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The Royes of London in early 1800s

There are a number of unanswered questions about the Royes in London in the early part of the 19th century


1. In Solomon Hougham's will (1818):

  • Solomon Royes the elder (SRsr) is nephew and partner of Solomon Hougham and is THE major beneficiary [he is clearly "adopted" by Solomon Hougham from early childhood when his father died while he was young (according to Gillian West's article) and while Solomon Hougham had no children - certainly sons - of his own]
  • Solomon Royes junior (SRjr) has a sister Lydia Sanigear (this must be Lydia Ann Royes and Solomon Hougham Rpyes, Solomon Royes sr's first two children by first wife Ann Hannah Jones) - they are relatively minor beneficiaries
  • Solomon Hougham's sister is Sarah Royes in Canterbury - SRsr's mother
  • Mary Royes is a minor beneficiary

[NOTE: Apart from SRjr's relationship to Lydia and SRsr's to Solomon Hougham (defined as nephew), the Royes's relationships are not specified]

2. Gillian West's article

  • mention of two Solomon Royes's cousins ("father and son") who also were goldsmith apprentices
  • Solomon Royes married Solomon Hougham's daughter Mary
    [BUT Mary is not mentioned in SH will - unless she is the Mary Royes relationship undefined - Solomon Royes is referred to as nephew and not son-in-law - surely he would have identified his daughter, if he had one, as such - Gillian West is wrong on this point]

3. International Genealogical Index - Solomon Royes' children are well documented in the parish records found on the Family Search web site - an * indicates those mentioned in Solomon Royes' will of 25

  • St George the Martyr, Queen Square
    [mother Ann Hannah Jones]
    1796 Lydia Ann
    1797 Solomon Hougham
  • St Botolph's Church
    [mother Ann Hannah Jones]
    1802 William
    [mother Mary Hougham]
    1804 Samuel Tyssen - in Australia about 1829-30
    1806 George Hougham - died as child
    1808 Maria* (Luther) - in Australia from 1838
    1811 Caroline
    1812 Sophia Mary
    1813 Charles John - migrated to Jamaica before 1830
    1814 George Hougham
    1817 Emily* (Bell) - in Australia 1838-50
    1818 Edward Hougham - in Australia from 1838
  • St Sepulchre's Church
    [mother Mary Hougham]
    1819 Francis Hougham
    1821 Adelaide Julia Radcliffe*
    1822 Henry Hougham - died as infant
  • Tooting Graveney, Surrey and from Solomon Royes's will
    [mother Mary Hougham]
    1824 Mary Hougham*


4. Marriage of Solomon Royes and Ann Hannah Jones
If you look in Documents you will find a marriage register entry for Solomon Royes and Ann Hannah Jones on 3 May 1795 in St Botolph's Church

5. The Royes use of the name Mordaunt
It seems curious to me that Mordaunt begins to be used as a middle name among the Royes 4 generations after Sarah Mordaunt married a Hougham. Just curious! Certainly the use of the name indicates that Solomon's wife comes through a connection to Sarah Mordaunt rather than as a daughter of Solomon Hougham?

6. The Royes use of the name Hougham
St Botolph's register confirms that Solomon uses the middle name Hougham for most of his sons and his daughter Mary.

7. The marriage of Lydia Royes to William Sanigear, the latter being mentioned twice in relation to Solomon Royes senior's will as a legal person

Click on this image to see a chart of the people referred to in the article.



There must be at least two Lydia's. We had only one Lydia Royes - sister of Solomon senior - but the reference in Solomon's will demands a different solution because she is the wife of William Sanigear and the 1841 Census identifies her as being born about 1801. Since we already know that Solomon Royes's first wife was Ann Hannah and that he had a son William in 1802, and that he married Mary Hougham in 1804, it seems likely that Lydia Royes Sanigear was born into the first marriage.

This means that the Solomon Royes junior in Solomon Hougham's will was of the same marriage since Lydia is identified as his sister.

Solomon Hougham Royes

It is clear that Solomon Hougham Royes is the son of Solomon Royes - see his notes which identify three sources to back this up. It seems that we must also consider that he is the Solomon Royes who is Lydia's brother and therefore his mother was Ann Hannah Jones.

Mary Royes

Mary Hougham Royes cannot be the Mary Royes in Solomon Hougham's will since she was not born until 6 years after his death. This must be Solomon Royes's wife - it just seems strange that he does not say this if this is so.


Gillian West's use of "cousins": We may never find the answer to the question as to who the cousins of Solomon Royes, "father and son", were. It is tempting to suggest that this could be Solomon's brother Henry's children but the timing does not work - Henry's grandchild would be but a child. We cannot even be sure that the cousins' surname was Royes. Perhaps he and John East Dix were cousins, or that Gillian West thought they were. And since Gillian West got Solomon's marriage wrong, it is hard to know how accurate her statement is.

Owner of originalBruce Roy
Linked toFamily: Royes/Jones (F965); Family: Royes/Hougham (F205)

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