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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -33.86714, Longitude: 151.20711


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Mary Ann  4 Apr 1842Sydney, NSW, Australia I1935
2 Bate, Sarah Elizabeth  17 Dec 1841Sydney, NSW, Australia I42
3 Bell, Anne Maria  1847Sydney, NSW, Australia I3482
4 Bell, Emily Elizabeth  1840Sydney, NSW, Australia I3478
5 Bell, George Hougham  9 Nov 1838Sydney, NSW, Australia I3477
6 Bell, Hutchinson Royes  1841Sydney, NSW, Australia I3479
7 Bell, John Hougham  1845Sydney, NSW, Australia I3481
8 Bell, Mark Sever VC CB ADC  15 May 1843Sydney, NSW, Australia I3480
9 Campbell, Florence  5 Sep 1845Sydney, NSW, Australia I1735
10 Evans, Charity  19 May 1801Sydney, NSW, Australia I6914
11 Fletcher, Adrian Matthew  24 Feb 1971Sydney, NSW, Australia I300
12 Fletcher, John  24 Feb 1971Sydney, NSW, Australia I304
13 Girvan, Norman  20 Mar 1921Sydney, NSW, Australia I2317
14 Hassan, Edward  1901Sydney, NSW, Australia I249
15 Hurley, Dorothy Mary  20 Nov 1907Sydney, NSW, Australia I4224
16 Hurley, Frederick George  31 Mar 1910Sydney, NSW, Australia I4244
17 Hurley, John William  5 Nov 1849Sydney, NSW, Australia I4218
18 Hurley, Robert William  28 Jun 1905Sydney, NSW, Australia I4243
19 Kerr, James Smart  6 Mar 1839Sydney, NSW, Australia I3140
20 Kerr, Janet Smail  3 Nov 1847Sydney, NSW, Australia I3582
21 Kerr, Unnamed  30 Dec 1850Sydney, NSW, Australia I3583
22 Luther, Clive Prosdocimi  20 May 1914Sydney, NSW, Australia I5419
23 Luther, Frida Evelyn  1920Sydney, NSW, Australia I6928
24 McArthur, George H.C.  1850Sydney, NSW, Australia I6185
25 McArthur, Hugh  27 Apr 1855Sydney, NSW, Australia I2137
26 Nott, George Frederick  3 Mar 1826Sydney, NSW, Australia I1815
27 Page, Phylis Elizabeth  23 May 1880Sydney, NSW, Australia I4206
28 Phillips, Julia  1821Sydney, NSW, Australia I6528
29 Ralph, James William  1908Sydney, NSW, Australia I251
30 Roy, Albert Thomas  18 Apr 1911Sydney, NSW, Australia I258
31 Roy, Dorothy May  1904Sydney, NSW, Australia I255
32 Roy, Ellen Jane  1880Sydney, NSW, Australia I240
33 Roy, James Ronald  23 Aug 1933Sydney, NSW, Australia I263
34 Roy, Leslie William  1899Sydney, NSW, Australia I254
35 Roy, Mary Ann  14 May 1878Sydney, NSW, Australia I239
36 Roy, William Hugh Jamieson  1882Sydney, NSW, Australia I241
37 Royes, Anna Maria  1 Apr 1844Sydney, NSW, Australia I869
38 Royes, Edward Hougham jr  27 May 1842Sydney, NSW, Australia I911
39 Royes, Eleanor  1856Sydney, NSW, Australia I913
40 Royes, Emily  1850Sydney, NSW, Australia I920
41 Royes, George Hougham  9 Mar 1846Sydney, NSW, Australia I937
42 Ryan, Ethel May  22 May 1898Sydney, NSW, Australia I259
43 Smail, Alexander  1844Sydney, NSW, Australia I4057
44 Tulloch, David Manson Laurence  27 May 1938Sydney, NSW, Australia I1250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 Bell, Emily Elizabeth  1840Sydney, NSW, Australia I3478
2 Bell, George Hougham  Aft 9 Nov 1838Sydney, NSW, Australia I3477
3 Campbell, Florence  1 Jan 1846Sydney, NSW, Australia I1735
4 Hurley, John William  18 Nov 1849Sydney, NSW, Australia I4218
5 Royes, George Hougham  Aft 9 Mar 1846Sydney, NSW, Australia I937


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, George Hougham  Aft 9 Nov 1838Sydney, NSW, Australia I3477
2 Bell, Hutchinson  20 Feb 1847Sydney, NSW, Australia I53
3 Cameron, Hugh  7 Mar 1918Sydney, NSW, Australia I3941
4 Cameron, Nance McLennan  9 Apr 2011Sydney, NSW, Australia I3964
5 Campbell, Robert jr  5 Oct 1851Sydney, NSW, Australia I1787
6 Cook, Alice May  28 Jan 1980Sydney, NSW, Australia I262
7 Cox, Myra Lillian  29 May 2009Sydney, NSW, Australia I265
8 Elliott, Mary  1862Sydney, NSW, Australia I258
9 Elms, Violet  7 Apr 1999Sydney, NSW, Australia I1587
10 Fletcher, John  24 Feb 1971Sydney, NSW, Australia I304
11 Girvan, David  4 Aug 1958Sydney, NSW, Australia I2294
12 Girvan, James  1961Sydney, NSW, Australia I2307
13 Girvan, Norman  1 Jun 1971Sydney, NSW, Australia I2317
14 Hanrahan, James Louis  26 Jan 2011Sydney, NSW, Australia I388
15 Hassan, Edward  27 Jun 1960Sydney, NSW, Australia I249
16 Hogan, James  30 Oct 2001Sydney, NSW, Australia I1409
17 Kerr, Alexander  30 Dec 1870Sydney, NSW, Australia I3580
18 Kerr, Robert  5 Aug 1916Sydney, NSW, Australia I4047
19 Kerr, Unnamed  30 Dec 1850Sydney, NSW, Australia I3583
20 Luther, Frida Evelyn  27 May 1985Sydney, NSW, Australia I6928
21 Macauley, Lily  Abt 1916Sydney, NSW, Australia I2313
22 Moore, Margaret  1870Sydney, NSW, Australia I4041
23 O'Donald, John  12 Feb 1815Sydney, NSW, Australia I1825
24 Park, John Thom  Sydney, NSW, Australia I169
25 Park, John Thom  11 Oct 2011Sydney, NSW, Australia I158
26 Richardson, Beryl Ann  3 Jun 2001Sydney, NSW, Australia I6961
27 Robson, William  28 Sep 1852Sydney, NSW, Australia I5914
28 Roy, Albert Thomas  8 Sep 2000Sydney, NSW, Australia I258
29 Roy, Ellen Jane  10 Mar 1961Sydney, NSW, Australia I240
30 Roy, Hugh  30 Jul 1901Sydney, NSW, Australia I235
31 Roy, James Ronald  26 Nov 2005Sydney, NSW, Australia I263
32 Roy, Mary Ann  1905Sydney, NSW, Australia I239
33 Royes, Emily  1850Sydney, NSW, Australia I920
34 Smail, Alexander  8 Oct 1867Sydney, NSW, Australia I4038
35 Smail, Ellen  10 Jul 1858Sydney, NSW, Australia I4044
36 Smail, Violet  1844Sydney, NSW, Australia I4040
37 Trimble, Clyde Raymond  2003Sydney, NSW, Australia I6924
38 Tulloch, David Manson Laurence  24 Feb 1983Sydney, NSW, Australia I1250
39 Wiley, Harriet Russell  1 Apr 1987Sydney, NSW, Australia I1311
40 [Higson], Naomi  3 Jul 2007Sydney, NSW, Australia I2252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 [Higson], Naomi  7 Jul 2007Sydney, NSW, Australia I2252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Bell, Hutchinson  1835Sydney, NSW, Australia I53


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration/Travel    Person ID 
1 Archer, Ann  30 Apr 1796Sydney, NSW, Australia I1869
2 Bailey, George  6 Nov 1842Sydney, NSW, Australia I1642
3 Bailey, William  1 Aug 1791Sydney, NSW, Australia I1868
4 Beard, Ann  1798Sydney, NSW, Australia I1395
5 Bell, Hutchinson  6 Oct 1828Sydney, NSW, Australia I53
6 Bradley, James  28 Aug 1791Sydney, NSW, Australia I1870
7 Burgess, William Thomas  7 Sep 1854Sydney, NSW, Australia I1990
8 Cameron, Catherine Elizabeth  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3935
9 Cameron, Donald  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3981
10 Cameron, Flora  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3937
11 Cameron, Hector  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3939
12 Cameron, Hugh Ewen  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3933
13 Cameron, Isabella  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3979
14 Cameron, John  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3974
15 Cameron, William  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3977
16 Campbell, Robert jr  1805Sydney, NSW, Australia I1787
17 Crossley, Thomas  14 Jul 1828Sydney, NSW, Australia I5315
18 Dunn, Henry William  1827Sydney, NSW, Australia I5934
19 Girvan, David  1912Sydney, NSW, Australia I2294
20 Girvan, James  Abt 1919Sydney, NSW, Australia I2307
21 Greener, Catherine  21 Oct 1878Sydney, NSW, Australia I354
22 Greer, Ellen Jane  8 Jun 1877Sydney, NSW, Australia I236
23 Hogan, James  Abt 1956Sydney, NSW, Australia I1409
24 Jones, Elizabeth  1790Sydney, NSW, Australia I1875
25 Jurd, Daniel Edward  4 Aug 1802Sydney, NSW, Australia I1904
26 Macauley, Lily  1912Sydney, NSW, Australia I2313
27 Maclean, Anne  30 Dec 1848Sydney, NSW, Australia I3934
28 McArthur, Alexander  6 Oct 1841Sydney, NSW, Australia I1790
29 Molloy, Sarah  9 Jan 1835Sydney, NSW, Australia I5517
30 Nott, Thomas Edward  1816Sydney, NSW, Australia I6913
31 O'Donald, John  Abt 1807Sydney, NSW, Australia I1825
32 Preston, Joseph  28 Dec 1820Sydney, NSW, Australia I1821
33 Robinson, Catherine  1839Sydney, NSW, Australia I3985
34 Roy, Robert James  8 Jun 1877Sydney, NSW, Australia I237
35 Royes, Edward Hougham sr  1838Sydney, NSW, Australia I910
36 Royes, Emily  23 Jan 1838Sydney, NSW, Australia I2260
37 Royes, Maria  23 Jan 1838Sydney, NSW, Australia I2261
38 Royes, Samuel Tyssen  1829Sydney, NSW, Australia I543
39 Smail, Alexander  10 Jan 1844Sydney, NSW, Australia I4038
40 Smail, James  20 May 1839Sydney, NSW, Australia I4045
41 Smail, Janet  20 May 1839Sydney, NSW, Australia I4051
42 Smail, Robert  1844Sydney, NSW, Australia I1151
43 Smail, Robert  20 Apr 1863Sydney, NSW, Australia I1151
44 Smail, Violet  1844Sydney, NSW, Australia I4040
45 Weatherburn, Christopher  21 Oct 1878Sydney, NSW, Australia I1289
46 Weatherburn, Elizabeth  21 Oct 1878Sydney, NSW, Australia I4971
47 Weatherburn, John  21 Oct 1878Sydney, NSW, Australia I1294

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Noel McLennan  From 29 Dec 1941 to 10 Dec 1945Sydney, NSW, Australia I2248


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bate, John Murray  1839Sydney, NSW, Australia I6527
2 Bate, John Murray  1852Sydney, NSW, Australia I6527
3 Bate, John Murray  20 May 1856Sydney, NSW, Australia I6527

Other Facts

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other Facts    Person ID 
1 Bell, Hutchinson  1847Sydney, NSW, Australia I53


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bell, Hutchinson  23 Mar 1847Sydney, NSW, Australia I53
2 Slatyer, William  13 Sep 1884Sydney, NSW, Australia I6307


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Registration    Person ID 
1 Bell, Hutchinson  1842/43Sydney, NSW, Australia I53
2 Bell, Hutchinson  1845/46Sydney, NSW, Australia I53
3 Royes, Edward Hougham sr  26 Nov 1831Sydney, NSW, Australia I910
4 Royes, Edward Hougham sr  17 Aug 1834Sydney, NSW, Australia I910
5 Smail, James  1842-1843Sydney, NSW, Australia I4045
6 Smail, James  31 Jan 1849Sydney, NSW, Australia I4045


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bell, Hutchinson  1835Sydney, NSW, Australia I53
2 Park, John Thom  Sydney, NSW, Australia I158


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bate / Phillips  3 Aug 1840Sydney, NSW, Australia F4496
2 Bradley / Jones  1799Sydney, NSW, Australia F760
3 Cowan / Smail  16 Mar 1853Sydney, NSW, Australia F1302
4 Dunn / Kinninborough  1872Sydney, NSW, Australia F4400
5 Eckford / McArthur  1920Sydney, NSW, Australia F783
6 Girvan / Edwards  22 Jun 1918Sydney, NSW, Australia F862
7 Hassan / Roy  1901Sydney, NSW, Australia F50
8 Hogan / [Hogan]  14 Nov 1964Sydney, NSW, Australia F589
9 Luther / Royes  27 Aug 1842Sydney, NSW, Australia F836
10 Nelson / Roy  1930Sydney, NSW, Australia F61
11 O'Donald / Beard  26 Mar 1810Sydney, NSW, Australia F718
12 Ralph / Brock  1928Sydney, NSW, Australia F59
13 Richardson / Luther  28 Aug 1941Sydney, NSW, Australia F4534
14 Roy / Lewis  1908Sydney, NSW, Australia F58
15 Royes / Burnham  10 Sep 1863Sydney, NSW, Australia F76
16 Smail / Moore  1847Sydney, NSW, Australia F1448
17 Smail / Royes  1868Sydney, NSW, Australia F26