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Logan-Clements Family History 1

Introduction to a history of these families in Northern Ireland, produced in the 1990s


A Logan-Clements family history was produced in the 1990s in Ireland. I have edited the pages produced here in an attempt to decipher who is writing a particular page and who the people are who are referred to by their first name only. From the preface...

"The idea for this book arose on New Year's Eve in 1991, when six cousins organized a 'get-together' in Portadown, after realizing that for several decades we only met at family funerals. An evening of nostalgia led to the suggestion that we should record our memories before they were lost for ever: how we wished we had done it while the aunts were still alive - and how many of the letters I have received in reply to my requests for information have said 'How I wish I had listened more when my parents were reminiscing..." So here it is. My grateful thanks to everyone who has replied to my repeated letters and 'phone calls with patience and care. Special thanks go to Hugh, who drew the cover and produced the folders: when I tried to get similar ones I was told that I must buy a box of fifty. Hugh also sent me the Clements, Houston and Girvan family histories, and constructed the family tree. John drew the various Logan coats of arms, Ivan and Moyra searched out old photographs, and everyone has helped with information. My part has been little more than typing and photocopying."


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Logan cousins

Logan cousins:
FRONT: Daphne, Beth; MIDDLE: Joy, Moyra, Ivan, Beryl (Moyra's daughter) BACK: Hugh

Larne Memories provides some help in understanding who's who.

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