genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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0530 The Northmen

From kings in Sweden and Norway to Rognvald in Norway and the Orkneys

The previous chart is based on mythology and saga. Not that this one does not have its fair share but at least we have here the beginnings of history. But again... read How reliable is our data? The link back from Norwegian (Olaf) to Swedish (Ingiald) royalty is questionable.

My convention is to mark the pedigree lines of May Royes and Maurie Roy with a thicker connecting line, but you will notice that on this chart I have chosen not to claim this as a pedigree link. For fun - vaguely possible but not proven, and probably not provable.

Open this map to view the region and identify some of the places.

Note that these charts are not dynamically linked to the database.
There may be more up-to-date information in the family tree itself.
0837 AVRANCHESRognvald

Owner of originalBruce Roy
Linked toEgil, King in Sweden; Olaf, King of Vestfold; Rognvald Eysteinsson, Earl of Møre and the Orcades

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