  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6113
8 Pryor, Walter  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I6114
9 Taffenden, Eliza  11 Nov 1862Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5481


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Registration    Person ID 
1 Olive, Joseph  1903Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I5948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Royes, Anna Maria  1868Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I869
2 Royes, Charles Mordaunt  Bef 1873Rockhampton, QLD, Australia I887


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crossley / Tighe  20 Sep 1880Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F1825
2 Higginson / Jardine  7 Sep 1863Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F49
3 Olive / Johnson  23 Mar 1869Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F4420
4 Olive / Turner  26 Sep 1863Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F4403
5 Orchard / Tighe  15 Nov 1869Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F1826
6 Royes / Murray  30 Oct 1874Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F22
7 Royes / Pryor  18 Jul 1870Rockhampton, QLD, Australia F151