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St Albans, NSW, Australia

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St Albans, NSW, Australia
[St Albans] [NSW] [Australia]


City/Town : Latitude: -33.29093, Longitude: 150.97026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Albert Julius  21 Feb 1863St Albans, NSW, Australia I2017
2 Bailey, Alexander  10 Jul 1864St Albans, NSW, Australia I2041
3 Bailey, Ann Elizabeth  22 Dec 1860St Albans, NSW, Australia I2016
4 Bailey, Charles  22 Mar 1846St Albans, NSW, Australia I2033
5 Bailey, Clara Emily  9 Oct 1869St Albans, NSW, Australia I2020
6 Bailey, David  10 Nov 1861St Albans, NSW, Australia I2040
7 Bailey, Edward  16 Apr 1857St Albans, NSW, Australia I2038
8 Bailey, Edward Archer  22 May 1858St Albans, NSW, Australia I2015
9 Bailey, Eleanor Esther  31 Jul 1871St Albans, NSW, Australia I2021
10 Bailey, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1825St Albans, NSW, Australia I1902
11 Bailey, Frances  1834St Albans, NSW, Australia I1890
12 Bailey, Francis  17 Feb 1849St Albans, NSW, Australia I2011
13 Bailey, Harriet  2 Nov 1844St Albans, NSW, Australia I2032
14 Bailey, Henry  14 Dec 1854St Albans, NSW, Australia I2037
15 Bailey, Jane  9 Jul 1843St Albans, NSW, Australia I2031
16 Bailey, Jonathon John  6 Apr 1865St Albans, NSW, Australia I2018
17 Bailey, Joseph  i Jan 1839St Albans, NSW, Australia I2010
18 Bailey, Joseph  9 Dec 1852St Albans, NSW, Australia I2036
19 Bailey, Louisa  27 Oct 1853St Albans, NSW, Australia I2013
20 Bailey, Margaret  28 Jan 1829St Albans, NSW, Australia I2006
21 Bailey, Mark  13 Jul 1859St Albans, NSW, Australia I2039
22 Bailey, Matilda  16 Jul 1851St Albans, NSW, Australia I2035
23 Bailey, Matthew  15 Feb 1855St Albans, NSW, Australia I2014
24 Bailey, Newman Prosper  21 Jan 1874St Albans, NSW, Australia I2022
25 Bailey, Rebecca Jane  15 Feb 1866St Albans, NSW, Australia I2019
26 Bailey, Reuben  28 May 1865St Albans, NSW, Australia I2042
27 Bailey, Sarah  24 Mar 1849St Albans, NSW, Australia I2034
28 Bailey, Sarah Ismina May  6 May 1878St Albans, NSW, Australia I2023
29 Bailey, Susanna  16 May 1826St Albans, NSW, Australia I2009
30 Bailey, William  28 Jul 1851St Albans, NSW, Australia I2012
31 Bailey, William Henry  17 Mar 1798St Albans, NSW, Australia I1865
32 Fernance, Mary Ann  22 Jun 1854St Albans, NSW, Australia I2240
33 Perkins, Eleanor  25 Nov 1832St Albans, NSW, Australia I1874
34 Preston, George  23 Jul 1850St Albans, NSW, Australia I1889


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Ann Elizabeth  28 Aug 1929St Albans, NSW, Australia I2016
2 Bailey, Edward Archer  29 Dec 1921St Albans, NSW, Australia I2015
3 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann  19 Aug 1903St Albans, NSW, Australia I1907
4 Bailey, Francis  11 Jun 1926St Albans, NSW, Australia I2011
5 Bailey, George  5 Feb 1903St Albans, NSW, Australia I2029
6 Bailey, John  16 May 1878St Albans, NSW, Australia I1871
7 Bailey, Joseph  30 Nov 1844St Albans, NSW, Australia I2010
8 Bailey, Matthew  2 Nov 1925St Albans, NSW, Australia I2014
9 Bailey, Newman Prosper  4 Feb 1938St Albans, NSW, Australia I2022
10 Bailey, Sarah Ismina May  12 Jul 1952St Albans, NSW, Australia I2023
11 Bailey, William  12 Dec 1826St Albans, NSW, Australia I1868
12 Bailey, William Henry  12 Dec 1865St Albans, NSW, Australia I1865
13 Fernance, Hannah  7 Sep 1898St Albans, NSW, Australia I3433
14 Fernance, Mary Ann  27 Mar 1939St Albans, NSW, Australia I2240
15 Jurd, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1856St Albans, NSW, Australia I1891
16 Jurd, James  11 Aug 1891St Albans, NSW, Australia I6273
17 Knight, Jane  17 Sep 1900St Albans, NSW, Australia I1867
18 O'Donald, Hannah  13 Jun 1885St Albans, NSW, Australia I1822
19 Perkins, Eleanor  25 Oct 1896St Albans, NSW, Australia I1874
20 Preston, Joseph  1 Aug 1863St Albans, NSW, Australia I1821
21 Preston, Mary  12 Apr 1919St Albans, NSW, Australia I1887
22 Smith, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1846St Albans, NSW, Australia I1873


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann  St Albans, NSW, Australia I1907
2 Bailey, George  St Albans, NSW, Australia I2029
3 Bailey, John Thomas  14 Nov 1890St Albans, NSW, Australia I1908
4 Jones, Elizabeth  St Albans, NSW, Australia I1875


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Fernance  5 Jun 1876St Albans, NSW, Australia F1525
2 Bailey / Knight  19 Sep 1842St Albans, NSW, Australia F758
3 Bailey / Preston  17 Sep 1849St Albans, NSW, Australia F2655
4 Jurd / Bailey  16 Jul 1855St Albans, NSW, Australia F772
5 William / Preston  16 Feb 1882St Albans, NSW, Australia F1959