genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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011. Overview

Provides a schematic overview of the Roy and Royes family trees, with links to branch and pedigree charts.

There is a chart illustrating dual links from the Clements (Roy) line to the Hougham (Royes) line.

Normandy and Avranches robert logan comparisons Start of Houghams Link to ROYES 1745 Link to Clements Link to Houston Link to Russell descendants Link to Logan LO08 Link to Roy descendants Egil chart Solomon Hougham 1475 esther russell mcferran descendants john mordaunt descendants Mordaunt pedigree jane russell roy descendants agnes russell livingstone descendants mary russell wiley descendants margaret russell rainey descendants james russell b1875 descendants hugh houston descendants harriet russell espie descendants james russell b1784 descendants james roy c1827 descendants james roy c1850 descendants john roy c1854 descendants thomas roy c1864 descendants samuel russell roy descendants john maurice roy samuel logan descendants elizabeth clements ancestors james clements descendants agnes logan ancestors may royes roy ancestors john royes descendants sarah hougham royes ancestors ann hannah jones royes descendants mary hougham royes ancestors solomon royes descendants maria royes luther descendants charles john royes descendants edward hougham royes descendants emily royes bell descendants mary hougham royes turner bravo descendants solomon hougham 1475 descendants robert d'avranches/de hougham ancestors emma of normandy ancestors �thelred II ancestors rollo duke of normandy descendants egbert descendants egil descendants edward hougham 1722 descendants sarah mordaunt pedigree hougham, norman dukes and English royalty connections osbert le mordaunt houston clements pedigree logan descendants
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In the database, an individual's file allows you to trace pedigree (ancestor) and descendancy charts for up to 12 generations. These are also interactive - you can keep linking along a line of ancestors or descendants. The names of people in the above overview link to these interactive charts.

The Overviews section attempts to give a bigger picture of the move through generations and branches. They have been created from Reunion® software. Because they are not dynamically linked to the data they may not always hold the latest information.

There are two kinds of overview charts - descendant and pedigree (ancestors). Be aware that not every one in the data base appears in these charts.

The overview charts link in a chain.

I have tried to ensure that at least the first box links to the appropriate family or person. And don't forget that at the bottom of the page there is a list of links to appropriate person/family pages.

Owner of originalBruce Roy

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