genealogy of the Roy and Royes families
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Egil, King in Sweden

Egil, King in Sweden

Male Abt 530 -


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05. Scandinavian mythology

This chart has mythical figures. Some may well have existed as kings and leaders but we know nothing about them apart from the Scandinavian heroic sagas and as such are not historically proven or provable.


Read the article on How reliable is our data?

Open this map to view the region and identify some of the places.

Apart from Egil (at the bottom), the individuals in this chart do not appear in Roy~Royes Family Links: go to The Hougham/Huffam Family Tree - start with Egil and work back. (Choose 'Ancestors' from the menu on that page.)

sagas chart

Owner of originalBruce Roy
Linked toEgil, King in Sweden

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